12 Instagrammable places in Belfast

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12 Instagrammable places in Belfast
Instagrammable places in Belfast? What to do in Belfast? What to see in Belfast? The exact answer to the question "Where is Belfast?" is Northern Ireland. Belfast is the capital and the largest city in Northern Ireland, located on the banks of River Lagan on the east coast. Belfast has become a significant port city for Ireland since the 19th century and has played an important role in the Industrial Revolution in Ireland. Back then, Belfast was the biggest linen-producer worldwide and even got a nickname for that "Linenopolis." The city is the commercial, educational, shopping retails center of Ireland. The largest hospitals and business buildings of Ireland and several educational buildings, such as "Queen's University" are located here. There are also plenty of Instagrammable tourist attractions like Botanical gardens, Titanic Museum Belfast, Colonial theater Belfast in the city. This eye-catching contemporary city also maintains its historical atmosphere. The castles like Belfast castle, Stormont Castle, Carrickfergus Castle are great answers to the "what to see in Belfast?" question.

1. Cathedral Quarter – Street Art Umbrellas

umbrellas You will be amazed by artistic images - murals in this street. There is a big chance that your most liked photo on Instagram would be one of those you capture in this area. The Cathedral Quarter's vibrant combination of cultural and creative venues and attractions, together with some of the most stunning old streets and houses, make it one of the most colorful and Instagrammable places to visit in Belfast. The government has funded street art and murals. Moreover, artists worldwide who travel to Belfast to add art and life to the city contributed a lot. There are more enjoyable things to do in Belfast, like going to the pub called Dark Horse. This pub differs from others because of the incredible world inside it. You can see the umbrella sky, one of the most popular spots to take Instagram photos in Belfast, is the background, which all the bloggers need to add their photos. There is no doubt that you will take your most liked Instagram photos here.

2. The Crown Bar

crown bar What to do in Belfast with friends? If you are searching for places where you can spend precious time in Belfast, Northern Ireland with friends and beloved ones, you need to visit the Crown Bar, located at 46 Great Victoria Street. This place is one of the most iconic sites and unquestionably promising for taking incredible Instagram photos. The bar dates back to the 19th century and is a hidden gem, and spending time in Belfast Crown Bar is one of the favorite things to do in Belfast for not only tourists but also residents. Both the aesthetic exterior and rich décor inside make for some perfect Instagram photos. The Antiqueness of this bar is about its rich interior designs and details like an antique bell system. It keeps little secret far beyond all the decors; it is the original wooden drinking booths lettered from A to J. So, while your program during travel to Belfast, do not forget to visit and enjoy this Victorian place.

3. Belfast City Hall

belfast city hall Where is Belfast City Hall? Hall is in the Square of Donegall, and you do not need to pay for entry. You will not know how you spend this much time in Belfast City Hall. Its internal design is as beautiful as its outside look. If the word "Instagrammable" were a place, it would be the Belfast City Hall. I do not know if it is the most liked photo on Instagram of yours, but be sure that photos taken here will be the most aesthetic ones! The interior is incredibly opulent with a glorious grand staircase, marble features, and an eye-catching ballroom. The beautifully made glass windows located throughout the building are cherry on top for this masterpiece. You can also photograph this place at night, with all the lights up, and capture its magical ambiance.

4. Belfast Castle

belfast castle What do you need to know about Belfast Castle? Belfast Castle sits on the slopes of Cavehill Country Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland. The first version of the castle belongs to the 12th century Normans. After about 500 years, Sir Arthur Chichester has replaced the old castle with the new one. This new Belfast Castle is open to the public. So, you can visit a visitor center, an antique shop, a restaurant, and a playground. It is possible to see a bedroom decorated in the style of the 1920s. Visitors can imagine the old look of the castle by watching the snapshots of history. It is a trendy place for wedding celebrations among local Belfast people.

5. St Anne's Square

st anne square What to do in Belfast, St Anne's Square? The Cathedral Quarter has taken its name from the St Anne's Cathedral, also known as Belfast Cathedral, one of the most photogenic and too very Instagrammable monuments. You can have dinner and relax after a long day spent exploring breathtaking Instagrammable places and capturing the most liked Instagram photos of your portfolio. If you had a chance, you could take pictures of the bright blue Belfast sky from St Anne's Cathedral; you need to manage your angle precisely and take your time to capture a few fantastic photos.

