16 reasons why you should travel to Kenya right now

16 reasons why you should travel to Kenya right now

Enock Maina Methus27 August 20201334 views9 min. read
16 reasons why you should travel to Kenya right now
Where is Kenya? Kenya is probably one of the stunning and distinct destinations in Africa. If you intend to travel to Africa, then Kenya should be one of the places you visit. A sustainable global recognized model of wildlife management, as well as tourism, allows you to enjoy the internationally significant habitats, as well as the pristine wilderness where wildlife is led to roaming freely. This includes the Big Five, as well as the rare and endangered species. Get a Kenya e-visa, travel to Kenya and experience the magical feeling offered in Africa. In case your first-time travel to Kenya, consider viewing some of the iconic landmarks, such as the view of Mount Kenya while standing on the tropical woodlands, as well as the savannah. At the same time, it indicates beautiful waterfalls that nestle within the foothills. Most adventurers would like to know what to do in Kenya. Here you’ll get to experience the cool breeze drifting from the Indian Ocean, refreshing your soul in the islands of Kenya and various coastal towns. Below we’ve outlined some of the infinite trip reasons why you should travel to Kenya and have the most amazing time of your life with family and friends.

1. Great Migration Kenya

elephants Whether you’re wondering what to do in Kenya or why should you visit Kenya? You know that in Kenya, you get to witness the real-world nature documentary of what is known as Great Migration Kenya. If you are lucky to transverse the vast landscape of the Maasai Mara game reserve from July to October, your guide is likely to point out a dusty cloud billowing on the horizon. Fascinating right? Here your anticipation builds as your gaze remains fixated on the Great Wildebeest Migration. It’s quite impressive the atmosphere here is palpable. Dozens of wildebeests gather along a ledge just above the river, grunting and stomping in anticipation. While pondering their hesitation, see the massive volume of water moving at a supersonic speed, creating a treacherous challenge even for the world’s strongest wild beast. Travel to Africa and catch all these events as they take place.

2. Reserves and National Parks

giraffes Kenya is one of the world’s magnificent wildlife destinations. The private conservancies, reserves, as well as, parks host some of the most diverse and highest populations of wildlife globally. Moving across of morning light in the vast landscapes courses your African dreams to manifest before your eyes. Travel to the swamplands and grey plains of Amboseli National Park, and see elephants silhouetted against Mt Kilimanjaro situated on the border of Northern Tanzania. What an amazing way to kicks off a wonderful day and the Amboseli National Park.

3. Great Rift Valley Lakes

great rift valley When planning to travel to Africa, Kenya should be one of the outstanding destinations you should be aware of. In Kenyan lakes, as well as the wetlands, the Great Rift Valley is among the vital ecosystems that support some of the diverse avifauna and beautiful species on the planet: The shores of the famous Lake Nakuru, where you will witness millions of flamingos that have been estimated to devour 250,000 kgs of algae which offers them the brilliant pink plumage. Lake Bogoria, on the other hand, is also one of the amazing Great Rift Valley Lakes that is home to over 300 recorded bird species.

4. Pioneer Private Conservancies in Kenya

amboseli Kenya is one of the countries globally that has been successful in protecting its wilderness and fauna due to the private conservancies bordering reserves and national parks. These private conservancies are migration habitats, as well as vital habitats that would otherwise be lost. The conservancies surrounding Maasai Mara allows you to enter promote areas of the ecosystem with several guest vehicles and camps. Venture out at the cover of darkness witness the delightful action of bush babies in the wooden outback, as well as a pride of lions feasting upon their night kill.

5. Fascinating Kenya Culture

experiences fascinating culture If you are wondering what to do in Kenya? Well, the cultural tours in Kenya offer experiences with the Samburu, Pokot, Turkana, Rendille, along with other cultural groups. In Kenya, you can enjoy authentic village visits that are behind scripted tours. Amazing right? You’ll be lucky to participate in the ceremonies as well as traditions of these native tribes. The semi-nomadic lifestyle, as well as the pastoral setting here, allows you to enjoy untainted wilderness to live beside animals. Kenya culture is rich!

6. Beaches and Islands of Kenya

kenya coast The warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean surround the shores of the long stretches of white sandy beaches. Lamu Island offers you an enchanting experience of 13th-century architecture, where time has stood still. Besides, Mombasa also offers you a perfect blend of quaint charm and the intriguing of a coastal destination on the Southern and Northern beaches. The atmosphere here is filled with exotic species from the Swahili houses, markets, mosques, temples, churches, and other buildings having delicate Arab architectural details.

