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The best places for the honeymoon

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What is the honeymoon? – The couples go on vacation for a while after getting married. These are the most pleasant, undreamt, and memorable days of their marriage. According to the legend, the story of honeymoon dates back to Babylonians. During that period, the newlywed couple had the habit of rest and drinking some type of wine with honey during their wedding ceremonies and then for the next 30 days. The Babylonians thought that whole life would pass as same as the first days of marriage. Although it is believed to be a vacation now, we can say that the honeymoon is a tradition that marks the early days of marriage.


Honeymoon is a widely accepted concept in almost every country in the world. During the monthly honeymoon, the couple travels to a different location, and get to know each other better. However, what should we pay attention to before the honeymoon and where to go for a honeymoon?


Plan your honeymoon per your budget


Don't be in a hurry to choose honeymoon tours. You can explore opportunities such as discounted tours, early booking opportunities, and exclusive discounts for honeymoon couples, and you can narrow down the choices according to your budget. Keep in mind that you will have a honeymoon only once, but you have to pay the cost for a long time. These costs can have an impact on your post-honeymoon life.


How to make a honeymoon plan?


The most crucial nuance in the honeymoon is the satisfaction and pleasure of both sides. Discuss in advance where you will go, where you will stay, and what event you will attend. What you prefer: a quiet or a crowded city? Days full of fun or visiting historical museums? You have to plan all these together.

If you have all the answers, now you have to choose the best spots for the honeymoon.


The best places for the honeymoon


Paris – Capital of the lovers


Each couple desires to visit Paris and visit the must-see places of this legendary city, once in their lifetime, especially in the honeymoon. The city of lovers has left a deep impression on our memories due to love books and romantic movies. There are many hotels with exceptional services, restaurants with delicious meals, entertaining cultural programs, as well as a beautiful walk in the most romantic streets for the newlyweds. The mysterious Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Palais Garnier, most significant opera in the world, Opera Bastille, the Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile, Notre-Dame de Paris, Five Royal Square, Place Vendôme, the Place de la Concorde, the Place des Victoires, and others are the some of the must-see places. Paris attracts everyone with its beauty and gives a lasting impression.


Rome – a legendary city with ancient history and rich architecture


Traveling to Rome on the honeymoon will create unforgettable memories due to the historical monuments and museums. You can stay in luxury hotels, take advantage of the services of restaurants well-known for the extremely palatable food, and walk the streets filled with love of life. The honeymoon in Rome promises you the Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona, the Borghese gallery, the Mouth of Truth, the "Victor" monument, the Coliseum.


Venice – the most romantic city in the world 


The floating city of Venice is one of the ideal places for a honeymoon. The most romantic way to walk in the city of Love, Venice, is to travel by boat on narrow and wide canals, away from noise and traffic jams. Moreover, the city's unique architecture will turn your honeymoon into a world of fascinating fairytales. Venice has many must-see sites. One of them is Piazza San Marco. Only the stranger has never heard the word used by Napoleon: "The most beautiful hotel in Europe is San Marco." Since the square is below sea level, it resembles a small lake during floods. You can have a coffee here sitting on the old chairs. A cup of coffee is for 10 euros. You may ask why it is so expensive. It is because Hemingway and Byron once had a coffee here. The bridges here are another topic to talk about. For instance, the Rialto Bridge. It is the oldest bridge here. Although previously wooden, it was built of stone in the 16th century after the collapse. The Gothic-style Doge's Palace is called a business card of Venice. Traveling by gondolas in the city's canals is suitable for romantic people. Especially on the Grand Canal. This 4-meter long waterway divides the town into two parts. Sightseeing places in Venice include Campanile, Clocktower, La Fenice Theater, and more.


One of the benefits of having a honeymoon in Venice is the carnival. The world-famous Carnival of Venice is held in February and lasts ten days. This custom stems from the Saturinali practiced by the Romans. That gathering was held in honor of the golden age of equality and progress. On the eve of the holiday, slaves would sit at a table with free citizens, and their owners would bring the wine. However, participants wore masks not to violate the cheerfulness of the conventional rules. The false king chosen at the ceremony had to kill himself. There are various versions of the first carnival. The first information about it dates to the eleventh century. According to another legend, this dates back to 998, when young Venetians saved their fiancées from sea pirates. The Venetian carnival reached its heyday in the eighteenth century. Although it has been forgotten for 200 years, the revival period began in 1980. It is worth to note that the five hundred thousand tourists out of 7 million come here every year to join the carnival.


Florida – Light state


Florida, one of the most famous states in the USA, is also one of the best places for honeymoon. Florida is ready to bring your fears to the ground if you are afraid of having a honeymoon in rainy, cold, and snowy weather after getting married in autumn and winter. Here, the sunshine is also guaranteed in winter. Therefore, it is considered one of the best places to spend the honeymoon in any season of the year. Everything from the quiet, romantic, and cool-breezing seaside to the eye-pleasing views of the skyscrapers will amaze you.


