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Special sticker for passports in Dubai airports: Welcome to your second home!

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Today is a great day for Emirates as the country reopens the borders to international travelers. Borders were closed to foreigners since March due to COVID-19 pandemic, but starting from today (July 07, 2020) travelers can now return to Dubai – their second home!

General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai has exposed a new special sticker that will be placed on travelers’ passports coming into Emirates after the restrictions have been lightened. Immigration officials at the Dubai Airport have put stickers on Dubai airports arrivals' passports with the message saying, “Warm welcome to your second home.” The stickers will also be attached to the passports of tourists who arrive at Emirates after the 7th of July.

A similar initiative was taken in April, as saw stickers placed on the Dubai passport of those who left the country. Farewell stickers were attached to passports of people taking repatriation flights out of Dubai with the message "Have a safe flight, we'll meet soon".

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Dubai is Ready to Welcome Travellers!

Brigadier Talal Ahmad Al Shanqiti, general director assistant of Ports Affairs in GDRFA-Dubai said that “Since the flights resumed, Dubai Airports witnessed an increase in the number of passengers. It will be a boost for the economic and investment sectors and restore hope in the tourism sector”.

The main tourist attractions and business centers will be open totally from today.

How Many Airports Are in Dubai?

Dubai currently has 2 airports: Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport (also known as Dubai World Central).

Major General Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, Director-General of GDRFA-Dubai, argued that “the resumption of flights through Dubai Airports is a major step towards the resumption of post-COVID-19 pandemic economic activities”.

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Coronavirus Statistics in UAE

Total coronavirus cases equal to 52,068 in the United Arab Emirates until today. There are 324 deaths and more than 40.000 recovered people. The number of daily new cases are around 400-700. There was a significant decrease in total cases in the middle of June, but the number is increasing gradually since the beginning of July.

World Health Organization evaluated “good” United Arab Emirates for handling COVID-19 cases in the last five months period.

Quarantine Period in Dubai

In order to confirm they are COVID-negative, tourists are recommended to perform a PCR test with a limited duration of four days (96 hours) prior to departure time. Tourists with COVID-negative certificates may enter Dubai and engage in activities without experiencing a quarantine or period of isolation.

In the case of visitors are unable to provide proofs, they will be expected to perform a PCR test once they arrive at Dubai airport. In order to enter the country travelers and tourists must have a good health insurance policy. Filling out the 'Health Declaration Form' before embarking on the journey is also mandatory.


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