10 biggest Malls in Dubai

10 biggest Malls in Dubai

Narmin Aydinqizi18 October 20199626 views7 min. read
10 biggest Malls in Dubai
visa regime. The wealth of the city is not finished with this. Dubai being able to include several malls in the list of the biggest shopping malls in 2019, is the city with the largest shopping malls in the world.  The map of the shopping malls in Dubai is quite sophisticated. Here it is possible to go shopping, have fun, relax, and eat. The largest mall in Dubai receives an average of 80 million visitors a year. When talking about malls in Dubai, do not only think of luxurious lights, decorated showcases, the youths in every corner, and young people who sit and eat. In the malls in Dubai, you will find a vast aquarium with whales and sharks, snow-covered ski arenas, giant chandeliers, luxury restaurants, and the largest children's playrooms you have ever seen. So let's get to know the 10 biggest malls in Dubai. 

1. The Dubai Mall

view of dubai mall If you are interested in what is the largest mall in Dubai? not only Dubai's but the world's largest shopping centre, Dubai Mall, receives more than 750,000 visitors each week. The purpose of the visitors is not just shopping, but also skiing at the Olympic skiing court, walking at aquarium and underwater zoo (there are sharks, various kinds of mammals, small fish and a penguin flock), and taking a selfie at Dubai's live-action decoration pools and in front of the Burj Khalifa.  There are five luxury hotels in the region for those who want to relax all day, which are also the perfect places for anyone tired of exploring the products of primary and popular brands all day. Another option for those who are tired after shopping in the largest mall in Dubai is to sit at the Social House restaurant with the "East and West meet" concept and enjoy the beauty. If we say that the prices are low herein one of the best malls in Dubai, we would be wrong. To see such a breathtaking sight can cost you a bit. However, for those who want to travel, discover new places, and see the world's largest shopping mall, a few hundred dollars are not much.

2. The Mall of the Emirates

mall of the emirates With the largest indoor winter park in the world, one of the best shopping malls in Dubai - The mall of Emirates generates over 60% of its revenue from the Ski Dubai complex. This ski area, which is visited by thousands of visitors all year long, is famous in the world and located in one of the famous malls in Dubai. You can ski here yourself and learn from professional teachers. Moreover, if you like, you can take a picture with little and beloved residents - penguins. At the exit, you will receive some small gifts you can save from Dubai as a souvenir. All this is an excellent and hospitable example for tourists.

3. The Ibn Battuta Mall

ibn battuta mall Another mall in our 10 biggest malls in Dubai is named after a 12th-century explorer. This shopping centre is the world's largest themed shopping mall. Here you can observe the enormous craftsmanship on the walls, facades, and decor that you have never been accustomed to see. We can even say that this Battuta Mall is famous for chandeliers. Each section in this one of the best shopping malls in Dubai reminds one country. You can find India's famous elephant models made of gold-plated metals, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Greek hymns, and so on here.

4. The Souk Madinat

souk madinat If you are connected to the past, in other words, if you like old buildings and historical monuments, you should visit this mall very soon. Arab architects exhibited the effect of the old building on this Mall in the modern era and received a great result. There are artificial channels in this one of the famous malls in Dubai, so you can roam around and enjoy these channels. Small boats around will take you back to the 10th-12th centuries, and you will feel yourself in a completely different century. 

5. The Wafi Mall

wafi mall One of the largest shopping malls in Dubai - The Wafi Mall, is located in the iconically designed Dubai pyramid, and as you can imagine, the building has an image of Egyptian pyramids. In front of it, there is an Arab luxury market and the Cleopatra Spa centre on the other side. The complex sells mainly high-quality Arabic brands and several international products. This shopping centre is a frequent destination for wealthy locals looking for bedding sets, traditional men's clothing, and high-quality Eastern and Western fragrances. Restaurants here offer a wide range of tastes. Remember to watch a strange but exciting light show before or after dinner (at 9:30). The show revives the decorative hieroglyphs that change in each chapter and illuminate the great pharaohs.

6. The Dubai Marina Mall

dubai marina mall Dubai Marina Mall, one of the most visited tourist shopping centres, has earned its customers' love mainly because of its affordable restaurants and a large and comfortable cinema hall. Fast food restaurants, coffee houses, and others are known to everyone are located at the shopping centre, providing its visitors 7/24 service. That is why most of the young people in the area are flocking here.

7. The City Centre Deira

deira mall Situated on the central streets of Dubai, this one of the largest shopping malls in Dubai differs from many other malls by its exterior. The shopping centre, which is often lit up at night, is distinguished by its indoor and outdoor lighting. Launched in 1995 and continuing to serve us today, this shopping centre consists of world-renowned brands, a 4-star hotel, and a spacious and well-designed park for children. Like most Dubai malls, this centre has a car park with a capacity of 3,600 cars.

8. The BurJuman

burjuman shopping The shopping centre, known as BurJuman, is one of Dubai's ancient and oldest shopping malls. Built by Al Ghurair Group of Companies and developed to date, this centre is not far behind other shopping centres with ski arenas and aquarium. With this bright interior, you can shop in many world brands and enjoy delicious dining at luxury and mid-sized restaurants on the lower and upper floors in the Mall. Here any meal of Arab cuisine is prepared by the most professional chefs and presented to customers. One of the things that visitors enjoy most in the restaurants is the smiling face of the waiters and the high level of service. I don't know how many malls in Dubai has this, but the BurJuman shopping centre includes several fun halls for children, and this mall is one of the Dubai malls with the most comfortable game zones that moms can trust. With a capacity of up to 3,500 cars, this shopping centre is one of the best places for families to spend their weekends.

9. The City Walk Mall

city walk mall Although the exterior and interior architecture reminds us of the most common interior today, the back and the front yard of the City Walk is so green and gorgeous that it resembles paradise. There is, as we noted, great nature and comfort here, the centres most visited by the adult and older people. You can enjoy this mysterious beauty in the cafes while having tea in the yard and rest after shopping in this one of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

10. The City Centre Mirdif

unique interior design of a shopping mall Opened in 2010, this Mall has become one of the tourist's favourite attractions very soon. It is where the rich and delicious Arabian cuisine is found in the restaurants. With a capacity of 7,000 cars in its garage, City Center Mirdif is the number one destination for visitors who do not like to be crowded and enjoy quiet rest.

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