Do You Need Visa to Visit Maldives?

Visa On Arrival

Visa is free

Do You Need Visa to Visit Maldives? Check It Out!

Visa Types

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Maldives

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Maldives

The Maldives grants free Tourist visa or Visa on Arrival to all foreign nationals from all over the world. Visas’ validity period will be 30 days. You can extend your visa for up to 90 days. Visas are free of charge. You will pay the fee only if you want to extend your visa’s validity for the next 30/60 days.

Maldives Visa Free Regime

Maldives Visa Free Regime

The Maldives doesn’t require any visa application in advance. You will get your visa-free or visa on arrival status when you arrive at the airport. You will need to present only some basic documents to enter the Maldives.


Required Documents for Traveling to the Maldives


1. Passport

  • Validity minimum of six months beyond the date of your departure from the Maldives
  • Signed by bearer
  • Passport not older than 10 years (issued in the last 10 years)
  • At least one or two free “visa pages.”
  • Undamaged pictures securely affixed with/to passport

2. Hotel Booking

  • It must be a pre-paid hotel booking

3. Confirmed Onward/Return Tickets

4. Entry Documents to Your Next Destination

  • For example, you can present a copy of your visa to your next destination country from the Maldives

5. Maldives Arrival Card (Immigration Form)

  • Mainly you will get your immigration card for filling on the airplane. If you don’t get an Arrival Card on the airplane, you can also obtain it at the airport.

6. Sufficient Funds for Intended Period to Stay in the Maldives

7. Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable)



Do I need to pay for a visa to enter Maldives?

Maldives grants visas to all foreign nationals free of charge. You will pay the fee only in case of a visa extension.

How long can I stay in Maldives?

You can stay in Maldives for up to 30 days. You can also increase this duration with a simple extension process at the Immigration Department in Maldives.

Can I extend my visa-free status in Maldives?

Yes, you can extend your duration of stay in Maldives for up to 90 days.

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