6. Titanic Museum Belfast

titanic museum belfast Titanic Museum Belfast is now a popular tourist attraction in Belfast, which opened in 2012. The museum tells the story of the ill-fated and world-famous ship-liner and is situated on the Harland and Wolff shipyards' former site where the ship was constructed. From the photographic side, Titanic Museum Belfast differs for its stunning exterior of architecture, and of course, most liked Instagram photos are the most vibrant and aesthetical ones! It seems like several ships are creeping across the sky. Ironically enough, many locals call this the iceberg too. The stunning building, 32 meters high, as the Titanic was, and shaped like the bows of a ship, holds nine galleries spread out over four floors is worth seeing and one of the most symbolic things to do in Belfast.

7. Cave Hill

cave hill What to see in Belfast? Visiting Belfast without taking a tour to Cave Hill, synonymous with Belfast, with an imposing shape visible in the city, is unacceptable! The landmark, named after the five caves on the cliffs, contains a wealth of natural, archeological, and historical features, including Belfast Castle. Your most-liked photo on Instagram can be the dramatic outline of the hill's cliff face, especially if your audience is nature-lovers. For more stunning shots, you need to climb to the top and capture Instagrammable views of the city.

8. Queen's University Lanyon Building

university This building is the educational center of Ireland. Gothic Queen's University Lanyon Building is well worth a visit. Architect Charles Lanyon, who designed numerous buildings across Belfast, is the creator of this masterpiece. The building's exterior design is enough to imagine fantastic characters like Harry Potter in it, so it is a great place to take Instagram photos like you are in the movie. If you had a chance to enter the hall, do not forget to photograph Galileo, who stands just in the building's main doors.

9. The Big Fish

fish "The Big Fish," also called "The Salmon of Knowledge," is a sculpture made from a mosaic of ceramic tiles. You will find it along the banks of the River Lagan in Donegall Quay, Belfast. Like other sculptures in this city, this one also has an exciting story. The giant statue is based on a character from the tale "The Boyhood Deeds of Fionn." The story is about a fish that eats some hazelnuts that had fallen into the Well of Wisdom. After eating the nuts, the salmon gained all the knowledge in the world. According to the tale, the first person who eats the fish would know all the secrets in life. This eye-catching sculpture reflects the sunlight, and all the natural glitters make every photo taken here Instagrammable!

10. CS Lewis Square

cs lewis square Suppose you like The Witch, The Lion, and The Wardrobe. In that case, you will be in wonder of the spectacular CS Lewis Square, a photographer's heaven decorated with figures from CS Lewis's most well-known literature legend. While located just off the Newtownards Road in East Belfast and situated in a relatively industrial area of the city, a picture taken with just the right amount of greenery and a short depth of field is enough to take you to a country park, or even Narnia itself. In these highly Instagrammable places, creating an illusion in your posts is not something hard to get. While walking through the square, you will see incredible murals such as wings made by Danni Simpson. Do not seize the chance to take a fantastic profile picture for your Instagram account!

11. Harland and Wolff, shipyard

harland The Belfast shipyard has enormous cultural and historical significance. This building has become famous for the Titanic, a ship with a dramatic history. Stand under these bright yellow tiles and see some of Belfast's most famous faces, ranging from sports stars to TV talent. You will not want to miss this authentic Instagram moment!

12. Colonial theater

colonial theater Where is the Colonial theater Belfast? Colonial theater Belfast is one of the most beautiful and historical theaters in Belfast. Since the day the Colonial Theatre has been performing, the most famous ship - Titanic, set sail in 1912. The theater is a combination of historical attributes, decorations, and modern technology. With that kind of integration and technology, watching movies becomes a fun activity. The technology used in this place is amazingly stylish, despite its rustic appearance. Moreover, the food and drinks are outstanding! Immortalize the precious moments you have in this place with beautiful Instagram photos.

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