7. Kenya’s Underwater World

aquarium Explore the coral reefs in KenyaThese reefs are part of the second-longest barrier reef in the world. Here you will be lucky to enjoy over 140 miles of the reef that stretches from Malindi in the north to Shimoni in the south. Additionally, there is a wide array of supreme snorkel and dive sites to choose from. Here you will find the expertise needed to locate the unsurpassed coral wilderness.

8. Ancient Artefacts of First Human Species

turkana lake Paleoanthropologists, archaeologists, and palaeontologists around the world travelled to Africa, Kenya particularly, to discover the oldest artefacts belonging to humans. Travelling to Kenya allows you to find out more about these international sites and perhaps discover your clue regarding the history of early human beings. Koobi Fora, in Lake Turkana, has been recognized worldwide as the Cradle of Humankind. The place has advanced palaeontology more than any place in Africa, with some relics estimated to be over three million years old.

9. Land of Diversity and Contrast

kenya capital Early African explorers found both adventure and romance in Kenyan land. With this, you can now follow in their footsteps and design your magnificent story in Kenya. You will have a chance to visit a fort located in Lamu and Mombasa, where early soldiers used to stand and defend themselves at the key locations. Also, you’ll study ancient architecture that is evident in numerous cultures that are natives in Kenya.

10. Epic Places of View

hot air balloon The Kenyan wilderness represents some of the world's valuable habitats. Here you get to enjoy amazing wildlife and people that have dedicated their lives to effective management strategies of wildlife. Ecotourism drives to sustain these efforts by ensuring that the people and wildlife here stay for countless generations to come. Travelling in Kenya from the north to the south, you will be mesmerized by the transitions of terrains. In some parts of Kenya, such as Laikipia and Samburu, the northern regions have different ecology. Mt. Kenya takes over the central landscape, while the Indian Ocean provides a luxurious haven on the eastern side.

11. The Big Five

buffalo calf Kenya being one of the greatest African wildlife-watching destinations, you can easily spot the big five. Big five consist of the Cape buffalo, African lion, African leopard, African elephant, and the black or white rhinos. When planning to see the big five, Kenya should be the best place to visit to enjoy viewing these animals from a distance. In some places, you can see animals that are tamed and get a chance to even touch or stay around them closely. What an experience to catch in Kenya!

12. Big Cats

big cats The Maasai Mara game reserve is one of the best destinations in Africa, where you can easily encounter the big cats family. Lions, leopards and cheetahs run freely in the game reserve. These lions and cheetahs are always eager to wait for the largest migration on the planet, which is of wildebeests. Leopards pose around the riverside fig tree.

13. The view of both Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro

klimanjaro Mt. Kilimanjaro is mostly considered by mountaineers as a bit challenging to climb. However, Mt. Kenya is located on its national park, flora, as well as amid endemic fauna. The highest peak on Mount Kenya is about 5199 meters. This will require technical climbing. As you ascend through the savannah and plains, you might be lucky to spot elephants, black rhinos, colobus monkeys, as well as giant forest hogs.

14. Ancient Sites

nairobi national museum For historians who sigh at the prospects of visiting old ruins, the former captivating town of Gedi is a must-go place. The town is said to have originated from the 12th century and later reached the zenith in the 15th century. Wealth in this town is symbolized by the magnificent houses and palaces, along with the clusters of mosques. This is believed to be the first site to be visited by Sir John Kirk, a British man who raided in Zanzibar in 1884. Nowadays, the place is managed by the National Museums of Kenya.

15. Kenya have one of the Queen's Favourite Hotels

resort Treetops is one of the ancient safari lodges in Kenya. The place was established in 1932. Princess Elizabeth was residing in this place when she was informed of the death of her father, King George VI. This prompted her ascendancy to royalty. In the visitors' log book, the famous hunter Jim Corbett, who was invited by the princess to accompany them during their stay, wrote: "For the first time in the history of the world, a young girl climbed into a tree one day a Princess and after having what she described as her most thrilling experience she climbed down from the tree next day a Queen – God bless her."

16. Breakfast With Giraffes

A renowned Giraffe Manor has been established on a 12-acre private land located in the city of Nairobi, in Kenya. This place allows guests to take part in the feeding session of the giraffes. This moment allows the herd of Rothschild’s giraffes to bring out their heads and stretch out their long necks to manor house windows for extra treats. Consequently, you can decide to explore the Great Rift Valley that passes via Kenya as a part of the 6000 Km long River Jordan in the Middle East to Mozambique, Africa. An appropriate way to spend your day in Kenya!

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