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"I\'m the one who left physics for photography, and then went into blogging turning my hobbies into work and pursuing my dreams.” Matanat speaks of herself. Her attempts to make her dreams come true were not in vain and she set the wheels in motion and successfully completed a photography course at the “Nihat Karadag Photography Studio”. We can namely divide her career life into two periods: The Istanbulian period of her career was a doorstep for her burning ambitions to transfer her hobbies into business. Subsequently, in the Spanish period, the developmental phase of her travel blogging started. Her passionate love for discovering new places at every opportunity, and writing a story on every photo she took, gave her an awesome idea, which was to create a blog. Now we can enjoy that inspiring idea of hers in “Gasimzades” blog. Social Media Marketing Course offered by Northwestern University was among the courses she took for self-improvement.

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