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The benefits of solo traveling

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You need to choose the right travel mate for happiness. When a person cannot determine the right partner, he or she eventually gets tired from the travel. No, if you are a solo traveler, then you have to choose the right path. Otherwise, you will have many travel mates.


Having a companion while traveling will make your journey exciting and memorable. It will help you in many matters, will not let you get bored, and cheer you up. Nevertheless, sometimes it is more enjoyable to travel alone without a companion. Therefore, this blog will be about the benefits of solo traveling.


Are you wondering what are some of the benefits of traveling alone? There are many benefits of traveling alone. These benefits of traveling alone may vary for each person and be the opposite for some. However, here are the pros:



1. You can do whatever your heart desires! 


If you have a travel mate, you will try to adjust to him/her, even if you do not want to. It is the biggest reason you will not do what your heart desires. Nevertheless, when you are traveling alone, you will fully adapt your journey to your desires and tastes. You can visit wherever you want, go anywhere you want, and spend as much time as you wish.

2. It is up to you to manage your budget!


When you travel with someone, you will have to stay in the same place, use the same vehicle, and realize the same plans while adjusting your budget and time according to these plans. However, if you are alone, you can stay in a place suitable for your budget and spend time as you wish. It is the best side of solo traveling.


3. Get ready for new acquaintances!


There is little interest and no need to get to know new people while having a travel partner. Therefore, you will have to return from travel without getting a chance to meet new people. However, you will have the opportunity to get to know new people, both on the road and having a walk in the city while traveling alone. You will want to evaluate this chance, and you will see from the opposite side, as you are alone.


4. The best way to get to know a city is to get lost on its streets


Traveling solo will help you get to know the city you are traveling in. The best way to discover most of the town is to spend time on the streets, not as a tourist, but as a resident, to communicate with locals, and to get involved in the culture. It will not be the case when you have a travel mate. However, when you are alone, you will want to feel the soul of the city.


5. Travel is the second name of self-confidence

 Alone traveling

When traveling with companions, it makes you think careless, and you ask your mate for help in every difficulty. However, it is difficult to travel alone. You have to deal with everything, you have to make all the decisions yourself, and most importantly, there is no one who you can rely on and say: "Solve it." Although this may seem detrimental to many, it is quite the opposite. Thus, you will let yourself be completely free, overcoming the carelessness, and be able to solve any difficulties to come across, to challenge your fears, to struggle and eventually win. Therefore, solo traveling is the most potent source of motivation in matters of self-worth.


6. The new language is a new culture


The easiest, the most fun and most exciting way to learn a new language are to travel and not to sign up for a new language course, to go to a teacher, to get lost in books. You need to communicate with the locals to learn the country's language, travel, and speak in the local language, not in your language or international languages. Thus, you will be able slowly to speak the language of the country where you are traveling. However, if you travel with a mate, it will prevent you from speaking the country's language. If you are traveling with a travel mate, you will automatically speak in your native language. Besides, your travel mate will communicate in the local language or international language, if she/he knows, and thus you will end up learning nothing. Nevertheless, if you are traveling alone, you will have enough time to clarify the necessary things, and you will be able to communicate with locals as much as you want.


7. Once with your friend, twice while alone 

 Travel alone

Your thoughts will change, and way of thinking will be formed as you see how different people live, the more you embrace different cultures, the more you experience different lifestyles. If you have a friend with you, his or her thoughts can hinder your ideas and turn your thoughts in different directions. However, when traveling alone, you will be more sensitive to the issues you have been careless before; and see how people, their lifestyle can be different. In this case, you will gain a more precise, more productive mind and start to think twice before making your prejudices against people.


8. To be content with a little


What do you need to travel? Food, drink, energy, money. If you want to travel more, you need to learn how to get enough of everything. To learn how to be satisfied with less, you need to travel alone. It means, when you are alone, there is nobody to rely on. You would not like to be hungry, out of money, and energy. Thus, you will be careful with your expenses, your consumption of food, and drink. It will give you a great experience not only for travel but also for daily life.


9. Understand the value of those you love 


While traveling with someone, you do not get a chance to think about anything. Thus, they do not think much of their family, friends, and the ones they love. However, when you travel alone, you have enough time to think of your parents, siblings, friends, relatives and miss them during the travel, while you are alone at night in the hotel room, tent, or while watching the city from the bus window. In this case, you understand how much you love them. Only this is enough reason to prefer solo traveling.


10. Get to know yourself, not anyone else!


Traveling with someone will keep you twice busy. Therefore, you will not have time to know yourself. If traveling is the way to know yourself, solo traveling is the shortest way for that. All you have to do is travel alone to become more aware of your personality, outlook, thinking, and your plans.

It is important to remember that Traveling solo is as stressful as it is enjoyable. Therefore, do not forget things to bring when traveling alone:


1. Identity documents: Identity card, driver's license, passport, and all other documents (such as international journalism cards) must be with you.

2. Travel documents: Flight tickets, train tickets, bus and subway cards, etc. Be sure to check if they are with you or not before you begin your journey.


3. Medicines: If you have prescriptions you use regularly, you may not find them during your travels. Therefore, along with your medication, it is better to take medicines for headache, toothache, etc. to be ready for all kind of possible emergencies.


4. Proper Clothes: When traveling, you need to choose clothes that suit the country you go to, as the climate of the country you are traveling in may not be the same as in yours. Therefore, determine the climate of the state in which you are visiting and buy at least one cold or warm cloth for it.


5. HobbiesSolo traveling can be fun for some, but for some, it can be tedious. Therefore, you can keep yourself busy with mp3, radio, or video player while on the road or waiting in a queue. 


           3 safest countries for solo traveling:


1. Austria: Vienna, the capital of Austria, is in the center of attention as one of Europe's happiest and most secure cities. Austria is a unique country in its architecture, cultural heritage, and art for those who want to travel alone.

Beautiful city

2. Denmark: Denmark is one of the best solo traveling destinations. This country, which hosts solo travelers with nature and its inhabitants, is known for its calmness and peace.


3. Hungary: There are many best solo traveling destinations in Hungary. Hungary, which welcomes visitors with its fascinating streets, friendly people, and the beauty of the cities, also please them with safety.  

lightly city


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