Do You Need Visa to Visit Tanzania?

Do You Need Visa to Visit Tanzania? Check It Out!

Visa Types

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Tanzania

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Tanzania

There are different types of visas available for Tanzania. You will be required a visa even if you are transiting through Tanzania unless you are from a visa-exempt group.

You can realize your planned trip to Tanzania by obtaining a Tanzania visa. Foreign nationals can apply to Tanzania short-term visas (Single, Multiple entries) e-Visa, via the embassy or on arrival for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural, and other short-term purposes).

Tanzania E-Visa

Tanzania E-Visa

All nationals who normally require a visa to enter Tanzania are eligible to apply for an E-visa. You can apply for Tanzania e-visa through this website.
Furthermore, you can also apply for a visa in Tanzania embassies/consulates.

There are some countries whose nationals require special clearance from the Commissioner General of Immigration or the Commissioner of Immigration (Zanzibar) prior to issuance of the Visa. These countries fall within the Referral Visa category.

Applicants whose nationals fall within this category are not advised to book flight tickets or make payments for any reservations made in Tanzania prior to obtaining their Visa approval. Applicants of Referral Visa are advised to apply at least two months prior to their date of travel.

Note: Stateless persons and refugees holding documents of the Vienna Convention will also be required to obtain a visa before arriving in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Applicants whose visa applications have been approved are generally required to enter the United Republic of Tanzania through the five designated entry points, which are:

  • Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA);
  • Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA);
  • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (AAKIA);
  • Namanga border;
  • Tunduma border.
The following countries require Referral Visa:







Equatorial Guinea



Kazakhstan Republic

Kyigten Republic










Sri Lanka

Somali land

Sierra Leone








*Above nationals can also apply for a visa in Tanzania embassies/consulates

Required Documents for Tanzania E-visa


1. Passport

  • Validity minimum of six months beyond the date of your departure from Tanzania.
  • Signed by bearer
  • Passport not older than 10 years (issued in the last 10 years)
  • At least one or two free “visa pages”
  • Undamaged pictures securely affixed with/to passport

2. Photo

  • Format – JPG, PNG
  • Minimum 10 KB
  • Maximum 1 MB
  • The height and width of the Photo must be equal.
  • The photo should present full face, front view, eyes open and without spectacles
  • Center head within frame and present full head from the top of hair to bottom of the chin
  • The background should be plain light-colored or white background.
  • No shadows on the face or on the background.
  • Without borders.

3. Dully Filled in Declaration Form

4. Photocopies

  • Copy of the main page of your passport
  • 1 copy of residence permit/visa (if your country of residence and citizenship are different)
  • Copies of previous Tanzanian visas (if any)

5. Travel Itinerary 

  • Flight reservation (return ticket)
  • Valid (existing) hotel/accommodation booking/reservation with the full address (name, street, city, zip code, contact information, booking ref.)

