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Blogs About Christmas Island That Might Inspire You to Visit

Enock Maina Methus 29 November 2020 44 view
Some of us may think that Christmas Island is a made-up name, but it’s an actual place. A peculiar far away land in Australia that has outstandi...
Amina Balakishiyeva
Amina Balakishiyeva 08 December 2020 35 view
Christian Island, quite small and isolated land from the rest of the world, is located in the Indian Ocean. Lately, the island gets a lot of attention...
Tural Abbasov
Tural Abbasov 31 December 2020 13 view
Of course, I bet all of us at least once in their lifetime had a dream to see the open ocean, literally any of them. However, thoughts of the possibil...