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The 10 most delicious restaurants in Toronto

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We agree that it is subjective to create a list of best restaurants. Just as tastes and colors are indisputable, so is the taste. Two people will not choose the same famous restaurants in Canada, more precisely, in Toronto. Our list is trying to cover many different cuisines. The important thing is to present this list. It is up to you to choose which one you prefer.


What you prefer to eat at Scaramouche with a spectacular view or to save by eating a sandwich at Bahn Mi Boys? Toronto supports all sizes of both wallets and stomachs. Some restaurants are distinguished by their unique, inventive menus, while others' approach is classical and perform their job correctly each time.


The main problem with being a Toronto resident or visitor is a limited stomach size. You will not be able to taste all the meals or visit all countless restaurants in the city, even if you live here for a lifelong. The map of Canadian restaurants is quite a prominence. One of the biggest causes of it is Toronto.


10. Grand Electric

Not in all the best restaurants in Toronto, you will eat the shrimps and goose pate in the candlelight. Grand Electric Restaurant is one of the restaurants providing the best service at reasonable prices. It also has the best drink list. 

The menu is written in white chalk. You can find everything here: meat with incredible taste, fresh vegetables, and dozens of the sauce that make them delicious. However, we recommend you to try the seafood cooked in this restaurant.


9. Banh Mi Boys 

It is the most comfortable and most luxurious sandwich restaurant you can visit. The restaurant with long queues is in the style of "buy and go." Not only the taste of the sandwiches served on the retro chessboard increase the appetite but also its appearance. Banh Mi Boys is popular with its pork sandwich prepared with five spices. Among the other juicy meals, French fries with cheddar cheese or "kimchi" sauce, and fried pork are the main ones.


8. Los Colibris

The chef at Los Colibris is Elia Herrera from Mexico. She inherited her cook skills from her mother and grandmother. Herrera, who serves the delicacies of childhood in the restaurant to Toronto people, of course, arranges the meals per requirements and tastes of the time. 

No wonder why the restaurant, comforting its guests with decorations of earthy tones, warm atmosphere, and rhythmic music, is so loved. The restaurant's favorite dish is Rajas Poblanas, a dish made of ingredients like chicken, corn, and fried poblano pepper.


7. Buca 

Buca restaurant is located right in the heart of Toronto, and we would not be wrong to say it worth every penny spent. The restaurant, surrounded by brick walls, has a friendly vibe. The menu changes daily. The demand for prosciutto made with lamb's brain, vegetables, and spices is very high.

Palatable salads and fried pork are among the rich dishes served in the restaurant.


6. Fat Pasha 

Chef Anthony Rose Jumbles, who works at popular restaurants such as Annex, now works for Fat Pasha, known for Central Asian and Jewish cuisine. First and foremost, this is a restaurant that vegetarians would love. You should book a table in advance, as it is challenging to find a table in the restaurant at any hour of the day. The restaurant offers the vegetables with cheese cooked as kebabs.


5. ByMark Restaurant

Canada's national cuisine is prepared so professionally by chefs and served here that you shall visit this restaurant to try purely Canadian dishes. Another reason why this place is loved and chosen is that the comfort and warm atmosphere will make you feel like home.

The chef of the restaurant, Brooke McDougall, is one of those who focus on perfection in dishes. The sandwiches offered to customers at lunch are very delicious.


4. Khao San Road 

This restaurant in Toronto, decorated with led lights, is one of the places the youth prefer to go. The menu is quite broad. While preparing the menu, not only vegetarians but also vegans were taken into consideration. The restaurant staff is amicable and professional. It is the reason why the place is so loved and is in the top fifth on the list.


3. Aviv Mediterranean Restaurant

Aviv Mediterranean Restaurant is one of Toronto's favorite restaurants serving Spanish and Italian cuisine. One of the popular dishes of the restaurant, serving the delicacies prepared in home style from shrimps, beef, and cannelloni to the clients with high proficiency and skills, is the Italian-made pasta. 

Live jazz music will delight you while you enjoy your meal.


2. Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse 

Jacobs & Co did not forget any detail and considered everything from comfortable chairs, golden illumination, and sturdy wood furniture up to the magnificent piano that provides background music. While your beef order from the menu is to be served to you in a glass dish, you will be irresolute between different options of sauces. 

The French fried duck is a masterpiece of this restaurant. You can enjoy your duck meat by ordering any wine you prefer at any price from the bar menu.


1. Ruby Watchco

Toronto's number one restaurant. Rich menu, delicious food, live music every evening, and professional staff. Restaurant's chef Lynn Crawford has been working at the restaurant since 2010. The regular customers here are already familiar with the chef's cuisine. Even without looking at the menu, you can order a chef's special meal every day. 

The restaurant also offers a selection of popular dishes that you can find at New York restaurants, along with unique dishes from Italian and Spanish cuisine.

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