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The cheapest and magnificent cities

NOVEMBER 5, 2019 2 min. read
The cheapest and magnificent cities

Do you want to travel more with less money? Do you think you need more money to move around the world? We offer several of the cheapest and magnificent cities.

Tunisia- The capital of Tunisia, is located on the Tunisian Gulf shores in the Mediterranean and near the Tunisian Lake. The oldest building in the city dates back to the 13th and 10th centuries. The seaside areas at the Mediterranean are excellent places for resort. Arab culture is widespread in the city.

Bucharest– Bucharest, being in a good relationship with such major cities as Moscow, Istanbul, Ankara, Beijing, etc. is Romania's most important industrial center. Bucharest remains an unforgettable entertainment center for tourists.

Riga- Riga, with eye-pleasing views of wooden buildings, is the capital of Latvia. This city, though small, is full of historical monuments and is entirely affordable. Riga, which is remembered for its unique buildings, streets, and roads, will also impress you with its distinctive culture.

Vilnius- Lithuania's largest city and capital, Vilnius, is one of the most beautiful European cities to go on vacation. Vilnius, with its baroque architectural style buildings, is one of the least expensive cities to visit.

Krakow– Are you looking for a budget-friendly city? So travel to Krakow, Poland. Krakow is one of the oldest cities not only in Poland but also in Europe. Several UNESCO protected buildings, monuments, and historic buildings, adding an exceptional beauty to the town will make your journey even more exciting.

Sofia– Sofia, a city full of grace, is not only Bulgaria's capital but also an industrial town. A legend says that all nations, except Bulgarians, participated in the auction when God was sharing the land among the countries. The Bulgarians, meanwhile, were "dawdling" in the soil - sowing seeds until the evening. God saw their hard work and gave them Paradise - now Bulgaria. The cradle of this Paradise is Sofia. 

Sharm El Sheikh- Sharm El Sheikh, a city that is famous for being ancient and modern as Egypt itself, is full of tourist every year. This city is renowned for its seaside resort. Along with sunshine on the shores of Sharm El Sheikh, you can also join diving tours. Despite its popularity, this city is on the list of cheap travel destinations.

Mumbai- Through the world-famous Indian films, we admire the beauty of different cities and regions of India. Among these cities, Mumbai has its say in terms of sightseeing, unique culture, exciting activities, and, most importantly, for being affordable. If you are on your way to India, definitely visit Mumbai.

Bangkok– The similarity of Bangkok, Thailand, with other cities in the least is it is affordable, and the distinctive feature is its strange structure. Thus, the temples in every step was scattered at every point from the entrance to the city. The urban markets give the city a different exotic location for being constructed on water channels.

Morocco- Morocco, one of the largest cities in the Fas, enchant people with red buildings. You do not need to spend a lot of money to see these buildings.

Tallinn- Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is not just a modern city, but also a medieval town. If you want to travel to the world fairy tales for cheap, head to Tallinn, where hundreds of medieval buildings are located. 

Kyiv– Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, known for its sea resort cities, is known for its cheap food and cheap entertainment centers. Kyiv will also get your mind off with the charming streets and full squares. 


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