10 cities ideal for traveling with children

Matanat Gasimzade14 October 20191874 views7 min. read
10 cities ideal for traveling with children
travelling alone. Then, you get married and start to travel as a couple. You see, travelling with someone is more fun than solo travel. Together, there are adventures such as watching the sunrise, discovering the nightlife of the city you are staying until late at night, and spending the night at the bus station if you missed the bus. Oops. Then a baby is born. Travelling has ended. What to do? To sit at home? Who says you can't travel with a child? Of course, You can travel abroad with children and make it more enjoyable. It has some difficulties and responsibilities, like no nightlife, or a little extra expense, and also you can't sleep at the station, but it's not that difficult. There are some rules for travelling with a child that if you follow them, you can make it a very comfortable trip. It is essential to make the right travel plan and not forget about the crucial moments when travelling with a child.

Travelling with children

How to travel with children? First of all, I would like to mention the essential points of travelling with children. If you were previously travelling with one backpack, now extra clothing for the child, first aid supplies, toys or colouring books, pens, to keep the kid busy on the way, or cartoons and games loaded tablets in case of emergencies constitute a significant part of the luggage. Another critical point is to make the right travel plan and explore where to go with your child. Because every city we travel to is not child-friendly. If we are travelling with children, we must choose places that will be fun, educational for children, and not tedious for us.

Best places to travel with children

kid on the plane In this blog, you will find an answer to where to travel with children? I will provide you with 10 cities you can travel with a child. I'm also going to talk about places to visit with children in those cities, which is one of the issues that families with children are most interested in before travelling. In short, if you read this article, you will learn about the best places to travel with children and travel safety with children. So you can easily plan a trip with your kids.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For some reason, the first thing that comes to mind when you say Amsterdam is nightlife, Red Light Street, a famous cookie. However, Amsterdam is a child-friendly city. Boat tours in the canals, green parks, and museums will be of interest to children. This list includes can be considered a playground for children. It will be a real pleasure for them to experiment with the physical laws they learned at school. It will be appealing not only for children but also for you. Therefore, you can travel to Amsterdam with your child with ease.

Paris, France

Although Paris is a romantic city for couples, it also means Disneyland for children. One of the dreams of most of us, not just children, is Disneyland. So let's live our desires with the children. If you can't go to Disneyland in California, Tokyo, Florida, Hong Kong, you can go to Paris. If you are considering travelling to Paris with your kid, I recommend spending one day at Disneyland. You can get to the park by train RER A, located in Marne-la-Vallee, 35-40 minutes from Paris. You can find the ticket prices for Disneyland consisting of two parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park) at the link below. I would also like to point out that prices change every season, so it's best to look ahead and plan your trip accordingly.

Valencia, Spain

I want to speak about the next child-friendly city, Valencia. Valencia is one of the ideal cities for spending time with children. Whether its museums, zoo parks, or the warm sea in the summer, it's going to be a favourite city for children. There are so many exciting places that you don't even know how your time goes without getting bored. Valencia Biopark, Natural Science Museum of Valencia, Gulliver Park, Museo Fallero, Museu de les Ciencies Principe Felipe, L'Oceanographic are places to visit with children in Valencia. Valencia's L'Oceanografic aquarium is Europe's largest aquarium. It was ranked fourth in the world.

London, England

London is one of the most prosperous cities for children to visit. It is advisable to visit in spring and summer. I think the most beautiful season in this city is spring and summer with green parks all around. With Hyde Park, free entrance museums, London Eye, Big Ben, it is a city that will appeal to children. Besides, the big iron dinosaurs around Dinasour Lake in Crystal Palace Park are fascinating. For Harry Potter lovers, not visiting the Harry Potter studios in Hertfordshire, near London, would be a sin.

Rovaniemi, Finland

A place where not only children but adults will feel in the world of fairy tales. Lapland, where the winter tale is, is not just Finland. The most tourist city of this area, covering northern regions of Russia, Sweden, Norway, and Finland is Rovaniemi. Of course, the reason is that everyone wants to see Santa Claus. Santa Claus's home is in Rovaniemi. You can see not only Santa Claus, but also have snow-skiing with Huskies, see polar bears and deer. And most importantly, you will see the most spectacular view you will ever see in your life - the polar lights (aurora borealis). Rovaniemi is definitely one of the best places to go with children.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a must-have destination for kids because there are so many attractions that kids can enjoy all day long without frustrating you. January-February with temperatures of 20-25°C can be considered the ideal time for a Dubai trip. Attending a desert safari in Dubai will give your children an exciting experience. You will also see the world's largest aquariums in Dubai. One is the Dubai Aquarium, in the Dubai Mall, and the Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis Palm.

Rust, Germany

Although the city of Rust is not very popular, the second largest amusement park in Europe after Disneyland is here. If you are travelling to Germany, you can also visit this city and have fun with the kids. Rust is an hour away from Strasbourg. You can also go to Strasbourg. 

Billund, Denmark

One of the best places to go with children is Denmark. Although many Denmark cities are ideal for travelling with children, the first place that Lego-loving kids want to see is the city of Billund, where Legoland is located. This small town made from Lego will be a part of an unforgettable journey for children.

Vienna, Austria

Visiting this European cultural centre will have a positive impact on not only you but also your child's outlook. As you walk through the streets of Vienna, the home of classical music, you can hear it from everywhere. Not only with palaces, museums, opera houses, but also with attractions for your children, Vienna will be the most exciting city in your memory. In Vienna, the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) and the Butterfly House will be an unforgettable place for kids. It is a sin to go to Vienna and not see the House of Music (Haus der Musik). Maybe you will discover your kid's passion for music by visiting this museum.

Istanbul, Turkey

Ah, Istanbul. In this beautiful city that captures the hearts of everyone, there are places where you can spend time with your kids. The list of places to visit with children in Istanbul can be extended very much, but I will provide the agenda for the most popular spots. Istanbul Topkapi Palace, Rahmi Koc Museum, Pelit Chocolate Museum, Istanbul Toy Museum, Baris Manco Museum, Istanbul Aquarium, Dolmabahce Palace, Miniaturk, Darıca Zoo Park, Istanbul Aviation Museum, Vialand Theme Park are the places to visit with the children. Vialand is a place where you can have fun and shopping as a family. Lately, it has been renamed Istanbul.

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