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Alakbar KarbalayevAlakbar Karbalayev 11 OCTOBER 2018 938 views 1 min. read

The Sun fear of Trolls

938 views 1 min. read

One of the most touristic place - Trolltunga which is located in Ireland in the skirts of the Norway mountains looks like a Troll's tongue. But why Ogre? The story of this monument’s name comes from Norway legends, from the giants which named Trolls lived in this area. According to another legend, these ogres were afraid of the Sun, thus there is the Sun's impact on the name of the Giant’s tongue. They believed that the Sun brings them death. Whereas once, one of the ogres decided to approve that this belief is not true, therefore s/he shown tongue to the Solar within sunrise. This attitude was not appreciated by God and suddenly the tongue turned to the stone.

How could we travel this mesmerizing place?

The easiest way to reach this destination is to cross Tyssedal from Bergen. There is a great parking at the start point of the footway. A daily fee is approximately 20$. Apart from this, you could travel by Bergen train to Voss, then using a bus in Odd you could reach Teyselda, but it takes 7 hours. An interesting evidence is traveling by car takes 3 hours. You need hypothetically 120$ for transport just to see this amazing view based on 2016 statistics. From this point to Trolltunga you need to walk 11km by yourself because there are “T” signs which help you to reach the point.



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