6. Supporting Documents that Show Your Reason for a Trip

  • For ordinary visa (Single entry visa)
    • This visa is granted to foreign nationals for the purposes of Visit, Tourism, Leisure, Holiday, attending Conference, Humanitarian and Charity activities, Family Visit, Health Treatment, or any other purpose as may be determined by the issuing authority. Its validity does not exceed 90 days for a single entry.
    • Confirmation of the accommodation (hotel confirmation, apartment rental contract, etc.)
  • For business/congress/sports travel:
    • This visa may be issued to expatriates wishing to come for Short-term assignments, which in any case do not exceed 90 days. It may be issued to such foreign expatriates in order to allow them to enter the United Republic of Tanzania for the following purposes;
      • Conduct special assignments such as fixing/repairing machines, short-term training, etc.
      • Conduct professional roles, such as auditing accounts, etc.
      • To conduct lawful business in accordance with the laws of the country.
    • Business visas will be issued at the Immigration Headquarters, Dar Es Salaam, Immigration Headquarters, Zanzibar Entry Points, and Tanzanian Consular Offices abroad.
    • NB: This Visa is neither renewable nor extendable unless special permission is granted by the General Commissioner of Immigration.
      • Original invitation letter by the company/organization
      • A work contract or any proof of the work/assignment to be performed within a period not exceeding three months
      • Confirmation of the accommodation (hotel confirmation, apartment rental contract, etc.)
  •  For studying:
    • Students wishing to visit the United Republic of Tanzania on a variety of academic issues for a period not exceeding 3 months may issue a Student visa for a fee of 50 USD. While those who come for the same purpose for a period of more than 3 months will pay 250 USD. On the other hand, students wishing to pursue Research Activities will be paid 550 USD and will be issued a Student Visa for a maximum period of 2 years.
      • Original invitation letter by the educational establishment in Tanzania
      • Acceptance letter to education establishment in Tanzania
      • Confirmation of the accommodation (apartment rental contract, dormitory contract, etc.)
      • Covering letter from the host institution/college where the foreign student will be hosted, the letter must detail the course/field and duration of the program to be attended
  • For transit:
    • This visa may be issued to foreigners for the purpose of transit to another destination outside the United Republic of Tanzania for a period not exceeding 7 days.
      • An entry visa (if any) and an onward ticket to the intended country of destination
  • For multiple entry:
    • This visa may be issued to foreign visitors coming to the United Republic of Tanzania for Official Visits, Government Missions, Family Reunions, or any other circumstances as may be determined by the Office of the Commissioner-General for Immigration, which calls for frequent visits to the United Republic of Tanzania.
    • This visa may be issued to directors of companies registered in Tanzania who do not reside in the country, Spouse or Family Member (family reunion), Representatives of the Bilateral Agreement, Private or Government Consultants, etc.
    • The maximum period of validity of this Visa will be 12 months. However, the holder of the Multiple Visa may not stay in the country for 12 consecutive months. They are required to leave the country at most every 3 months.
    • If you want to apply for Multiple entry visa additional documents required:
      • Valid passport or national ID of the person to be visited in Tanzania (host) OR
      • A covering letter of the host Institution detailing the reasons and frequency of Visits OR
      • Attached Certificate of the marriage of a spouse and a passport/national ID, if the applicant comes to visit a spouse OR
      • Any proof that justifies that a visitor is required to visit the United Republic of Tanzania frequently
      • Return ticket of the flight (not mandatory)
  • For referral cases:
    • There are two ways to apply for a Referral Visa. The first one, which is recommended, is that applicants first seek permission from their host in Tanzania. In this case, the host will submit a request letter detailing the reasons and duration of the stay of the visitor, to the Commissioner-General for Immigration or to the Commissioner of Zanzibar, if the applicant wishes to visit Zanzibar. In this way, the applicant will attach his photo, Passport/Travel Document (bio-data page), and a letter of permission granted while applying Online.
    • The second option is for the applicant to apply directly online by attaching the following attachments to the application:
      • Applicant Passport size photo;
      • Applicant Valid copy of Passport (biographic data page);
      • Covering letter from a legally registered Institution/ Company if the visit is official or covering letter from an individual who knows the applicant if the trip is personal, the letter must detail the purpose of visit and duration of stay of the prospective visitor
      • Copy of the host institution/Company registration documents, like Certificate of Incorporation, TIN, Business License, etc;
      • Copy of passport and Residence Permit if the host individual is a foreign national, or copy of passport or national ID if the host is a Tanzanian citizen;
      • Filled-in Security Bond (T.I.F 12)

7. When You Arrive in Tanzania, You Must Present also:

  • Printed Tanzania e-Visa
  • Travel Itinerary including:
    • Flight reservation
    • Valid (existing) hotel/accommodation booking/reservation with the full address (name, street, city, zip code, contact information, booking ref.)


Processing Time for Tanzania E-visa

The average processing time for Tanzania e-Visa is 5-10 working days. However, the period may vary due to a number of factors.

Applicants of Referral Visa are advised to apply at least 2-3 months prior to their date of travel. If applicants seek permission clearance through their host in Tanzania, the application will be processed within 5 working days. An online application will be processed within 2 months.