Mexico – City that amazes in every respect


Mexico, the capital of Mexico, speaks in every respect! If you have traveled to Mexico eight times and traveled a lot, you will still encounter something astonishing you in your ninth travel. So this city, having so much life splendor, is also an excellent choice for a honeymoon. Besides its fantastic nature and vibrant culture, this city is known for its beautiful beaches. After you arrive in Mexico, you will be as in another romantic world. Here you can enjoy delicious meals, spend time with your spouse on the beaches, and then walk to the holy temples.


Thailand – a country of limpid waters


In addition to its exotic cuisine and colorful culture, Thailand is also an ideal place for romance-seeking couples. All of these are based on resorts with world-class health and infrastructure, courtesy, and kind people. You will feel as if in paradise under the ideal calm sky in romantic nights with the sound of waves.


Kenya - The center of life


Kenya, famous for Kilimanjaro with its unique flora and fauna, majestic nature, ancient forests, and fascinating scenery, is pleased to welcome you for the honeymoon. You can walk, have fun, relax, and enjoy your honeymoon in such a charming nature.


Maldives - White sandy beaches


One of the directions couples traditionally choose is Maldives. You will find ideal beaches with white sand, coral reefs, comfortable villas, and beautiful cuisine on the Maldives. The only negative side of this paradise is the high price. The Maldives, perhaps with the most beautiful sandy beach in the world, is home to hundreds of islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. You can get to the paradise, ninety-nine percent of which is surrounded by the sea, by a 16-hour flight from Baku. If you are not afraid to spend more money on your honeymoon, which is once in life, then the Maldives is the ideal place.


The Bahamas - A world of sunny coasts 


The island is quite popular among newlywed couples. There are numerous hotels for romantic couples to relax. The islands will give you unforgettable moments with its beautiful climate, bright sun, fabulous beaches, and manifesting tropical scenery.


Hawaiian Islands – Honeymoon with volcano


The exotic Hawaiian Islands will give you an unforgettable experience. If you are a couple that loves action, this place is exactly for you. Here you can surf, hike to a volcano, watch whales and do more activities. Tropical gardens and blue lagoons will create an unusual background for your first family vacation.


Seychelles - Island State


The Seychelles Republic is an island state located in East Africa, on the west coast of the Indian Ocean (south of the equator). The islands are located 1,600 km from the African continent, north of Madagascar. Although the archipelago is very close to the equator, the climate is moderate due to the southeastern alluvials. This warm climate lasts from June to November. Therefore, you can travel here for a honeymoon in the autumn without hesitation. On your honeymoon, you can watch turtles and sharks. You have a great chance to get luxurious hotels made of natural materials close to the beaches. The area of 120 hectares has endemic vegetation. Seychelles is a unique place, surrounded by stunning nature and reminiscent of a tropical paradise. There is a pool with thermal water, massage and health procedures, and Spa centers with separate Spa-villas for a children's club. You will enjoy the taste of international cuisine, as well as a variety of seafood dishes in fine restaurants and bars. The honeymoon in Seychelles will come to you for like a year!


Cyprus - The cradle of fun


Cyprus is a perfect country for a beach vacation. It is the center of paradise with the beautiful Mediterranean climate, breathtakingly clean beaches, a rich tour program, unique spa programs and national festivals, a vast hotel choice, and full of entertaining programs! Briefly, Cyprus has everything you need to have a good time. Those who choose the honeymoon in Cyprus always leave the place with the hope of returning.


Sri Lanka - Every piece is beautiful!


Sri Lanka is so beautiful and mysterious that you want to walk everywhere. The geographical location provides excellent climatic conditions throughout the year. The coastline of the island resembles an amber surrounding Sri Lanka. The legend says that this is the place where Adam and Eve first set foot, which is remembered as a symbol of love in the world. Gold sandy beaches, modern cities, waterfalls, which are the unique beauties of nature, green tea plantations, colorful flowers, coconut palms, exotic fruits, colorful parrots, and long-tailed monkeys make a striking impression on tourists. Sri Lanka, which is considered to be the birthplace of Buddha, is known worldwide for its black tea.


Ratnapura is one of the most valuable places in the world and Sri Lanka. The glimmer of the medieval palace, built in the Middle Ages and decorated with emerald, ruby, amethyst, and topaz on all sides, dazzles a person's eyes before entering the city. In Ratnapura, tourists are allowed to visit the factories where precious stones are processed.


Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is one of the most beautiful places in the world, 800 km from Equador in the south of the Indian Peninsula, in the Indian Ocean.


