12 Instagrammable places in Liechtenstein

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12 Instagrammable places in Liechtenstein
Instagrammable, it is not worth traveling. This statement may be a bit exaggerated, but it seems that a large part of the world's travelers has this social media as a key factor when choosing Instagrammable destination.  Combining the popularity of hashtags, the photos come to life in the eyes of those who see it and wish for a minute to be there. It can be a skyline, the natural beauty of a jungle, or a colorful place. Still, the world has thousands of places that still seek to highlight their history and culture through photos and reach the hearts of travelers. Therefore, we introduce you to the best places to visit in Liechtenstein to show you it also owns beautiful Instagrammable places.

Where is Liechtenstein?

aerial view of liechtenstein Before starting, you should know where is Liechtenstein. It is a small piece of a country located on the border of Austria and Switzerland where charming medieval castles and old cobbled villages are hidden between soaring Alpine mountains and the legendary river Rhine. With a population of around 37,000 inhabitants, it is the third smallest country in the world and it will be an unforgettable experience to travel to Liechtenstein. With Vaduz as its capital, this is a landlocked country but with many places to see in Liechtenstein. This country is rich in natural beauty with impressive landscapes, perhaps the most beautiful in Europe. Besides, it can also be a good destination for hiking, mountain biking or skiing lovers and those who love swimming have at their disposal Instagrammable lakes

1. Vaduz Castle

castle One of the curiosities of this castle is that if you search on the internet for Liechtenstein Castle you will realize that it is not the same castle. Although it sounds curious in the country of Liechtenstein, its castle is named after its capital since the name of its country was already taken by another castle that is several kilometers away. This is just to avoid confusion. Now, a little bit of history. The construction was built in the early Middle Ages. Its owners came from a noble family from Verdenberg-Sargans. Later, the castle was restored, covered with new buildings. Today, Vaduz serves as the official residence of the ruling prince, access to tourists there is open only on August 15. This is a national holiday in honor of which a festival is held on the castle territory. And although you will not be able to enter the castle when you want, since princes live today, I recommend you come closer to see it and take one of the most characteristic pictures of the country if you travel to Liechtenstein.

2. Gutenberg Castle

castle Bring the past back to life with your most liked Instagram photos. Wrap your Instagram followers by visiting this splendidly preserved medieval fortress in the south of the state as it is another of the most emblematic places to visit in Liechtenstein. It is believed that it was erected in the 11th-12th centuries.  The castle towers over the surroundings by 70 meters, in the courtyard there is a rose garden and a Gothic chapel. Festivals are often held here, theater groups perform. Only during the celebration, everyone can enter the territory.

3. Visit its capital, Vaduz

village Vaduz is very small but it has its charm and it is another of the places in Liechtenstein that you can visit and take most liked Instagram photos. For example, its cathedrals, its art museum, and the Briefmarkenmuseum, the center of the city where the government house is located since it is an architectural monument of historical importance.  The construction appeared at the beginning of the 20th century, with a neo-baroque style. The building looks very clean, elegant, and fully adapts to the surrounding landscape. The Government House is an ornament and a visiting card of the capital. In the city center, you can also visit numerous bars and restaurants to taste its local Liechtenstein cuisine, which is logically closely related to those of its Swiss and Austrian neighbors. But in Liechtenstein, in addition to tasty beers, excellent wines are also produced.

4. Take good photos in Drei Schwestern (The Three Sisters Mount)

three sisters mountains If you travel to Liechtenstein, you cannot miss this natural landmark on the Liechtenstein border with Austria. At the foot of the castle and the 9th-century chapel, at the top, are the ruins of another castle, which was once a princely residence. Around the mountain, there are several climbing routes of varying complexity, and you can have a picturesque view of the valley that opens from the top to take excellent most liked Instagram photos. The peaks rise above the capital of the principality: Vaduz city.

5. Visit Walser Museum

walser museum The towns of the principality must be said that they are small. But with its few streets, they are places that are worth knowing since they bring a lot of nature to the eye and above all, a lot of Liechtenstein history. Another of those places to see in Liechtenstein is Trieserberg town. Here you will find the Walser Museum which is quite an interesting museum to take pictures to let your followers know about it. You will learn a little more about the Walser who were people that settled in this area in the 13th century. Inside, you will see utensils and typical objects of the time.

