Matanat Gasimzade

Hi, I am MatanatI am the one who follows her dreams, and from physics to photography, and from photography to blog writing, I turned my hobbies to work.I was born in December 1988 in Baku. Although I graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, after one year of teaching experience, I realized that this work was not suitable for me.Since 2011, after getting married and having the surname Gasimzade, a new era started in my life. It was also the Istanbul era for me. During my time in Istanbul, I worked as an Assistant Manager in one of the programming companies. I completed a photography course at the Nihat Karadag Photography Workshop. We returned to Baku in 2014 and worked there as a photographer for three years.After moving to Spain in 2017, the active traveling stage started. At every opportunity, I was eager to see new countries and new cities. As I took pictures of the places I visited, I wanted to write the story of each photograph. I wanted not just see but also make people feel that moment too. The best way to do this was to write. I created a Gasimzades blog to share my stories and travel experiences. Traveling, learning new things, and sharing them with people has already become a pleasure for me. I wanted to study and apply this exciting work at an academic level and took online classes at Northwestern University in the field of Social Media Marketing. I will now share these articles with you on the blog.I currently live in Madrid with my family. I still have no idea where my dreams will take me, but there is no age of traveling, learning, developing yourself. So give wings to your thoughts, and let’s explore the world together.Мои блоги

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