12 Instagrammable places in Dubai

Rubina Cheruvalath 18 July 2020 1190 views 6 min. read

Are you genuinely fond of visiting Instagrammable places and clicking well worth photos? Then, you better get a UAE visa and travel to Dubai as the place is filled with awesome Instagrammable spots! With awe-inspiring skyscrapers, glorious natural scenes, and cutthroat engineering marvels as the backdrop, it is no surprise that all places in Dubai are Instagrammable any way! Read along as we tell you about some astonishing Instagram places in Dubai that are worth checking out. Dubai, as a city, offers something for everybody. Be it the shop alcoholic who likes to splurge out on luxury items or the avid solo traveler who likes to walk through the country's historical paths, Dubai is just the place to be!

How to find Instagrammable places in Dubai?

When you travel to UAE, there are some Instagram places that you should not miss. Here are 12 of the most Instagram worthy places in Dubai.

1. The Burj Khalifa

Staggering at a height of over 829 meters, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and one of the alluring reasons people travel to UAE. Be it from afar or on the top, the choices of snapping Instagrammable pictures are rather endless. There are two observation decks here. One at the height of 125 floors, and the other at a mind-blowing height of 148 floors! The Burj Khalifa is located beside the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai. The entrance is through the mall and can easily be accessed by the Dubai Metro. The views from the top are truly mesmerizing and obviously Instagram worthy! But it looks its best at sunrise and sunset. Also, try to visit on a bright sunny day. The weather in Dubai may be hazy sometimes. The most popular photos that people take are with the Dubai Fountains in the background. So, make sure that you don't miss out on that detail!

2. Burj Al Arab

The iconic sail-shaped building is literally featured as an emblem of Dubai. This attractive structure houses one of the world's luxurious hotels, in fact, the only 7-star hotel in the world. However, experiencing luxury is not going to go easy on the pocket. Even if not staying at the hotel, you can book to dine at the ultra-luxury restaurant here, which may cost over $150 for one person, though. But don't get disheartened already. Drive your followers on Instagram crazy by getting the closest of shots of this magnificent building! Make a visit to Jumeirah Beach at sunset. With the astonishing Burj Al Arab in the background, any picture taken on the beach is surely Instagrammable, we say!

3. Dubai Miracle Garden

True to its name, the Miracle Garden is indeed a miracle in itself and one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai. With over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, this natural flower garden amidst Dubai's hot weather conditions is literally a wonderland. The ticket rates are nominally placed and open to be visited from Mid-November to May. The flowers are beautifully shaped to grow into familiar and beautiful shapes. In fact, the place even has an airplane made with flowers! The best time to visit the Miracle Garden would be either in the morning at 9 am when it is open or late evening when the heat is bearable. Nonetheless, during the cold months from November to January, you can comfortably visit at any time.

4. The Dubai Fountain

If you are looking to click some photos of Burj Khalifa from the outside, then this is the place to be. This spot outside the Dubai Mall in Downtown Dubai is undeniably the best Instagram place to capture the Burj Khalifa at the closest from afar! In fact, if you visit in the evening, you can also capture the alluring dancing fountain show that happens every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 11 pm. This brilliant spectacle is a combination of the dancing water, spectacular lighting, and enticing music! The Dubai Fountain is famously known for its crowd in the evening. So, make sure to fetch a comfortable spot to get the best angle to shoot your Instagram photos. You can also make your way to one of the outdoor restaurants on the top at the mall to get an even better view of the fountain and enjoy your evening.

5. Atlantis the Palm

Located on the most incredible human-made island constructed in a palm tree's shape, the Atlantis would definitely look its best in aerial photos. However, if you can't afford to get a helicopter ride over the hotel to get the best Instagram shots, there is no need to get disappointed now. The hotel looks just brilliant in front of elevation as well. One of the best and most luxurious beach resorts globally, the insides of this 5-star hotel are yet another enticement for Instagram photos. You can also visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium here, which houses more than 50,000 aquatic animals and is a wonder in itself.

6. Dubai Frame

Shaped like a picture frame, this mega structure is an epitome of the blend of old and new that Dubai is well known for. The Dubai Frame, in effect, divides the Old Town from the new version of Dubai. Grab a pass for 52 dirhams and head over to the top of the building. Once at the top, capture shots of the skyline from both sides to get two entirely different perspectives. Another highlight of the Dubai Frame is the petrifying glass portion on the floor. If you are daring enough, we suggest you sit on the floor to take brilliant selfies with the ground underneath several meters below!

7. Desert Safari

If there is one thing that is undeniably worth your travel to Dubai, then this is it! It is an absolute must-do while here, both for the experience and the chance to take mesmerizing photos of the desert! Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit the desert and capture some shots. Enjoy the dune bashing rides, camel riding, local dance performances, and traditional Emirati food while on the safari. Also, don't forget to click pictures dressed up in traditional Emirati dress; they would make some interesting Instagram feed!

8. Al Seef Heritage Souq

Al Seef Souq is one of the most Instagrammable places in Dubai. This is a historic payback to the heritage wonder of the nation. Al Seef is designed as a historic district with authentic touches on the buildings' aesthetics and architecture. It is a bustling waterfront walkway that also serves as a great shopping spot for visitors. The backdrop of the rustic heritage buildings and traditional creek or abra is thoroughly a 180 degree turn away from Dubai's glitz and glam. One of the oldest and authentic sides of Dubai, you cannot simply miss the amazing Instagram pictures created here. And if you are lucky, you can also see the street performance, which happens quite frequently here.

9. La Mer

la mer

Truly a haven for Instagram addicts, La Mer is impeccably one of the places to go in Dubai to click ingenious pictures. Trendy, unpretentious, contemporary, modern, dreamy, magical - the adjectives are oh so many! The breezy beach, artsy murals, swinging palm trees, and dreamy fairy lights are all part of this open-air mall by the beach! Combine that with good food, and you get the perfect LA vibes here in Dubai. Plus, the envy-inducing pictures for Instagram, of course!

10. City Walk

Do justice to your Instagram feed by getting some fantastic shots from here. Catch the urban city vibes with cool canopied eateries, high-end stores, incredible wall art, and stunning night lighting. It is practically impossible to walk away without taking Instagram worthy pictures from any nook and corner here! City Walk is a fantastic concept of a new living concept and lifestyle experience. The contemporary urban look in the background is sure to grab some attention while on your Instagram feed!

11. Riverland Dubai

Your mission to finding the best places for Instagram in Dubai might probably lead you to Riverland Dubai. This is a large outdoor venue located in the midst of the Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is open on all days, and entry is free to this area, unlike the rest of the park's parts. It is divided into four zones, the French Village being the most Instagrammable of all! This themed dining retail destination is endowed with various spots worthy of amazing Instagram pics. Take a relaxing walk along the river bank and get inspired by the beautiful architecture in the backdrop.

12. The Global Village

If you want to make your travel to Dubai simply worth it, then we suggest you fly down here in the months of the shopping festival from October to April, when the Global Village is open. With more than 70 countries being represented here in architecture, clothing, food, and entertainment, the Global Village is the best place to click your Instagram shots! Click away in glory while you pose in front of the most significant landmarks from all over the world! If you travel to UAE in search of the best Instagram places, we have only one tip for you. Keep your eyes open wide; because there is plenty to look out for!

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