Bali –Mysterious Island 


Bali, known as the Mystical Tropical Island, is a charming paradise, with its unique sandy beaches and temples. Hurry up if you want to travel to Bali, Indonesia's most well-known and most-loved island of tourism! Spend your honeymoon in this unusual place, and create memories you will not forget. Bali, one of the most beautiful places in the world, is one of Indonesia's 16,000 islands. No matter how far away is the island from our country, once a person sees the island, s/he wants to go there again and again. As Bali is located on the equator, the temperature is always more than 30C in all seasons. There are monsoon rains in some months; however, do not be scared as it mostly rain during night time, and there is no sign of rain in the morning. Bali is waiting for you with full of love, and all you need to do is to plan your honeymoon here.


Bruges – Ancient World 


The city of Bruges, distinguished by its architectural and historical monuments in the Flanders region of Belgium, is one of the most promising honeymoon places. Brugge is one of the few cities that have not been damaged during World War II. Therefore, medieval architecture still preserves. Bruges is a famous tourist town with delicious, varied, and all kinds of chocolates, canals that add exceptional beauty to the city, and an assortment of beer. If you choose Bruges as your honeymoon destination, then you can visit the Church of Our Lady, take a boat trip on the Dijver canal, take a beautiful photo at Kruispoort, and have a walk with your lover at Dweersstraat. Don't forget to watch the downtown roofs that will make you feel like in the Middle Ages!




Zanzibar or Zangibar is a part of Tanzania, consisting of two islands in eastern Africa. Zanzibar is comprised of Zanzibar and Pemba Islands. Zanzibar, one of the world's best-known spice exporters, is the ideal place for the honeymoon. Tourism is the primary source of income. On the shores of Zanzibar, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, visit the Sultan palace and have fun at the House of Wonders. If you are looking for cheap places for your honeymoon, Zanzibar is right for you.


Pattaya - Walk, eat, smile!


When talking about Thailand, the first city that comes to mind is Pattaya. The center and heart of the town is Walking Street. If you spend your honeymoon in Pattaya, you will be lost in the Walking Street nightlife. Here on every step of the way, you will encounter rock, pop, hard music performers, and entertainers and nightclubs. Why should you spend your honeymoon in Pattaya? This city is so magnificent that it opened its doors to 5.4 million tourists in 2005. More than 2,000 hotels in Pattaya and thousands of restaurants with world cuisine are ready to serve you.




Benelux, located in northwestern Europe between France and Germany, is a union of three neighboring countries - Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Benelux has become an economically powerful country as a result of the signing of the Economic Union Agreement, which also increased its tourist importance.


Bora – Bora


The island of Bora Bora, the name you probably heard for the first time, is governed by France in the Pacific Ocean. Think of your honeymoon choice: staying here can give you feel the fresh air of sea in the comfortable houses built in the sea. Do you want to swim? No need to travel long distances for this. You can simply jump to the sea from the balcony of your home. In the woods on the island, you will discover the richness of nature, and at the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy delicious fish dishes.




Cancun, the city in Mexico that admires, at first sight, has become a valid honeymoon city, located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Sustainable development of the town has had a significant impact on the development of tourism as well. Cancun titillates with its white sandy beaches, palms, and coral reefs. More than 150 hotels are serving over 4 million tourists annually. The reason why so many people come to this small place is because of the availability of hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, and service areas for different budgets.




Being the homeland of Renaissance and artists who have painted paintings worth millions, it is a beautiful city attracting the world with its cultural heritage. It is located at the foot of the Apennine Mountains, Venice, a charming town with culture-rich streets in Italy, and the Arno River runs from the middle of the city. Florence, which was a source of inspiration and motivated the geniuses such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Boticiellini and others, and Shaki, Azerbaijan, are twin cities. If you plan to spend your honeymoon here, the city's galleries, museums, libraries, cafes will fascinate you, and you won't know how time passes.




Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is also known as the commercial capital, which has one of the largest airports in Europe, Schiphol International Airport. There are monuments of art and architecture almost in every corner of the city. Do you want to spend your honeymoon in Amsterdam? Then, you should know that the Royal Palace, the churches of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Royal Academy of Sciences, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Royal Academy of Science and Art of the Netherlands, the Stedelijk Museum, the Museum of History, the National Maritime Museum, The Theater Museum, Van Gogh Museum, the Royal Concertgebouw, The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, "Gaudeamus" Modern Music Society, the Amsterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Nieuwe Kerk Gothic Church, Dam Square where the national monument is located are must-see places. This city is home to world-famous music, opera, theater, and dance collectives and artists.




Welcome to the world of fairytales! Santorini, a volcanic islands group on the Aegean Sea in Greece, is currently the most visited and accessible place in the world. The first museum on the mysterious Atlantis has been opened on this touristic island of Greece. The Lost Atlantis Experience Museum brings the lost world panorama to the attention of visitors. Presumably, the mythical city destroyed by a volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini can be carefully explored through a new museum. It is possible to volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes, and to see the city's development through innovative 9D technology. Moreover, the resort beaches, cultural restaurants, and hotels of different designs, please the guests. It can be an excellent choice for your honeymoon both in the distance and in colorfulness. Another thing that will impress you in Santorini is the cleanliness and tidiness of the streets.



