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The first time is unforgettable. Tips for your first trip

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Our first experience is more exclusive among the memories. Our first love is always the purest and naive; our first success is unforgettable. Our first trip is like the first glimpse of a newborn. However, are you scared to take the first step to make the first trip of your life? Here are the tips to help you to overcome your fears and make your trip remarkable. 

Where to start?  Your life is in your hands, and it depends on you where it will turn. Same we can say about the travel. You are the main obstacle on your way to start the journey, so start from yourself! Get ready, make a decisive decision, and throw yourself into the arms of pleasure. Break down your psychological barriers. That is your fear that leaves you behind. Prepare yourself psychologically.


Define your travel expectations. Is it to conquer the skies, skydive, and climb the mountains as extreme tourism? Or do you prefer to walk through the historical monuments in silence and take in the ancient air? Or maybe the sea? As soon as you answer these questions, you will almost be ready for the trip. 


Hold on, have not you defined the country yet? Have you ever been to the neighboring cities? Are you thinking of going to a state unfamiliar to you now? Then the neighboring countries are the best option for your first trip. The neighboring countries are more suitable regarding road; you will not be tired of long-distance travel. Also, you will spend less and all the above, the culture and the language of the neighboring countries a little closer to each other, which will make your travel more comfortable.

The foremost step is to calculate the budget. Do not panic with questions such as: “What if I spend much money?”, “Will the money be enough?” “Hopefully, I will not lose my money.” You will know about the costs of the ticket and the hotel in advance. The rest is not that so troublesome. You can plan your travel according to your budget. Find out from friends, various forums, and websites about the prices in the destination country. Make a list by selecting the places that fit your budget.

Let's make a draft. Some of us don’t like planning, and some are planning every step. However, it should be accepted that you can not realize a challenging task such as a trip, especially if it’s for the first time, without a plan. Firstly, determine the base route; what would you like to see and do in the destination country? Categorize the destinations according to your travel time and your money. Gather the information you find on the Internet about your destination. It can be of great help to you later.

Book your ticket in advance. Everyone knows that you need to buy a ticket a couple of months in advance to save money. Moreover, compare the ticket prices of different companies so you can escape the extra costs. If there is no ticket for the day that is appropriate for you, get your ticket two days before or after that date.

Find the hotel on the Internet before your trip, rather than looking for it in an unknown city. Book the hotel which is close to the places you will visit. If you are going for a long journey, it is better to rent an apartment. At websites like Airbnb, you can easily find the list of the hotels and information about them by typing the name of the city and dates of the trip. You are traveling alone, but not happy with it? Then get the benefit from the “travel with the host.” Many hosts offer not only their house to the tourists, but also offer sightseeing in the city. Isn’t that an interesting suggestion?

Although we have talked about money previously, it is more than the budget calculation. Probably, you are not planning to travel to an unknown country with a large sum of money. Remember, it is also unsafe to keep the money in the hotel. In this case, the bank cards are your best friend. If you have a bank card before your travel, make sure you can use it in the country of your destination. If your card is not suitable for usage abroad, you shall get an international card using the VISA system.

Few things have left to start the journey. Download maps, applications you need to your phone. If you like music, do not forget to download some to listen to on the airplane. Make a list of things you need, a few weeks before your trip. To avoid the extra load, take the clothes that are appropriate for each day of your holiday, consider your approximate garments, for example, think of combinations of clothes like what will suit these two shirts or with these trousers, etc. 

Here are some tips for your first trip. We have gone through significant difficulties and are finally traveling. Let us now give you some tips you need to know.

Take a few copies of your documents with you. Also, have their photos on your phone. Find out the embassy number of the destination country. Do not buy anything on the streets. We can say with 100% certainty that such goods are of poor quality.  Stay away from people who want to show you something, sell things, or insisting on something. If there is a problem, shout “Police.” Someone will help you, even if there is no police.  Do not put your phone or money in your back pockets. It is a real gift for pocket thieves. If you don’t know the language, don’t worry. Learn a few simple sentences in the language of your destination. You will come out of every situation.

Finally, the last tip is to not to plan everything in detail. Live the moment, enjoy the journey. You will make it your way. Don’t look on the Internet for restaurants that have delicious food. Walk in the city and find your taste. 

Live your unforgettable FIRST trip!


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