Cuba visa for Azerbaijan citizens

Cuba embassy info


Additional note

This amount includes 80 EUR which is paid to embassy and 65 AZN for our services. You pay 65 AZN online and 80 EUR in cash to us.


* Personal attendance is not required at the embassy during visa application.

Visa cost

87 USD

Service fee

39 USD

Period to obtain visa

5 Business days

General Information

Azerbaijan citizens need to obtain Tourist visa beforehand to visit Cuba for Tourist purpose. To get Cuba Tourist visa, Azerbaijan citizens need to apply at least 5 Business days in advance.

Required documents
  • Passport

  • National Identity Card

  • Certificate of employment/Student ID

  • Bank account statement/Evidence of sufficient funds

  • Hotel reservation

  • Application form

  • Photo 3x4

  • Ticket reservation

  • Passport main page photocopy

  • Documents marked with green confirmation are prepared by us.

39 USD
Total fee