10 pearls of Turkey outside of Istanbul

Vusala Senem Mikail13 November 20192556 views9 min. read
10 pearls of Turkey outside of Istanbul
Europe, as Turkish tourism has been spreading in world tourism for a long time now. Recently, I saw a video of famous pianist Fazil Say where he warmly plays the Turkish anthem (Rondo Ala Turka). Mozart's compositions, written in 1783 under the influence of the Ottoman wind in Europe, blended with Ottoman elements. What led Mozart to be captivated by the wind? In the Middle Ages, the Ottoman had always been a bridge between the East and West. It was the fashion among the nobles who wore Ottoman costumes in the palaces, balls, and portraits. The country's geographical position has always been in the spotlight because of its political, economic, and cultural importance, and this attention is growing more with each passing day. Today, people travel to Turkey to see the Ottoman dresses, Turkish coffee, and Anatolian rugs decorating the balls. Tourists from France know this country as an Arab country, and for Arabs, it is a European country. 

Where is Turkey?

istanbul Speaking of Turkey, of course, Istanbul comes first. The unity of modern life with the traces of ancient civilizations gives Istanbul a mysterious image. The city, which combines the culture and history of the two empires - the Byzantine and the Ottoman -, resembles a gallery exhibiting western and eastern architectural monuments. On one side is the Hagia Sophia Temple, which is left after the Roman Empire, the Galata Tower, the Bozdoghan (Venice) Pipeline, the Maiden Tower, the Ottoman Topkapi Palace, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, and the Dolmabahcha Palace. Constantinople on one side and Istanbul on the other. Today as one of the best places to visit in Turkey Istanbul, with a population of about 16 million, Metropolis leaves behind many countries. The high level of tourism development in Turkey only contributes to the arrival of thousands of tourists to Istanbul every year. If you are in Istanbul, you can be sure that you will find the right tours, events, exhibitions, concerts, and sightseeing to enjoy your time. Closed Bazaar, Eminonu, Jahangir streets will make the city unforgettable for you. There are also tours to Buyukada from Istanbul. Thus, the guests enjoy the ferry. The spectacular Bosphorus view, the Haidar Pasha Railway Station, has a special place in the city's silhouette. Generally, climate, affordability, high hotel services, long tourist season, and service-price balance make the country attractive to tourists from all over the world. That is why sales for 2020 have already begun. Apart from Istanbul, made of golden stone and land, some tourist areas of Turkey are worth seeing in the fraternal country. Let's look at some of the other beautiful Turkey cities and find out where to go in Turkey and what to do in Turkey?

1. Mugla

mugla Mugla is one of the significant cities combining tourist areas of Turkey, such as Fethiye, Bodrum, and Datca, with wooden Turkish and Roman houses known for their chimneys in their original design. The beautiful nature and tourism infrastructure of the city contribute to the increase in the number of tourists coming here every year. The Dead Sea in Fethiye, Butterfly Valley, Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Antique Theater, Halikarnas Mausoleum, beaches in all shades of blue, Bird's Paradise, rich with 125 bird species, make Mughla be the first worth seeing the city in the list. Only Bodrum and Fethiye are one of the tourist cities in the Turkish tourism market and play an essential role in the country's economy.

2. Izmir

izmir There is a proverb saying, "Gazing at beautiful things is in itself something beautiful." If you want to see beautiful people, I suggest, go to Izmir. According to statistics, Izmir people are considered the most beautiful people in Turkey. The city, sunny for four seasons, has a calm and restful atmosphere. Some of the population are Greeks. We will not be mistaken if we say that the city is a symbol of tolerance and multiculturalism. Mosques, churches, synagogues - three major religious houses of worship follow each other in the city's panorama. Perhaps, it is the reason for the restful atmosphere of the town having the spiritual burdens on the shoulders. Clock Tower, Kemeralti Bazaar, Akora-Antique Bazaar, Voucolos Church are just a few of the buildings that have become the city's symbol. Izmir, both with its people and culture, and its geographical, ethnographic and demographic differences, should be the "cultural capital" of Turkey along with Istanbul.

3. Gaziantep

gaziantep Probably it is the only city in the world that has earned the status of a veteran-soldier. It is the inscription written not only on Antep's name but also on the "forehead," the heroic warrior against the enemy. Many museums and martyrs memorials exhibit numerous military expositions in the city. In general, there are multiple museums in Gaziantep. The Toy Museum is one of the most exciting exhibitions. There are a lot of baths, bazaars, and towers in the city. Another reason that makes Antep a famous place in Turkey is the delicious cuisine: baklava, the kebab. If you are going to Gaziantep, forget your diet.

