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Saudi Arabia visa types

There are 4 Saudi Arabia visa types: 

  1. Short term visa 
  2. Long term visa  
  3. E visa 
  4. Transit visa 

E-visa for Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia E-visa is an online way of getting a visa to Saudi Arabia. This visa is valid for one year and multiple. However, you can stay in the country 90 days each entry but not more than 180 days during the year. You may apply for this visa if you want to get a Saudi Arabia tourist visa, Saudi Arabia business visa, etc. 


Saudi Arabia Long Term Visa 

Even if your country is free from visa and intends to stay longer in Saudi Arabia, you have to apply for a long term visa. The long term visa gives you the opportunity to enter Saudi Arabia to apply for a residence permit. You will apply for this visa if you want to get Saudi Arabia work visa, Saudi Arabia student visa, etc.

Saudi Arabia visa requirements 

Saudia Arabia visa requirements depend on the nationality and visa type you are applying for. You can check all documents on our website in the “Services'' section.

Saudi Arabia fees 

The Saudi Arabia average visa fee is 50-215 USD. It changes depending on your nationality and the visa type you are applying for. 

How to get visa for Saudi Arabia?

You should apply for a visa by choosing the “Services” section on our website. After selecting your residence and country of visit, you will get all information about the next steps.