Tanzania E-visa Application Fee

Tanzania E-Visa fee is 50-550 USD depending on the category of E-Visa. The fee may vary depending on your country and nationality.


Type of Visa



Ordinary (single entry) Visa



Multiple Entry Visa



Business Visa



Transit Visa



Student Visa (visa fee varies depending on the category and duration)

50, 250, 550



 Where to Apply for Tanzania E-visa Application?

You will apply to Tanzania e-Visa online. You can apply for an e-Visa through this website.

Tanzania Visa on Arrival

Tanzania Visa on Arrival

Most of the visitors to Tanzania can obtain Visa on Arrival. Eligible nationals of this visa type can obtain Tanzanian visa in three different ways:

  • Applying for a visa in Tanzania embassies/consulates
  • Getting Tanzania visa on arrival


Tanzania Ports of Entry

  • By Air
    • Julius Nyere International Airport
    • Kilmanjaro International Airport
    • Abeid Amani Karume International Airport
  • By Land
    • Namanga Border Crossing
    • Tunduma Border Crossing


The following countries may obtain a visa to Tanzania upon arrival:

Antigua & Barbuda


Ashmore & Certie Island






British Virgin Island

British Indian Ocean Territory



Cayman Island

Channel Island

Cocoas Island

Cook Island

Christmas Island


Falkland Island

The Gambia


Heard Island

Hong Kong

Isle of man















Niue Island

Norfolk Island


Papua New Guinea



Ross Dependency





Solomon Island

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Lucia

St. Vincent

St. Helena

South African Republic

Trinidad & Tobago

Turks & Caicos Islands

















*Above nationals can also apply for a visa in Tanzania embassies/consulates

You can check your eligibility through this website (official governmental website).


Required Documents for Tanzania Visa on Arrival


1. Passport

  • Validity minimum of six months beyond the date of your departure from Tanzania.
  • Signed by bearer
  • Passport not older than 10 years (issued in the last 10 years)
  • At least one or two free “visa pages”
  • Undamaged pictures securely affixed with/to passport

2. Travel Itinerary

  • Flight tickets (Return ticket)
  • Accommodation confirmation/reservation (hotel booking, house contract, apartment reservation, etc.)
  • Or Invitation letter by your host

3. Proof of Financial Sources

  • Bank statements, cash, travelers' cheques, vouchers, etc.

*Additional documents can be required by the border control.


Processing Time for Tanzania Visa on Arrival

The average processing time for Tanzania Visa on Arrival is a few minutes.


Tanzania Visa on Arrival Fee

Tanzania Visa on Arrival fee is 50-100 USD for all foreign citizens. The fee may vary depending on your nationality. It is necessary for travelers to bring USD notes with them in order to pay the fee in cash. Other cash currencies will not be accepted.


Where to Apply for Tanzania Visa on Arrival?

You will apply for Tanzania Visa on Arrival at Julius Nyere International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Abeid Amani Karume International Airport, Namanga Border Crossing, and Tunduma Border Crossing.

Tanzania Residence Permit or Passes

Tanzania Residence Permit or Passes

There is no long-term visa for Tanzania. Any foreigner intending to reside in the United Republic of Tanzania for investment, business, employment, or any other legal activity may be issued with Residence Permit or Pass.

There are three main types of residence permits, Residence Permit Class A, B, and C. These types may be divided into different categories depending on the scale, the industry, or the name/occupation of the holder.

Applications for Residence Permits Class 'B' and 'C' should be made while the prospective guest is still outside the country, except for Residence Permit Class 'A.' Applicants should obtain the relevant Registration Certificate or License from the relevant professional boards.

All applicants for Residence Permits should first obtain a Work Permit from the Ministry of Labour, except for those coming for other purposes, such as Studies, Research, Court Attendance, and retired persons.

For further information please visit the following website



I am from a country whose citizens do not need a visa to enter Tanzania. Can I experience any problems at the border, while entering Tanzania?

