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Suriname E-visa

All nationals of all countries who normally require a visa to travel to Suriname can apply for an eVisa for Suriname.

Citizens who are visa-exempt can also apply for an eVisa in order to extend their stay (more than a few days without a visa) in Suriname.


How to apply for a visa for Suriname?

In order to travel to Suriname, applicants must obtain a visa. You can find out all the information about the processing of a visa on our website by selecting the ''Services'' section and choosing your nationality, place of residence.


Suriname visa requirements

If you are applying for an eVisa, depending on the category (Tourist, Transit, Business, Short Stay), you need to upload the following documents.

  • Passport bio page
  • Itinerary (please note this is not a ticket)
  • Accommodation reservation - Hotel/apartment reservation 
  • Photo size is 3x4cm.
  • For Business visa (Invitation letter)


Notes to consider when applying for the Suriname e-Tourist Card:

The passport you use to apply must be the same as the one you will be using when travelling to Suriname. If it is not, your e-tourist card will be invalid.
Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Suriname.
When applying for an E-Tourist Card, make sure that the information you provide exactly matches the information in your passport. Otherwise, your E-Tourist Card will be invalid.

How much does a visa to Suriname cost?

You need to pay a fee when you apply for a visa for Suriname, depending on the type and duration of your visa. You must pay the Suriname visa fee using a MasterCard, Visa and Maestro credit or debit card. 

The fee for an eVisa to Suriname is US$15-360, depending on the eVisa category.
The fee for the Suriname e-Tourist Card is US$40. An additional service charge of US$14 is also applicable. 

How long does it take to get a visa to Suriname?

The Suriname visa application is processed within 72 hours. This may take longer if it is during a holiday. However, if it takes longer than five days, you should contact the visa agency that is processing your application.