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Dubai - advantages and disadvantages of a luxury city

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Dubai is the most technologically advanced and fastest-growing city in the Middle East. Hard to believe, but in just a few decades, a small village from the desert areas of the Arabian Peninsula has evolved into a world-famous metropolis that has become a place of big business and active tourism from around the world. Real estate, which once seemed like an unfortunate investment, has become the main driver of the city's development. This is not surprising, because it is in Dubai that the creativity of the world's best architects has no limits.

The tallest buildings in the world, artificial islands invading the Persian Gulf, marinas for yachts and boats, high-rise buildings, luxury hotels and restaurants, supercars on every street - anything is possible in Dubai! Walking through the streets of a hot metropolitan, it's hard to imagine that all this was created "on the sand" in the literal sense of the word. If you travel to Dubai, you must visit these buildings.

Many documentaries have been made about the construction of Dubai and the technology implemented in this city. The people responsible for the investments can be rightly proud of their goals and the results of their work. However, there are many Advantages and disadvantages to travel to Dubai.

Advantages of Dubai


Dubai is primarily a mass of tourist attractions. The warm climate during the European winter, relatively low prices for luxury hotels located on the coast or in the city center, inexpensive public transport - all this makes Dubai a very attractive place to visit in Dubai. Worth noting that a visit to Dubai does not necessarily empty your pockets. Even trips outside the city, organized by local tour operators, are much cheaper than trips to Europe. And with all this, a very high level of service is maintained!

Are you wondering what to do in Dubai? Well, the city is also a great place for family holidays with children. The variety of parks in Dubai and its surroundings is amazing. Water parks help to breathe humid air on a hot day. Zoological gardens, where safaris are organized, allow from the technological city to "plunge" into the wild in an instant... However, the greatest attraction for many is amazing and unique in all senses architecture of the metropolis.

If you are a fan of water sports or prefer to spend time in Dubai, the mad dry desert - Dubai will organize such a vacation without problems! Low-cost tour operators and well organized public transport will help.

Although the advantages of living in Dubai can be described very long, it is worth mentioning another, perhaps the most important point - the city, like the whole country, is very safe. The strict law guarantees a relaxed and carefree vacation to every reasonable tourist if he does not discredit himself and will rest within the law.

One of the best advantages of living in Dubai was the Dubai weather. Dubai, and the Arab Emirates, in general, are a great solution for those who are looking for an interesting opportunity to spend a winter holiday or visit the country in the short and rainy autumn days. Dubai weather is very hot and humid. The city is also very hospitable during the summer seasons.  Even with a very limited budget, you can travel to Dubai and have a great time!

Disadvantages of Dubai

Buildings in Dubai

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant disadvantages of living in Dubai is the hot climate prevailing in the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is very hot most of the year. Usually, the hot climate comes in late March and does not leave the city until late autumn. At this time, the risk of sandstorms remains high. The city can be covered with yellowish dust, which will make it difficult to breathe and prevent you from moving around the metropolis.

Also, one should not forget that the Arab Emirates is the territory of Islam, where religious prohibitions are in force. In general, the attitude towards tourists is very loyal and not as strict as towards locals. But there is no need to violate the laws of the country, including moral ones, or behave provocatively.

Before buying a ticket, it is better to check if you travel to Dubai, Ramadan's holy holiday. During this period, most attractions may be open for a shorter time, and some restaurants and clubs are closed at all.

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