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Uganda e-visa

E-visa service is available for the country of Uganda. 

Once you get a Uganda e visa, it is valid for up to 90 days. The processing time of e visa for Uganda is around 15 to 20 business days. The Uganda e visa cost is around 51.50 USD. 

The Uganda E-visa processing time for standard processing is 42 USD. You will need to pay USD 75 for rush processing and USD 103.75 for super rush processing.

Depending upon your needs, you may select the processing package that best suits your interests.

Uganda visa types

There are different types of visas for Uganda, and depending upon which type suits you the best, you can select one.

The most commonly used types of visa for Uganda are 

  • Uganda Tourist Visa 
  • Uganda Transit Visa
  • East Africa Visa

Tourist Visa is the most common type of visa required for traveling to Uganda, and the prime factor is the convenience and the feasibility it offers. You do not have to go to the embassy to get it; the entire process can easily be done online.  

All you will need is your passport, your passport-sized photograph, and a yellow fever vaccination card. The Uganda tourist visa can last up to 90 days. This visa allows for single entry only.

A Transit visa for Uganda is required when you are traveling from one country to another and decide to stop by Uganda. You will pretty much need everything like the tourist visa. Additionally, you will need a letter stating your reason for transit and the country of destination. 

The transit visa for Uganda is valid for two days after your arrival.

Some people also choose to prefer the East Africa visa, which grants you access to Uganda as well as Kenya and Rwanda. 

The main catch here is to enter the country that issued it first. For example, if the visa was issued by Kenya, you would have to visit Kenya first and then travel to Uganda. 

The requirements of this visa are the same as that of the tourist visa.

First of all, as obvious, you will need your passport; as said earlier, your passport should have at least six months of expiry after you enter the country. 

A copy of your passport’s information page.

A recent passport-sized photograph is necessary.

A vaccination certificate for yellow fever. In case you do not have that certificate, you will be vaccinated upon arrival and will be quarantined as needed. Children, less than five years of age must be immunized for polio.

The above requirements apply to a tourist visa. In case of a transit visa, the country of destination and the reason for staying in Uganda must be mentioned. 

Once you have the requirements fulfilled, you will need to go to the official website to get a visa. The process does not take too long. 

The first step to the application would be to fill in your personal information. Once you’re done, the next step is to make the payment of 51.50 USD, and based on how urgently you want the visa processed; you can make a payment for the processing time.

How much is the Uganda Visa fee?

The fee for a Uganda visa is 51.50 USD. 42 USD. Based on how quickly you need your visa to be processed, you will need to pay 45 USD for standard processing, 75USD for rush processing, and USD 103.75 for super rush processing.

What questions are asked in the Uganda visa interview?

Since the Uganda visa is online, there are no questions asked. You will, however need to answer the confirmation call you get for the visa, and that’s pretty much it.