Do You Need Visa to Visit Jordan?

Do You Need Visa to Visit Jordan? Check It Out!

Visa Types

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Jordan

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Jordan

You can realize your planned trip to Jordan by obtaining a Jordan visa. Foreign nationals can apply to Jordan short-term visas for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural, and other short-term purposes).
In most countries, Jordan official embassies and consulates don’t process long-term visas, visa applicants should apply for short-term tourist visas for traveling to Jordan, and they only apply to residence permits when they have already arrived in Jordan. This procedure can vary depending on your country of residence, nationality, and the embassy's policy you apply for a visa.

Jordan Short-term Visa

Jordan Short-term Visa

Jordan Short-term Visa

You can apply for short-term visas for realizing your temporary travel to Jordan. Reasons to apply for this type of visa can be tourism, visiting family or friends, business trips, short-term education, exchange programs, short-term work, and many other non-permanent nuances. You can check all the required documents for each type of visa application, visa fees, processing time, and where to apply for a visa below.



Jordan Tourism Visa

All other countries except the following can obtain a visa upon arrival to enter this Arab country, officially called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:


Equatorial Guinea










Papua New Guinea










Burkina Faso


Republic of the Congo




Côte d'Ivoire


Sierra Leone






South Sudan

Central African Republic


Sri Lanka






The Netherlands

Comoros Islands






Democratic Republic of the Congo










Required Documents for Jordan Tourism Visa


1. Foreign Passport

2. National ID Card

3. Photo in the Size of 3x4

In addition to the above, the Jordan Tourism Board created the Jordan Pass to increase the flow of tourists to the country and revive the tourism sector.


Processing Time of Jordan Tourism Visa

The processing time of the Jordan Tourism Visa is 1-2 working days. It depends on your visa application country.


Jordan Tourism Visa Fee

Jordan visa on arrival is 40 JOD (approximately 56 USD). However, if you do not want to spend long hours at the airport, you can also get a visa from the Jordanian Embassy in your home country before traveling. No personal presence is required for a visa application, and another person may submit the applicant's documents. The visa fee is 68 USD


What Does "Jordan Pass" Mean?

The "Jordan Pass" is a pre-purchased package that gives free access to about 40 popular museums/sites throughout the country, mainly Petra, Jerash, Wadi Rum, Amman Citadel, and more. This card is more convenient for those who plan to stay in Jordan for more than 3 nights because if you stay more than 3 nights, the traveler who owns this card is exempt from the visa fee.

Jordan Pass is available at the following link:

The following packages are available as an option:

“Jordan Wanderer”

“Jordan Explorer”

“Jordan Expert”

Price: 70JOD (~99USD)

Price: 75JOD (~106USD)

Price: 80JOD (~113USD)

One day in Petra

2 consecutive days in Petra

3 consecutive days in Petra

All packages include the following:

  • Free visits to more than 40 sights of Jordan;
  • If a person is allowed to obtain a visa at the border, payment of visa fee;
  • Valid for use within 12 months of purchase (but only 2 weeks after use)

After purchasing Jordan Pass, you need to show it in a printed or mobile version at the airport, as well as at the entrance to the museum/attraction. The border officers look through the pass and scan a QR code on it with the relevant device.

When leaving Jordan the border officers calculate the number of nights, which a traveler remained in the country. If you were in Jordan for less than 3 nights, it is necessary to pay a visa fee in the amount of 40 JOD. On the contrary, if you stayed in Jordan for more than 3 nights, you are exempt from the visa fee.


Where to Apply for Jordan Tourism Visa?

You will apply for a Jordan Tourism visa in visa application centers, embassies, or consulates, whichever accepts visa applications in your country of residence. If there is none of them in your country, you need to apply to the nearest embassy or consulate to your location.



Can my Jordan visa application be refused?

In some circumstances, a visa may be denied. Common reasons are fraud or misrepresentation, disrespect for the visa adjudicator or Jordan, criminal record, security risk, lack of strong ties to the country of residence, intention to reside or work in Jordan when not authorized, lack of a legitimate reason for travelling, not having travel arrangements or health/travel insurance, applying on excessively short notice, previous rejection of a visa application and prior immigration violations, among others.

Do children need to purchase a separate pass beside the visa?

No, children under 12 years can enter the touristic sites for free when accompanied by their parents.

Is the visa valid for Jordan only?

The Embassy of Jordan issues visas for Jordan only.

Do people who hold Arabic nationalities need a Jordan Pass?

No, People who hold Arabic nationalities pay the attractions fees like Jordanians, so Jordan Pass will not be useful to them (they must show a valid ID at each attraction).

Can I work on a Jordan visa?

It depends on the type of visa you apply for. As a foreign national, you are not permitted to work in Jordan unless your expressly stated purpose when applying for a visa was employment.

Do I have to submit my Jordan visa application personally, or can another person do it for me?

In most cases, you are not required to apply in person. However, it is strongly recommended to contact the embassy before applying.

Is ground transport included in the Jordan pass fees?

No, the Jordan pass only includes the entry fees to some of the touristic places.

Can the Jordan Embassy and Consulate request me to provide additional documents or information?

Yes, the Embassy and Consulate reserve the right to call applicants for necessary verification or a personal interview later. Likewise, the Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents not contained in the harmonized list of documents, when necessary.

Will I be asked to show my ID or passport at each Site along with Jordan pass?

Yes, you will be asked to show your ID, otherwise, you will be asked to pay for the site's entrance ticket.

How long is Jordan single-entry visa valid for?

The single-entry visa is valid for 1 month, and can be extended easily from any police station by paying extra fees.


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