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Types of Sri Lanka Visa

There are two main types of Sri Lanka visa:
1. Sri Lanka Visit Visa
2. Residence Visa  


Online Sri Lanka visa

To get a short stay visa to Sri Lanka, except for ETA-exempt nations and countries whose residents require a visa in advance, nationals of the rest countries can obtain an ETA either on arrival in Sri Lanka or online.

Sri Lanka ETA fee is 20 - 35 USD. Validity of Sri Lanka ETA visa is 30 days.

Fees for Sri Lanka visa

Fees for Sri Lankan e visa is 20 USD, and for residence visa may change between 55 USD - 110 USD. Please note that it varies depending on your nationality.

Requirements for Sri Lanka Visa 

If you are getting EtA visa for Sri Lanka, you need to have your passport and present a round trip ticket and evidence of funds to cover expenses in Sri Lanka at the border.

In case, if you are not able to submit your application due to any reason, you can submit it in nearest embassy by presenting these documents: 

  1. ETA application 
  2. Passport ( Validity must be 6 months)
  3. 2 Recent photos 
  4. Return ticket 
  5. Proof of accommodation