6.  Enjoy the tipical dishes in Triesenberg

healthy breakfast Looking to impress your Instagram friends even more? Well, visit Triesenberg, a small town only 6 km from the capital of the country. This place stands out for having Instagrammable landscapes and a unique language for being a variation of German. Here you can enjoy the Triesenberger Wochen, a festival where restaurants shine with their typical Welser foods. This festival takes place once a year from October to the end of November, an event worth photographing. Triesenber is one of the most interesting places in Liechtenstein.

7. Have a Good moment in Malbun

malbun Another of the best places to visit in Liechtenstein is Malbun town. This small town is the most important tourist center in the country. From where numerous road networks start for excursions through the mountains. Besides, it must be said that it is the highest town in Liechtenstein, with its main and only sky station located here. In the spring and summer season, you can see the low hills covered in vibrant green grass and some flowers if you venture to do trekking. I could consider it as one of the most beautiful Instagrammable places because you can take incredible photos of the landscape. And in winter it is a highly valued destination for those who travel to Liechtenstein to practice sky. 

8. Fall in love with Steg

malbun town Other places to visit in Liechtenstein, is Steg a town in the municipality of Triesenberg, a popular destination for multi-sport.  This town is another of the places in Liechtenstein that is a discovery for many. Steg is a small town with a few typical wooden houses from the Alps but it is in an incredible natural setting. Also, each house is a curiosity since each one is different. Many travelers make a small stop in this small town since its charm is impossible to avoid as it is considered other great Instagrammable places where to get nice clicks.

9. Visit Nendeln and Eschen

mountain forest Now that you know where is Liechtenstein, you will understand that everything is close. The small towns of Nendeln and Eschen are the main communities and places to visit in Liechtenstein's lowland area. In Nendeln you will see small waterfalls surrounded by forests and by the snowy peaks of northern Liechtenstein. This city has a perfect postcard. Among the clean and comfortable streets, travelers will discover a small number of Austrian-style taverns, some Roman ruins, the niche of the Schadler Pottery Workshop that produces excellent handcrafted porcelain pieces, and a wine cellar. Eschen is located under the Three Sisters Mountains, in the lowlands, and at the bottom of the valley. Clustered around the main highway that runs north-south through Liechtenstein, this charming little place makes a great stop for drivers heading across the country due to its nature. Definitely, both are good places in Liechtenstein that worth the visit and take awesome photos for your Instagram profile.

10. Take more photos in Schaan

light architecture shadows This small town is located just 3 km from the capital and is another of the great places to see in Liechtenstein. Here, you can visit its church Maria Zum Trost dating from the 18th century since from the inside, apart from appreciating its architectural interior, you can see Instagrammable views. You can also visit DoMus, a place where local art and history are exhibited. You can see the museum of typewriters and a boiler workshop. This city is known for being the oldest in the country. Also, if you like hiking, you will have the possibility to choose different routes or enjoy the Liechtenstein Festival where you can eat typical dishes, listen to their music and learn more about their origins. Don't forget to take most liked Instagram photos of that moment and show it as another of the Instagrammable places to visit in Liechtenstein.

11. Choose the Eschnerberg trail for hiking

hiker It has become more than clear that Liechtenstein is a paradise for those who love tranquility and nature. This country attracts lovers of outdoor activities for all its natural attractions and is part of one of the best Instagrammable places in Europe. As you pass, you will find many trails, the best of all is that they are signposted and include the time it will take you to walk, one of the best known is the Eschnerberg Trail that covers 15 km and connects it with the Bendern and Schellenberg cities. Walking there, you will find the prehistoric settlements of Lutzengutle, Malanser, and wonderful mountain views. In the RAtikon mountain range, you will also find another trail that is very well known.

12. Schellenberg ruins

schellenberg Schellenberg was a castle and other places to visit in Liechtenstein where you will be rewarded with the opportunity to explore 3 ancient ruins at once.  The three ruins differ in size, for example, what was once a medieval castle known as Obere Burg, is the largest and was built in 1200. The smallest ruin is known as Untere Burg and was built in 1250 and the third ruin known as Wildschloss is from the 12th century. They are considered great places to see in Liechtenstein.

Final Thoughts

trieserberg Liechtenstein may not be a well-known destination for many, but if you are one of those who travel a lot and you want to discover a European corner with a lot of history and charisma, travel to Liechtenstein. I am talking about the sixth smallest country in the world and the smallest German-speaking. It is entirely in an alpine region, and half of its territory is natural spaces. It will undoubtedly become a visit of great interest with the best places to visit in Liechtenstein that you should not miss.

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