Do You Need Visa to Visit Christmas Island? Check It Out!

Visa Types

Visa Types and Categories to Apply for Christmas Island

Visa Types and Categories to Apply for Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian territory. Therefore, Australia Visa policy is in force for Christmas Island. If you are traveling from Australia to Christmas Island you don’t need a visa. However, photographic identification and a valid passport must be presented for each passenger for clearance through Customs and Immigration. Normal Australian Customs and Immigration processes are applied when you enter Christmas Island from outside of Australia. You can visit Christmas Island with the air service of Virgin Australia.



Where is Christmas Island located?

Christmas Island is an Australian external territory and located in the Indian Ocean.

Where does the flight take off from in Australia to Christmas Island?

You can arrange a flight to depart from Perth Jakarta to visit Christmas Island.

I travel Christmas Island from Australia. Do I need a visa?

No. As Christmas Island is Australian territory you don’t need a visa.

Which currency is used in Christmas Island?

Australian Dollar is legally used currency in Christmas Island.

Are commodities expensive on Christmas Island?

Yes. You may find many goods expensive on Christmas Island.

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