Havana, the capital of Cuba, well-known for its cigar, sugar cane, and corn, and the largest city in the Caribbean Sea, is Cuba's first tourism center. La Habana Vieja, creating a magnificent sight with its baroque and neoclassical monuments, was included to the UNESCO's World Heritage in 1982. "Castillo da la Real Fuerza" and "La Cabana" are among the charming places. If you like ancient buildings, especially ruined and tumbled down buildings, the city's Centro Habana part is precisely for you, as this area was deprived of repair and reconstruction. Therefore, it is loved and visited by tourists who love antiquity. The development of the city began to accelerate after getting a good income from hosting around three million tourists in 2006. The town is unique with its countless open-air museums, colonial architecture, gastronomic variety, and music. It is the perfect choice for a honeymoon, but the best places in the city are to the west. The Santa Maria beach will make your honeymoon the most memorable.




Kusadasi is a picturesque and beautiful resort town in Turkey. It is located on the Aegean coast and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The delicate nature of the city and the panoramic view of the sea remind of a little paradise. Kusadasi is a place where people would like to stay forever. Almost all the hotels here are located on the coast. This small town is called Kushadasi because thousands of different species of birds come here and nest every year. If you want to have a romantic honeymoon, you can visit the restaurants and discos here. The beaches are mostly sandy and partly pebbly here. The cleanliness and transparency of the sea is not a matter of discussion. The holiday season begins in June and lasts until August. In the remaining months, the weather gets cold, and there is a strong wind. It is worth to note that neither sewer nor oil smell from the sea.


There are many restaurants, shops, and discos in the city. There are two aquaparks in the center. Europe's tallest aquapark with 225m height is also here. Adrenaline lovers go directly here, even from Europe. Tourists mainly come to rest in comfortable hotels, enjoy the water and underwater sports, eat fresh fish, enjoy discos and bars at night, and of course, to visit Ephesus, Miletus, Izmir, Pergamum, Troy, Hierapolis, and Pamukkale. It is noteworthy that there is a hotel with dolphins and sharks in Kusadasi. Swimming with dolphins costs $ 50, and dancing with sharks costs $ 100. Those who want to risk their lives are put in the metal cage and dive into the pool full of sharks.


Famous ancient monuments also surround the resort town. Remains of ancient cities such as Ephesus, Didyma, Priene, and Miletus have been discovered here. In general, one should not leave Turkey without visiting Ephesus, the once important trade center of the ancient world.


As you walk in the city, it is as if you fall into the realm of fairytales or watch a cartoon. Most of the houses on the roadside and in most parts of the city are covered in red ceramics. Homes in the city and its suburbs are no more than 2-5 floors. The city's hardworking population is also impressive. We did not see any empty land both while looking from the plane or when we were traveling on land. There are sowing areas everywhere. Olive trees almost surround the city. The palm trees planted along the roadside give the city exceptional beauty. The solar panels have been installed on the houses because of the warm weather for ten months. It is said that due to these batteries, residents can provide themselves with hot water during a day.


The most relaxing places in the city are the seasides. The sea in Çeşme is ideal for sailing boats and "windsurfing" activities.


Generally, the city's clean beaches are incredibly spectacular. There are the world and European surfing championships held here almost every year. Most of those who come here as tourists are the lovers of this sport. Most hotels in the city usually have windsurfing schools, which are staffed by experienced instructors. After a few days of training, the trainees can surf on the sea. However, it takes some time to learn this sport professionally. There is also an opportunity to rent yachts and swim in the beautiful seaside. Generally, you can rest in Çeşme and sail to the Greek islands such as Chios, Samos, and Kos, including to Izmir, as well as the ancient cities of Ephesus and Pergamum by ferry. 


We have provided you with the best places for honeymoon. But there is a nuance we have not mentioned. The answer to the question, "What should we bring with us on our honeymoon?"


What should be in our honeymoon bag?


Camera - During a month, you will not only relax but also travel, visit sightseeing places and experience different cultures. In this case, the only way to memorize every moment with your spouse is through photos and videos. Since a honeymoon is an essential part of marriage, the pictures of the honeymoon must be spectacular as well. For this, the photo camera is better than a phone. It is a great idea to print photos of your honeymoon later.


Diary - A good day passes so quickly that it is never enough. It's also perfect to have a diary to remember your honeymoon as it was yesterday. You can write down everything that happened in a month, all romantic conversations, and remember those days in the future by reading it. You can even stick some of the photos you took with your camera to the diary

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