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Let the travel change you!

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The only thing I know for sure is that a person gets older, the desire to take risks and do different activities decreases. Fatigue caused by everlasting career plans and excessive household problems hard to cope with restrains us from living an active and colorful life. Therefore, people are prone to accept changes and challenges principally at much younger ages. Taking all these factors into consideration, you should start traveling at an early period of your life. According to the experiences I gained through all my travels, I can confidently say that challenges and hardships you encounter while traveling form a strong character. You need an example? ME! I am not sure whether I will do the following again in my later life?!

Going on a 35 days trip to Nairobi-Kenya, Cape Town-South Africa, although everyone, including my parents, has done their best to prevent me from traveling to these places, because of their dangerous nature and social conditions. Joining a party at a stranger's house on that trip. Interestingly, once upon a time, an American guy whose name I don't even remember said: "There will be a "super-duper" party, let's join it." Throwing myself in the middle of that crazy barbeque party in the backyard of Cape Town University students' house where we stayed in. Deciding to spend a night at the "Wilderness" district despite all the facts we encountered in that part of South Africa where we had a short trip with our rental car. The most frightening fact is that even the government officers throw food aid boxes to the backyards without getting out of the car because of the dangerous character of the inhabitants. Jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy, one of the world's highest commercial bridge bungy at 216 meters above the Bloukrans River. Spend the last penny of your trip budget at the restaurant called "Mama Africa" and enjoy it, despite the possibility of starving.

Let the travel change you. Let your mind show you how invaluable it is to make snap decisions that you have never encountered before, focus your mind only on finding solutions, take risky steps, and experience the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Let your travels change you into a stronger one.

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As of 2020, Gular has discovered 42 countries on 6 continents. From the “New 7 Wonders of the World”, she visited the pyramids of “Chichen Itza” in Mexico and “Machu Pichu” in Peru; Had an amazing Bungy experience from the Bloukrans Bridge Bungy, one of the world\'s highest commercial bridge Bungy at 216 meters, located in the Republic of South Africa; Climbed to Mount Kosciuszko peak (2228 meters) in Australia, from “7 Summits”,  which combines the highest mountains of each of the seven continents; Got soaked in Iguazu waterfalls, one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world (Argentina side); Met the inhabitants of the “Uros Floating Island” on the Titicaca lake (coasts of Peru and Bolivia, 3810 meters), the highest lake in the world; Watched a mysterious sunset in Bolivia at the largest salt flat “Salar de Uyuni”.

Currently, she continues planning adventurous travels.

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