4. Edirne

edirne Another city in our best cities to visit in Turkey list is Edirne, located on the border with Bulgaria and Greece, still carries traces of the empire as it was the Ottoman capital once. Beyazid Bridge, IV Mehmet Hunting Palace, Rustam Pasha Caravanserai, and tombs after many Ottoman pashas are among the historical sites to be seen. The Palace of Justice, which was added to the Edirne Palace during the reign of Sultan Suleiman, became known as a place where greasy wrestling was held and the laws issued by the Sultan. The Edirne Grand Synagogue is the first in Europe and the third in the world.

5. Antalya

antalya It is one of the major cities in Turkey for tourism, attracted by millions of tourists. With its famous beaches every year, Antalya hosts Indian and Arab weddings with millions of dollars budget in recent years. It includes tourist areas such as Alanya, Belek, Kemer. The nature of Antalya and many monuments of the archaic period add colour to the city. Many hotels and hostels are available for tourists in the city. Everything here is just for tourists. What to do in Antalya? What does Antalya offer its guests? Walking in nature is among the first alternatives. Nature-lovers can visit the Kurshunlu waterfall, Manavgat waterfall, and the magnificent canyons. Adrenaline lovers have the opportunity to go camping, mountaineering, and rafting in nature. As for historical places, Aspendos Antique Theater is one of the most attractive. Aspendos, which is part of a large antique complex, also hosts concerts. The Patara Antique Theatre and the Termessos Antique Village also go as far back as the historic Aspendos. If this does not make you get a Turkey E-visa, I don't know what can!

6. Bursa

bursa winter Another main city of the Ottoman is Bursa. The city has a large caravanserai complex. The silk and gift shops in these complexes are open to tourists. Even in 2008, the Queen of England was in Bursa during a visit to Turkey. Here you can see dozens of monuments, mosques, and tombs of the Ottoman memory. You can also watch the Karagöz-Hajivat play included in the UNESCO's Spiritual Heritage List. There is also a Karagöz museum in the city. The Bursa International Karagöz, Puppet and Shadow Theater Festival is also held in this city every two years. You can see many types of vehicles, from the Ottoman era carts to the Murat-branded sedan cars made in Turkey at the Museum of Cars and Anatolian Carriages in the city. Winter tourism is mainly developed here. Uludag is the largest winter tourism region in Turkey. Extended skiing and cable trails will be available to tourists by the end of February. Bursa is definitely one of the must see places in Turkey for history lovers.

7. Trabzon

trabzon The city famous for its rivers, halay (folk dance), has recently become one of the most famous places to visit in Turkey. The town, located on the Black Sea coast, does not lag other Turkish cities. Trabzon is also rich with historical monuments, along with the infinite tea plantations, accent, anchovies, large tea factories, and beautiful nature. Notably, there are many monasteries and fortresses built in the mountains. But I think the most beautiful historical monument is the Ataturk Mansion. The building, constructed in wood, has a spectacular view with its white colour. The building was built in the style of European architecture. Ataturk's personal belongings are also on display at the mansion, which now acts as a museum.

8. Nevsehir - Cappadocia

cappadocia Cappadocia is the place to look if you want to get out of modern, boring city life and face history. The most tourist-accepting area in Nevsehir has announced every corner of Cappadocia open to tourists. Even in the sky. The air balloon tours are top-rated here. Carved houses, fairy chimneys, underground cities, caves, places such as Uchisar Castle, Urgup, Pigeon Valley, and Zelve are more mysterious, mystical, magical, and perhaps little scary places in Cappadocia. The most notable of these is the Fairy Chimneys. Created as a result of natural abrasions, they give Cappadocia a mysterious image. 

9. Ayvalik - Balikesir

ayvalyk The most touristic area of Balikesir on the Aegean coast, Ayvalik, is small but has an essential role in Turkish tourism with its abundant nature and beautiful historic buildings. Here, along with tourists, you can also see Istanbul people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.  With the woodland area, beaches, diving tours, delicious cuisine, twenty-two islands around in Ayvalik, this town is one of the must see places in Turkey. Ayvalik Bazaar, Küçükköy (Greek named this place as Yeniçarohori), Sarimsakli Beach, Cunda Island, Devil's Feast (where Devil's footsteps are claimed to be), several mosques and churches, historic streets. Tourists have a chance to taste the special gum ice cream and biscuits which belong to the Ayvalik cuisine.

10. Denizli

denizli theatre I want to close our best cities to visit in Turkey list of mysterious cities with Denizli. Denizli is located in the Aegean region and is a resort and recreation centre in Turkey. It's just spectacular here. The Pamukkale Travertine (hot springs Complex), a healing source included in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List, is one of the most attractive places. The Cleopatra Antique Pool is also open to tourists in the city. The ancient city of Hierapolis, the necropolis, the canals, the temples and many more Roman historical monuments dating back to before the century make history stand out. Parachute jumping, one of the mountain sports, is also active in Denizli. Yes, it is worth a visit to every inch of this historic country. P.S. Mozart is worth listening to, as well.

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