15 best honeymoon destinations in USA

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15 best honeymoon destinations in USA
ideal tourist destination. The country's tourism industry is also one of the world's best, and hence, it is so often visited by travellers. For the newly married couple, this couldn't have been a better place for the honeymoon. In this article, we will discuss the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. However, before we start, it is important to know that the choice of destination depends on the budget and time. The country is huge, and it is impossible to travel far and wide at one time. There are eight time zones, so based on it, make your plan. Now back to our 15 best honeymoon destinations in the USA.

Maui, Hawaii

maui coastline This place should be on top of the best honeymoon destinations in the USA. If there were a list of best beach honeymoon destinations in the USA or best romantic honeymoon destinations in USA, Maui would still be on top. This Hawaiian Island is an idyllic place for couples to spend their time in solitude. Surrounded by white-sand beaches and turquoise water, the island is a perfect getaway. For the adrenaline lover, there are enough water sports to be engaged in. The waters are a surfer's paradise, while the inland is a hiker's dream. The island also offers excellent accommodations and food and has a wide range to choose from. In totality, Mui, Hawaii, is indeed the best beach honeymoon destinations in USA.

Laguna Beach, California

laguna beach The best beach honeymoon destinations in the USA or the best romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA is Laguna Beach in California. Rocks go into the ocean while the distant azure of the horizon mixes with the blue of the waves. There are almost 30 beaches to choose from, and Laguna Beach is two hours' drive from Los Angeles. Apart from the beach, the town itself presents a quaint picture filled with an old-world charm. Do visit the art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants without which your travel would remain unfulfilled. Laguna Beach is certainly at the top half of any list of best honeymoon destinations in USA.

Sunset Key, Florida

florida sunset A perfect atmosphere elevates the mind and the soul, and Sunset Key, Florida, does just that. It is also a favourite amongst the newlyweds, and they regularly make it their best honeymoon destinations in the USA. It is located seven minutes from the Florida Key West and has a white sand beach and the Gulf of Mexico's turquoise water to frolic in.

Nashville, Tennessee

nashvile skyline From the beaches to the music room-this is for music lovers. Nashville is the capital of country music, and musicians from all over the country come here to demonstrate their skills. There are fine dining restaurants to saturate your palette, while numerous music halls can satisfy the soul. Nashville is definitely on the list of best honeymoon destinations in USA.

Savannah, Georgia

savannah It is strictly for the nostalgia-driven romantic people. Savannah has all the attributes of a city from the past, complete with paved paths, architecture dating back to the Civil War era, and a unique southern charm. There are plenty of hotels to choose from, and almost all of them provide honeymoon packages. Do not forget to stroll past the 19th-century mansions and their moss-ridden walls. The Olde Pink House is where you would want to spend some fine dining time with your beloved.

Molokai, Hawaii

molokai We are in a hurry to return to our favourite place, Hawaii, which is a lonely and isolated Molokai. Located between Oahu and Maui, Molokai is definitely not for comfort lovers. It is off the beaten track and has its fair share of lush mountains and white sand beaches. The oasis and tropical forests add romance, but for other experiences, visit the Puuu O Hoku Ranch. Of all the 16 beaches that Molokai boasts, Papohaku Beach is the longest white sand beach.

Jackson, Wyoming

jackson It is certainly on top of the best winter destinations in USA, with ice-covered mountains and unforgettable skiing. Grand Teton National Park is just 12 miles away, and it is also within easy reach of Yellowstone National Park. It offers 5-star accommodations and dog sledging, making Jackson one of the best places for a winter honeymoon in the United States.

Big Sur, California

big sur It is a long stretch of coastline along Route 1 and is correctly called a wild outdoor. It lies between Carmel and San Simeon on California's Central Coast, Big Sur for those who wish to experience the wild outback with their best half. There are enough hiking and outdoor activities along with a plethora of restrooms, restaurants, art galleries, and hotels.

Palm Beach, Florida

palm beach If you do not have Palm Beach, Florida on the list, you are certainly missing a lot. The beautiful beaches, the stately mansions, the opulent shopping centres all made up for a romantic getaway. There are plenty of places to eat and stay so finding accommodation will not be a challenge. It is certainly one of those Instagram-worthy places that you have always dreamt about.

San Francisco, California

golden gate bridge Now one can always say, how come a bustling city is an ideal honeymoon destination. However, it is one of the best urban destinations for an exciting honeymoon. Filled with places to visit and wonderful restaurants to eat in, San Francisco is never missed.

Aspen, Colorado

colorado Another town on the top of the list of best winter honeymoon destinations in USA, Aspen is truly an adventurer's dream honeymoon destination. Not only is it romantic with the snow-covered Rocky Mountain in the background, but a paradise for travellers too. Ice skating, snowmobiling, and skiing are some of the activities one can indulge in. There is the extra attraction of the horse-drawn sleigh without which the entire journey seems to be incomplete.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

entrance of nantucket The beach, the biking, the hiking trails all are just one part of the Nantucket charm. All you have to do is lie in the sun, watching the waves gently touch the shore, holding hands with your beloved. Nantucket exudes a particular old-world charm and has plenty of places to provide that experience. The Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit destination and is more of a hike than a simple walk. There are local eateries that sell tasty food and enough hotel rooms to choose from.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

hilton head Another beach town for the honeymooners, Hilton Head, is a pretty little place with all the amenities to make one's stay memorable. The red and white striped lighthouse is one of the highlights of the town. Do indulge in some daytime shopping and yacht watching, or if sports is what you enjoy the most, then there are golf and tennis options for you. However, whatever you do, do not miss the 12-mile golden sand beach, where I can assure you would be the place to simply laze one's time away.

New York, New York State

new york city Another city making its way to our list, New York is not just a honeymoon destination but a traveller's delight. It is said that the city cannot be completely discovered at one go and should not be too. It is also said that the city keeps pulling you back to herself. Both are true and how. The city of New York is a man-made wonder filled with enough things to do to last a lifetime. Home to some of the iconic restaurants and hotels, there are enough places to stay forever. The museums, art galleries, parks and getaways, harbours, and ports, all within the city limits, make New York one of the best cities to spend your honeymoon in. There are times when you wouldn't want to do anything but simply walk around, do that since New York walks are some of the most breathtaking in the world.

Carmel Beach, California

carmel beach The white-sand beaches, the old-world inns, the wine-tasting rooms, and the lip-smacking food are some of the attractions that make Carmel Beach amongst the best beach honeymoon destinations in USA. This place has been created by nature for romance, for love is in the air you breathe. Spend the day in leisure roaming the town and its many boutiques, after which jump into the water for some heart-pumping swimming and surfing.

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