Nargiz Mammadzade

Hello everyone! I, Mammadzade Nargiz Ayaz, was born in May 1997 in Baku. In 2015, I graduated from the School-Lyceum Complex at Baku Slavic University as an Honorary Graduate. I graduated from the Faculty of Business and Management of the Azerbaijan State Economic University in 2019. No matter how hard I work now in my specialty, I always love writing. I have been writing different stories and articles since the school years. One of my biggest wishes is to publish my first book. Because I think, to write is a way of expressing ourselves, we create memories that will last for years after us. I have also taught dance classes at the Azerbaijan State Children's Philharmonic for eight years. I learned to play the piano for a while. In the future, I would like to learn how to play the violin. As well as being interested in learning different languages, I became interested in German and Italian after English. In the future, the list will be completed with French. It is so easy to make me happy just by giving a book on a particular day or any given day since I want to have my library in the future and pass it to future generations. I am also Madridista for twelve years who wish to watch the Real Madrid match at Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, during my world tour one day. You can read about the various articles I have written with pleasure. I wish you pleasant reading!My  blogs

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