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12 Instagrammable places in Malmo

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When we think of traveling in a country where culture, architecture, and world heritage exist together, travel to Sweden is among our top priorities. The beauty there is quite beautiful, and when we think of where to travel to Sweden, a visit to Malmo will be the right choice. Malmo is a city in Sweden, known for its beauty. It is an indescribable place; it attracts people through a rich cultural history, modern art, golden parks, and sand beaches. At the same time, the delicious recipe of Malmo attracts the attention of people rapidly.

Malmo is one of the cutest cities you could ever visit. It's the third-largest city of Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg. Malmo is a coastal city in southern Sweden. It is located at the eastern end of the striking Bridgeresund Bridge, a long road and railway bridge — a tunnel running to Copenhagen, Denmark.

What to do in Malmo?

After reading so much about Malmo, you must be wondering where in Malmo you should go to make your journey more interesting, and where you can make nice photos for your Instagram. Today, we will tell you about those Instagrammable places in Malmo, where you can do a photoshoot for Instagram and make your journey even more enjoyable. Here are the top 12 Instagrammable places in Malmo city.

1. GAMLA VASTER - Gamla is a town in Wester Malmo, a beautiful part of the city center which lies between Stortorgate and Kungsparken. Its small historical buildings entice people, architects, art galleries, advertising agencies, small hotels to attract people. Many people gather here to enjoy the recipe here, due to which it is even more famous. Many houses have been recently renovated in the late 80s. People from many countries come here to spend their holidays. Apart from this, people like to do photoshoots at this fantastic Instagram place.

Buildings in Malmo

2. THE LIGHTHOUSES - This supernatural lighthouse is located on the border between Malmo's old and new city. The old Malmo Lighthouse was said to be a classic symbol of the largest lighthouse city. It was built in 1878 but had not been worked on since 1983. It is great to get there early in the morning as the sun shines behind the lighthouse, giving the photos a beautiful glow, so the location will prove to be perfect for photoshoots.

The lighthouse

3. THE BLUE HOUSES - There are three lovely houses located in Turbincallen (Turbobin Canal) and Ribersborg Beach. They are so beautiful and breathtaking, that they will for sure will bring color (the blue, mainly) to your Instagram feed. They are so picturesque that you will not resist taking photos!

4. THE TURNING TORSO - The form of this tower is based on the sculpture, Turning Torso, it encapsulates the form of the human movement into a pile of elegantly positioned cubes around a core. In the original sculpture, seven cubes are installed around steel support to produce a spiraling structural effect. In the HSB Turning Torso, the building form is made up of nine box units, shaped like cubes with triangular tips. Each unit has five floors of approximately 2,000 square meters (21,500 sq ft) and is, in fact, the 'sub-buildings' of the tower. The towers' nucleus consists of internal elevators and staircases, through which the units communicate, which is equivalent to the sculpture's steel supports.


5. FISKEHODDORNA - Fiskehoddorna is one of the best Instagrammable places. Fishing huts (fishkedorna) are located in the market in Malmo. Here local fishermen sell fresh fish and shellfish. This place is a symbol of culture. The amazing atmosphere here is worth visiting. During the second half of the 20th century, the importance of fishing in Malmo diminished. Large quantities of fish were imported and exported at this place; big traders wanted to occupy the huts here. The 30 huts were to be demolished, but some active fishermen in the 1950s donated their huts to the Malmo Museum, which moved them to Banrekhagen from Sittadelkagen (Citadelle Bay) in 1956, next to the Maritime Museum. Fishing huts are still not active nowadays and are open between 6.30 and 13.00 from Tuesday to Saturday.

A man riding a bicycle

6. THE CASTLE MILL - In Castle Park (Slotsparken), you can also see the charming Malmo castle and the lovely Castle Mill or Slotsmolen in Swedish. It is a historic smock mill, built-in 1851 on the remains of Stanbock's citadel. The environment around it will give peace to your mind. The scene here is accurate to the Netherlands. Take a picture at Castle Mill and have fun confusing your friends!


7. ST. PETER'S CHURCH - St. Father's Church is a Brick Gothic church, built in the 14th century. The exterior of this church is made of red bricks. This enhances its beauty; the inside is even more beautiful because it is white and shiny inside, which is characteristic of the Lutheran places of worship. It is appropriate for you to take pictures outside the church.


8. SALONGSGATAN STREET - There is an attractive and charming road near the beach. More attractive than the road it is attractive, there are large houses there. It is the road, called Salsagatan, located near Turning Torso, north of Malmo. This quiet residential area, part of Naya Malmo, is super cute and charming. Here you will have an excellent Instagrammable place where you can collect your memories by photo suit.


9. STADSBIBLIOTEK - The Malmo City Library (Stadsibliotek) is a library that was opened in 1905. The library consists of three parts, which join together; Castle, Calendar of Light, and Cylinder. The Castle is an interesting historic building, first a museum and then a library. Cylinder Light connects both the calendar and the Castle and includes entrance, reception, and cafe. The light calendar is a large cube building with a glass window facing the park. There are many levels of matching cubes for studying, and the symmetry is perfect for photographs. We can add it to our list of the perfect Instagrammable places.


10. ORESUND BRIDGE - If you are from Malmo or ever travel to Malmo, you will know the fame of Oresund bridge as one of Malmo's most Instagram worthy place. The Oresund Bridge is a 7-kilometer long bridge that connects Sweden with Denmark and Europe. This bridge is located in Malmo, its construction started in 1995 and lasted for 5 years! You can easily reach Malmo by car or bike under the bridge, where you can take amazing and impressive photos of it. Or just walking along the beach will also allow you to see the bridge. The bus here is very supernatural and beautiful, from where you can collect your romantic memories. Oresund Region, which includes Malmo, is home to 4 million people.

Oresund bridge

11. STORTORGET & LILLA TORG - The emergence of Stortorget goes back to the initiative of Mayor Jorgen Kock. After completing the Storage, plans for the construction of the town hall were also immediately initiated. After the construction of the town hall, medieval Malmo both had its largest market place, as well as underscored its importance as the largest city hall in Northern Europe and a major trading center. The central city, close to the ornamental fountains of today had a fountain, which was in use from the time of Stortgate's origin until the end of the 19th century. A powerful solution for this time was that many buildings in the city were supplied drinking water through this fountain's wooden pipes. This place is very beautiful, a good atmosphere for photoshoots is found here.


12. ZENITH KOLONIOMRADE - This area was established in 1907. Here many original cottages have been preserved with the enjoyment and charm of their distinguished carpenters. The association is located at the center in the district Vername in Malmo and consists of 63 cottages/plots. Zenith's colonized area is one of the oldest colonies of Malmo and one of Sweden's oldest.


Malmo is a city in Sweden, known for its beauty. If you want to go on holiday to a beautiful place where you can make new, colorful memories, I recommend you travel to Malmo, as much as you can tell about its beauty. I have told you about all the beautiful top Instagrammable places in Malmo, so you can even arrange a photoshoot there. By visiting the places mentioned in this article, you will make your Instagram feed full of photos to remind you of this memorable trip. So, to help you out in your mission when you travel to Sweden, we've put together the names of the most Instagram worthy spots in the city of Malmo.

Let's Start Your Instagrammable Trip to Malmo!


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