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You can make a planned trip to Vietnam by obtaining a short-term visa for Vietnam. Foreign nationals can apply for a short-term visa to Vietnam (tourist visa, e- visa) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural and other short-term purposes). However, if you want to stay in Vietnam for a longer period for any reason (e.g. study, work, etc.), you can also apply for a long-term visa to Vietnam. For more information about visa types, you can check our website.


How to apply for Vietnam visa

Some governments require to obtain a visa before arrival, while others issue visas to people upon arrival. Vietnamese visa requirements are a combination of these two approaches. Visitors must apply for a visa approval letter in advance and then get an official visa stamp in their passports once they arrive in the country. Fortunately, the visa approval letter application can be completed and submitted online.

 After you submit the online application form for a visa approval letter, you will usually receive your approval letter by email within  2-3 business days. It is essential that you print the letter, colour it if possible, and bring it with you. You can keep your visa approval letter with your passport so you know exactly where it is and can find it when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam.

You will also need to prepare and bring at least two photos (size 4 cm x 6 cm) for your passport.


Do I need a visa to go to Vietnam?

Most visitors would need a visa to enter Vietnam. Visitors in many African countries and some parts of Asia are exempt from Vietnam's visa requirements. Citizens of North America and Europe will need to obtain a visa.


Vietnam multiple entry visa 

A multi-entry visa for Vietnam is a visa that allows its holders to enter and leave Vietnam several times during the validity period of their visa. It is also called a "re-entry visa for Vietnam". This type of Vietnamese visa is very convenient for those who want to make several visits to Vietnam within a certain period.


Vietnam visa price

Vietnam visa fees are pretty reasonable. For your visa approval letter, you pay an online payment of $17 or more, depending on the type of visa and the number of documents you request. Upon arrival, you will also pay a fee for the visa stamp. Additionally, this will cost $25 for a single-entry visa and $50 for a multiple-entry visa. The stamp fee is payable in cash in Vietnamese dong or U.S. dollars, so be prepared to get the correct amount of the fee before you leave for Vietnam.