Do You Need Visa to Visit Tunisia?

Do You Need Visa to Visit Tunisia? Check It Out!

Visa Types

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Tunisia

Visa Types & Categories to Apply for Tunisia

There are two main types of Tunisian visas:

  • Short-term visas (for visits of up to 90 days)
  • Long-term visas (for visits longer than 90 days)
Tunisia Short-Term Visa

Tunisia Short-Term Visa

The Tunisia short-term visa is granted for any purpose, which does not require you to stay in Tunisia for longer than 90 days. Besides, you cannot take profitable employment with a Tunisia short-term visa.

Tunisian short-term visas are only granted for tourism, business, or social visits, among other reasons.


Required Documents for Tunisia Short-term Visa


1. Application Form

2. Passport

  • Valid for at least six more months
  • Is issued in the past ten years

3. A Photocopy of the First Page of Your Passport

4. Photo

  • Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm
  • Light grey background
  • Your face must take up 65% – 75% of the picture
  • Your facial features must be visible
  • You must be staring straight ahead with a neutral facial expression
  • Glasses are not recommended. If you do decide to wear them, they must not obstruct your eyes and face. Tinted glasses are strictly not allowed.
  • Do not wear headgear unless it is for religious purposes. Even so, your face must be fully visible
  • For babies and infants who cannot support themselves: Take the picture from the above as they are lying down. You must not be shown supporting them or holding them up.

5. Proof of Accommodation in Tunisia

  • Hotel reservation or another type of tourist accommodation
  • A Letter of Invitation from a host in Tunisia

6. Travel Itinerary, including Travel Tickets, Accommodation, Dates of Travel/Departure, etc.

7. Any Other Documents Related to Your Purpose of Travel, Such as a Letter Of Invitation from Tunisian Company if Travelling For Business Etc.

*Additional documents can be required by the embassy.


Processing Time for Tunisia Short-Term Visa

The average processing time for Tunisia Short-Term visa is 5-15 calendar days. It depends on your visa application country.

Tunisia Short-Term Visa Fee

Tunisia Short-Term visa is 30-160 USD. The fee may vary depending on your nationality or your country of submission.

Where to Apply for Tunisia Short-Term Visa?

You will apply for a Tunisia Short-Term visa in Tunisia visa application centers, embassies, or consulates, whichever accepts visa applications in your country of residence. If there is none of them in your country, you need to apply to the nearest embassy or consulate to your location.

Tunisia Long-Term Visa

Tunisia Long-Term Visa

Tunisia Long-Term Visa

The Tunisia long-term visa is the type of visa you should apply for if you have to stay in Tunisia for longer than 90 consecutive days or more than six months per year.

In addition to a long-term visa, after you travel to Tunisia, you also have to apply for a Tunisian residence permit to be allowed to stay in the country.



Tunisia Residence Permit

You need to apply for Tunisia Residence Permit if you want to stay in Tunisia for a longer period. 


There are the Following Types of Tunisia Resident Permits:


1. Temporary Residence Permit

If you enter Tunisia to remain for over 90 days, you have to obtain a temporary residence permit from the local police department in your place of residence in Tunisia.

It is the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior that issues residence permits.

Before the residence permit, you need a temporary residence visa, which you can get in your home country. However, the visa is not the only requirement you need to remain in Tunisia – you must obtain a residence permit.

To be allowed to get a residence permit, you must have a valid reason, such as employment, studying, joining a Tunisian family member, or investment.

Tunisian temporary residence permits are issued for 1-2 years and can be renewed. If you have a work contract, you must renew the residence permit every time you renew your contract.


2. Permanent Residence Permit

You are eligible for permanent residence in Tunisia if you fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • You have lived in Tunisia uninterrupted for at least five years with a temporary residence permit.
  • You are married to a Tunisian citizen
  • You have children who are Tunisian citizens
  • You have contributed to Tunisia in a significant manner



Do I have to submit my Tunisia visa application personally, or can another person do it for me?

In most cases, you are not required to apply in person. However, it is strongly recommended to contact the embassy before applying.

I do not have a Tunisia Embassy in my country of residence. What should I do in this case?

You should send your requirements to the nearest Embassy in your country of residence.

When entering Tunisia, do I need to present any documents other than my passport and visa?

A valid visa is not a guarantee of entry to Tunisian. You may have to satisfy other legal requirements.

Third-country nationals may be allowed to enter Tunisian if they:

  • Possess a valid travel document which allows its holder to cross borders;
  • Possess a valid visa, if required;
  • Justify the purpose and conditions of their intended stay and have sufficient means of subsistence both during their intended stay and for return to their country of origin or transit to a third country;
  • Do not have an alert issued for them to refuse entry;
  • Are not considered to be a threat to public policy, international security, public health, or international relations.

This means that a police officer, during border control, may ask you to present both notifications and documents that justify the purpose and conditions of your stay in Tunisian and the evidence that you have sufficient means of subsistence.

If my Tunisian visa application refused, may I reapply?

Yes, but you must prove with supporting evidence that the reasons for which your previous application was denied are no longer valid.

Can my Tunisian visa application be refused?

In some circumstances, a visa may be denied. Common reasons are fraud or misrepresentation, disrespect for the visa adjudicator or for Tunisia, criminal record, security risk, lack of strong ties to the country of residence, intention to reside or work in Tunisia when not authorized, lack of a legitimate reason for traveling, not having travel arrangements or health/travel insurance, applying on excessively short notice, previous rejection of a visa application and prior immigration violations, among others.

If I buy tickets in advance, will it increase my chances of getting a Tunisian visa?

It is strongly recommended not to book any flight ticket or hotel before your Tunisian visa is approved. In the event of visa refusal, you will lose the money you have spent on your flight or hotel. As proof of your itinerary, you can present a refundable flight ticket or hotel reservation or the ones that hold a free reservation.

Can the Tunisia Embassy and Consulate request me to provide additional documents or information?

Yes, the Embassy and Consulate reserve the right to call applicants in for necessary verification or a personal interview later. Likewise, the Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents not contained in the harmonized list of documents, when necessary.

Can I work in Tunisia with a Tunisian visa?

It depends on the type of visa you apply for. As a foreign national, you are not permitted to work in Tunisia unless your expressly stated purpose when applying for a visa was employment.

Do I get my Tunisia visa/resident permit fee refunded in case of visa refusal?

No. The application fee covers the handling of the application, regardless of the result.

Is the visa valid for Tunisia only?

The Embassy of Tunisia issues visas for Tunisia only.

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