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Singapore Visa Types 

There are four types of Singapore visa: 

  1. E-Visa 
  2. Short Term visa 
  3. Transit visa 
  4. Long Term visa 

Singapore E Visa

Singapore E Visa is the way to obtain a visa to Singapore online. All eligible nationalities can apply for an electronic Singapore visa, which they will get during 1-3 working days by email after making all payment processes. 


Singapore Short Term visa 

Nationals who are not eligible for e-visa should apply to the embassy if they want to get a Singapore Tourist Visa. Besides tourism, purposes of short-term visits can be a business meeting, family reunion, short term educational training, etc. The processing time of a short-term visa is usually 3-20 calendar days. 


Singapore Transit Visa 

Singapore doesn’t have a specific transit visa. Those who intend to get a visa to Singapore need to get a regular visitor visa. However, the nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia, India, China (PRC), Turkmenistan, and Ukraine qualified for the 96 hours visa-free transit facility (VFTF). Before being allowed to enter Singapore, transit travelers who fit the VFTF criteria must fulfill the current entry requirements. Transit visas under VFTF can’t be extended. You must have a valid onward ticket departing Singapore within 96 hours. 


Singapore Long Term visa  

Those who intend to stay in Singapore for more than 30 days need to get a Singapore Long Term visa. Even nationalities who have a free visa regime with Singapore, are obligated to get this visa before arriving in Singapore. Singapore embassies in some countries don’t process long term visas; instead, these applicants apply for short term visas and then apply for a residence permit during the first month of staying in Singapore.

 There are 3 subtypes of Singapore Long Term visa: 

  1. Singapore Work visa
  2. Singapore Student visa
  3. Singapore Family Reunion visa 


Singapore Visa Requirements 

Singapore Visa requirements may change depending on the nationality and country of application. However, there are main required documents that you need regardless of the visa type:

  1. Passport
  2. Two passport size photos
  3. Completed Singapore visa application
  4. ID card/ Residence permit

Please be informed that women under the age of 45 who are single, unmarried, divorced, widowed, or separated, as well as women in the same age bracket who are married but travelling alone, will not be granted a visa.

If a woman is married, she must travel with her spouse and show a marriage certificate as well as a copy of her spouse’s passport. If a lady is travelling alone with her children (without her spouse), she must take certain precautions.


Singapore Visa Fees 

Singapore visa fees depend on the nationality and country of application. However, the average visa fee regardless of the type is 25-100 USD.


How to apply for Singapore Visa

You cannot submit a Singapore visa application yourself, even if you fill out the visa application form and collect the documents yourself. To apply for a visa to Singapore, you need to find an approved visa agent, strategic partner or local contact person in Singapore. You also can submit a Singapore visa application, by choosing the “Services” section on our website.