Do You Need Visa to Visit British Indian Ocean Territory?

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Visa Types & Categories to Apply for British Indian Ocean Territory

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for British Indian Ocean Territory

British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) is not a tourist destination. You may apply for a mooring permit in the Outer Islands of BIOT only where it is essential for your safe passage through the Indian Ocean, which must be convinced of before granting you a permit. Access to Diego Garcia is only permitted for persons with a pre-authorized official duty.

The outer islands of the Archipelago of Chagos are isolated and uninhabited. They serve as an oasis for marine and island species. The BIOT Administration is committed to the conservation of the rich environmental heritage of British Indian Ocean Territory.  Marine Protected Areas are recognized by scientists and the international community as essential to the conservation and sustainable management of oceans and fisheries. BIOT is home to one of the largest contiguous 'no take' marine reserves in the world, along with a number of strict nature reserves.

BIOT is very remote. There are no facilities available to visit the yachts. Yachts must be completely self-sufficient while in BIOT and must respect the local environment and the restrictions designed to protect it.



Permits are required prior to travel.

The permit system is only in place to allow vessels to rest at specific anchorages in order to ensure a safe passage through the Indian Ocean. Pursuant to this, mooring permits shall have a maximum validity of 28 days and will be valid only for the Outer Islands. You may apply for one, two, three, or four weeks.

Permit charges will be £100 per week as of 27 November 2020. (please check in advance)

Please note that if you pay from an international (non-UK) bank account, you will need to add £1 for transfers of £100 and under, or £7 for transfers of over £100. It's to cover the bank charges.

NOTE: Permits cannot be extended once your initial application has been approved (either before your arrival or in the Territory), so please consider carefully how much time you will need to stop at BIOT, taking into account weather conditions and other factors.

  • Changes shall not be considered for those arriving within the window of their permit.
  • Changes to crew members will also not be considered once the permit has been issued.
  • Applications shall not be considered from charter vessels, cruise ships, or vessels with fee-paying crews.
  • If you encounter exceptional circumstances (e.g., severe vessel malfunctions, medical emergencies, or dangerous weather conditions) and are unable to enter BIOT during the period specified in your permit, please contact the BIOT Administration as soon as possible. Any change to the terms of your permit shall be at the sole discretion of the Administration.

You should be aware that any person who enters BIOT without permission may be liable to imprisonment for 3 years and/or a fine of £10,000, and the vessel used to enter BIOT waters may be seized and forfeited.

For more information, please visit this website.



Can tourists visit British Indian ocean territory?

The British Indian Ocean Territory is not a touristic destination. Access is restricted and a travel permit is required in advance. There are no commercial flights and yacht permits are issued only to allow safe passage through the Indian Ocean (Outer Islands only).

What's the difference between British Indian Ocean Territory and the British Virgin Islands?

See 88.5 percent less of the coastline. British Indian Ocean Territory has a total coastline of 698 km. This number is 80 km in the British Virgin Islands.

Do British Overseas Territories have British passports?

Rights as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

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