You must meet certain requirements to enter Tanzania, even if you are not required a visa:

  • The purpose of your trip to Tanzania must be plausible and comprehensible.
  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your stay in Tanzania.
  • You must be able to finance your own living and travel costs.
  • You must hold a confirmed return flight to prove that you are prepared to leave Tanzania before the duration of the permitted stay ends.
  • You must not pose a threat to security or public order.

Will my fees be refunded if my visa is refused?

All fees are non-refundable and will not be refunded if your visa application is not successful.

Can I extend the validity of my Tanzania visa?

The validity of a visa can be extended in some exceptional and force-major cases. You can get information about that directly at the Migration Department of Tanzania.

Do I have to participate in the Embassy in person for applying for Tanzania visa?

It depends on your country of residence or the embassy/consulate/Visa Administrative Center’s rules and obligations. In some countries, sending your documents via courier is enough to the embassy/consulate/Visa Administrative Center.

Can the Embassy/Consulate request me to provide additional documents or information?

The embassy may request you to provide additional documents or information, according to your personal situation, even after you have submitted all the required documents mentioned on the official website of the Embassy/Consulate/Visa Application Center.

I have completed my visa application five days ago, and I was Issued with an applicant ID. If I send you my application ID can you check if my visa has been approved?

Once you have successfully paid for your visa and submit it, you will be notified if your visa has been approved within ten days. However, you don’t need to wait for this message, you may be checking the status of your visa periodically. Just go back to the visa system and go to the visa status, enter your credentials and you will be able to check your visa status.

If I need to travel to Tanzania in two days, and your visa process is finalized within ten days, which I might not catch-up with, what should I do?

In the meantime, while the express visa is not launched yet, you may use the visa on arrival facility, provided your nationality does not fall under the referral visa category. You can check this list on our website.

I am applying for a visa online and would like to visit both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar. What do I fill on the destination field?

Kindly select your first point of entry to be your destination, and the address which you have to fill in is that of your first entry, even though you will visit both mainland and Zanzibar.

I want to go to Zanzibar; can I apply for a transit visa?

Please be informed that Zanzibar is part of the United Republic of Tanzania, so you can not apply for a transit visa to go to Zanzibar. Transit visa is for applicants who wish to pass through Tanzania to other countries outside Tanzania.

I will be coming to Tanzania from Mombasa Kenya through the Holili border, is the online visa service available at Holili?

Currently, only five ports of entry are functional with regard to the E-Visa facility. These are Julius Nyerere international airport, Kilimanjaro international airport, Abeid Amani Karume international airport (Zanzibar), Namanga (Arusha), and Tunduma (Mbeya). If you wish to pass through other ports of entry outside those listed above, we advise you to obtain a visa on arrival at present.

I have completed my visa application online. But I am having a problem making payment using my master card. I have tried several times but the transaction doesn’t get through. How can I proceed?

The problem might be due to the fact that your bank does not use the 3D verification feature, which is a security tool for online payment; or there might be some compatibility issues with the version of the Mastercard you are using. In this case, in order to proceed, you may try to use a different Mastercard, and if the problem still persists, then you can go for an alternative payment method, which is swift transfer. But if you use this method, make sure you make your transaction using the correct account number and control number given in your payment bill during the application. Please do not make any payment without using the control number.

I want to travel with my wife and three kids. If I have filled my kids as minors in my application, do I have to fill again for their visas separately?

Kindly note that every applicant in your group/family must have his/her form filled and paid for separately. The need for filling the accompanying minors is just to ease the decision-making process for such minors.

I have applied 5 different applications for me, my wife, and my 3 children. Can I make a payment transaction for the group?

At present, while the group visa facility is not enabled, technically, you are required to make payment for each transaction separately. However, if you wish to perform one swift transfer transaction, you will have to make sure that the field 70 in your payment bill which concerns the control number, is filled with all control numbers of your family members (applicants) so that we can process and enter them into their respective applications later. Also make sure that the payment is being made by using the control number of all applicants’ transactions, not just one applicant, as advised above.

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