12 Instagrammable places in Izmir

Jamila Farman 07 December 2020 1769 views 6 min. read

This time we will travel to Turkey. There are numerous places to visit in Turkey which will make you do research for Turkey visa requirements. Therefore, it is impossible to summarize them all in one article. This article is dedicated to Izmir, the third-largest city in Turkey, known as the Pearl of the Aegean. But first, let’s talk about Turkey’s security. As you know, Turkey is a large country with more than eighty million population from different nations. For sure, it is difficult to ensure the security of such a country. Turkey’s name has been the subject of recent political conflicts in the country. This raises the question of whether is it safe to travel to Turkey or not. It should be noted that this political instability affects only a small part of the country. However, as a piece of advice, try to stay away from crowded places. This is also a measure to prevent theft. If you come across unpleasant situations in Turkey, such as theft, call the police without thinking. The police do their job at a high level and can prevent any possible danger. 

Where is Izmir?

flag of turkey

Izmir is in the western part of Turkey, on the shore of the Aegean Sea and the Izmir bay. The city known as the Aegean pearl is also famous for its ports, festivals, and combining people from different cultures in itself. Like every coastal city, Izmir also has mild weather both in summer and winter. Although it is in the Aegean Region, the Mediterranean climate encounters in the city. January and February are the coldest months. However, even in this period, the temperature does not drop below 6-7 degrees. Naturally, the most preferred period for tourists is between May and September. The temperature even rises above 40 degrees in these months. Fortunately, the etesian winds or meltem refresh the Izmir weather. Therefore, the climate of Izmir allows us to say that Izmir is a seasonless city; It offers many options to holidaymakers with attractive destinations every month of the year.  Speaking of attractive destinations, first of all, it should be noted that Izmir is not a city to be discovered in a day. You need at least one week to get to know this city. Izmir is home to world-famous tourism centres and intact villages. Kordon, Historical Elevator, Kemeralti, Izmir Wildlife Park, Izmir Fair Area, and many others are famous places to visit in Izmir. If you are wondering what to do in Izmir and where the Instagrammable places are in Izmir, here is a list of 12 Instagrammable places that will beautify your Instagram page.

1. Clock Tower

clock tower

Our first destination will be the Clock Tower which is one of the famous places to visit in Izmir. It is located in Konak Square and is the symbol of Izmir. This place, which is considered to be the central square of the city, is always full of people. A tower is a meeting place for the Izmir people. The night view of the tower is especially attractive. The pigeons gathered around it give a special beauty to the tower.

2. Ephesus Ancient City


In order to capture the most liked Instagram photos in Izmir, you should visit one of the must-see places in Izmir, Ephesus Ancient City. Although its foundation is not known exactly, it is thought to have been founded in the 6000s BC. There are a few buildings in the foreground in the ancient city of Ephesus; each of them is history in itself. The first of these is the Temple of Artemis. Unfortunately, the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, has not been preserved until today. But we can understand how magnificent his temple is from the words of Antipater of Sidon, who compiled the temple among seven wonders. Antipater for the Temple of Artemis “Apart from Olympus, the Sun never looked on anything so grand.” said. Another structure that attracts the most attention in the Ancient City of Ephesus is the Celsus Library. The library, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Apart from these, the most imposing open-air theatre of ancient times is also within the body of Ephesus Ancient City. This theatre has the capacity to host 24,000 people at the same time.

3. Foca


Foca is one of the most popular towns in the city. Foca’s narrow streets can make you feel in a completely different world. For this reason, be sure to see Foca’s back streets and have a pleasant stroll. Especially those who want to take pictures should definitely see the side streets! Be sure photos taken here will be one of the most-liked Instagram photos in your profile.

4. Izmir Bird Paradise

izmir bird paradise

The fourth destination is Izmir Bird Paradise which is famous for flamingos located in Cigli, 30 km from Izmir city centre. It hosts 288 bird species on an area of 8 thousand hectares. This area, which is one of the migration routes of birds, is among the places where nature lovers can have a pleasant time here. Izmir Bird Paradise, which is visited by approximately 50 thousand birds every year, has observation towers, binoculars, and bicycle paths for visitors.

5. Izmir Wildlife Park

izmir wildlife park

Another Instagrammable place in the Cigli region of Izmir is the Izmir Wildlife Park. The main difference between this park and the zoo is that there is a large area for animals, and they feel like in their natural environment. Here you can take fascinating nature photos with giraffes, monkeys, zebras, and many others, even elephants.

6. Historical Elevator


Historical Elevator is one of the popular places to visit in Izmir and is known for its Turkish name as Asansör. The height of the Elevator is 58 meters. From here, you can take a panoramic view of Izmir.

7. Alsancak

izmir people

One of the Instagrammable places in Izmir for sure is Alsancak. Alsancak is one of the most decent addresses in Izmir, which is very crowded not only during the day but also at night, is among the places preferred by the young population. Well-known streets such as Cyprus Martyrs Street and Gul Sokak are located in this region. Another famous place in Alsancak is Kordon. The 2 km long strip extends to the Alsancak port. Besides these, Gundogdu Square, which is one of the important places for Izmir, is also located here. The importance of this place, as its name suggests, is due to the fact that the sun rises (gun - sun, dogdu - rise) from here. All this shows that Alsancak’s paved roads are one of the best places for photo shooting.

8. Alachatı


Alachatı is the first destination for almost all visitors. The narrow and charming Alachatı streets and Alachatı stone houses, which are under protection in order not to damage the texture of history, and only renovations are allowed for minor restoration works, make this a different world. This small and cosy place in the sea is also home to the windsurfers from all over Turkey and the world.

9. Shirinja


Shirinja village is one of the oldest villages in Izmir’s Selcuk region. One of the highlights of its history is related to the Mayan calendar. In the prophecy, it is shown that there will be no destruction in the village on the last day of the world. For this reason, thousands of tourists flock to the village every year. But, of course, this is not the only reason that makes the village famous. The bumpy streets, authentic coffee and restaurants will make you take a lot of beautiful pictures here.

10. St. Polycarp Church

st st_polycarp church

St. Polycarp Church is one of the oldest places to visit in Izmir, which adorns Izmir Konak with all its glory. It was addressed to Saint Polycarp, the Bishop of Izmir, who lived between 69-155 and was later declared a Saint. It is one of the touristic structures worth seeing in Izmir with its different architectural structure and history, as well as the sculptures and artworks in the church.

11. Selcuk castle

turkey flag

Located in the Selcuk district of Izmir, this historic castle was built in the region that was the first settlement of Ephesus Ancient City. The walls of Selcuk Castle bear traces of the Byzantine, Aydınoğulları and Ottoman periods. There is also a mosque in the castle. The castle is among the places that are heavily visited by local and foreign tourists. While visiting the castle, you are going on a journey between historical periods. Paved stone streets, cisterns, and ramparts are ruins that have witnessed history. The view of Selcuk Castle, which is located in a position overlooking the city, is worth seeing. If you are going to visit the castle, take your camera with you. You can capture very nice frames. 

12. Izmir beaches


When we look at the most Instagrammable places in the world, we can see that most of these places are located by the sea. It is notable to mention that Izmir is a coastal city and has numerous beaches with different beauties. Considering pleasant Izmir weather, don’t forget to visit the beaches for your most liked Instagram photo. Photos taken in the sightseeing places in Izmir have the prospect to be the most Instagrammable place in the world. Therefore, hurry to visit there soon and introduce these places to the world.

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