15 Best Vacations to take in this February

15 Best Vacations to take in this February

Narmin Qasanzade11 December 20211814 views8 min. read
15 Best Vacations to take in this February

Travel is the best way to bring spring closer if you are tired of cold weather and grey snow outside your window. After the holidays, tickets become cheaper, and hotels are empty. We will tell you about the best vacations to take in February, and where you should fly to. You can go abroad and to your native places for the best rest at the end of winter because February is the cheapest month. We will tell you where it is warm in February, where you can have the best cheap vacations to take in February, which ski resorts are better, and where to go in February if you want to see the northern lights.

More and more countries are opening their borders after quarantine. The time is getting closer when we can explore the world as before. Until then, read our travel tips for the pandemic and keep planning new trips. The tips page is constantly updated - add it to your bookmarks to stay informed about the changes.

Also, before booking a trip, be sure to check the government recommendations for the selected country and specific regions.

Where is it warm for the best vacations to take in February?

1. Tanzania


Tanzania is one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations, where you can have the best vacations to take in February. Thanks to the Earth because it has a ball shape: you can bask in the warm sand while a blizzard is raging in some countries. In February, exotic lovers can go to Tanzania - to the amazing sunny island of Zanzibar. Warm, gentle waters of the Indian Ocean, white beaches, an outlandish underwater world, and the sweetest fruits - these are just a few reasons to relax in the homeland of the great Freddie Mercury. Find cheap flights to Tanzania, find a cosy hotel or even a villa with a pool and access to the beach - and start filling your vitamin D deficiency in February!

Beach holiday for the best outdoor vacations to take in February.

2. The Maldives

maldives island

If you have a question, what is best vacations to take in February, Maldives will be one of the options which will pop up in your mind.

The Maldives is perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day. For the perfect Valentine's Day celebration, hide from the world on a tropical island. Feel like the heroes of a novel: just the two of you, the azure sea, and a bungalow on white sand. The beaches in the Maldives have long earned the title of a lover's paradise, and the weather here in February will not bring you any unpleasant surprises. Surfing season begins in the Maldives in mid-February. Spots for every taste can be found in Male. So if you are looking for what is best vacations to take in February for Valentine's day, you can choose the Maldives. Plan an unforgettable February 14 now: find the most romantic bungalow and book cheap tickets to the Maldives! So Where to go to the sea in February?

3. Southeast Asia and East Africa

koh samui

In February, Southeast Asia pleases with weather and prices. Those who are financially and mentally ready for a long flight will find Asia a perfect place. So, you can choose Southeast Asia for the best cheap vacation to take in February.

Exotic lovers can choose East Africa. And if there is no way to fly far, take tickets to the UAE or the Red Sea resorts in Israel - the water will be cool, but you will get warm in the sun. Diving and surfing in February: what is best vacations to take in February?

4. Bali

klingking beach

At the end of winter, good waves can be found in Bali: Nusa Dua is suitable for beginners, in Serangan it will also be interesting for experienced surfers. For those who decide to step on the board for the first time, the ideal conditions in Sri Lanka are Weligama or Unawatuna. From mid-February, the surfing season begins in Bali. If you are looking for the best outdoor vacations to take in February, you should visit these places.

5. UAE

fairmont the palm

Families with small children should not give up on holidays in February: choose a country with safe beaches and well-developed infrastructure. For example, in the United Arab Emirates:

• There is no extreme heat in February.

• The flight takes just over five hours.

• The hotels are always ready to welcome young guests.

UAE is the best family vacations to take in February.

6. The Dominican Republic

laguna cristal

If the child tolerates flights well, the beaches of the Dominican Republic are an excellent option:

• The sea is usually calm.

• Hotel service is at a decent level.

• A large selection of excursions will not let the whole family get bored.

Choose this place for the best family vacations to take in February.

Where to relax in February? What is the best vacations to take in February?

7. Turkey

uludag mountain

In antique Izmir, February will definitely not be boring. Of course, a beach holiday in Turkey in February is excluded, but you will be able to get acquainted with the rich Turkish culture at prices that cannot be compared with summer ones. Walk through the authentic streets of Istanbul, explore the ancient ruins of Izmir, taste local cuisine, enjoy aromatic coffee, and admire the harsh winter sea - for this, you should decide on a February holiday in Turkey. It will be curious to look at the Pamukkale resort, free from the tourist crowds, a UNESCO site known for its snow-white terraced ponds. Another interesting place is the nearby village of Karakhait, where you can soak up the hot thermal spring.

In the popular Turkish ski resorts of Palandoken and Uludag, the season lasts from mid-December to mid-May, so it is in full swing at the end of winter.

If you have a modest budget for your February vacation, an inexpensive and leisurely vacation in Turkey is the thing. Look at the prices for flights and hotels - you will understand everything yourself! Turkey is one of the best cheap vacations to take in February.

8. Slovenia

skiing above clouds at krvavec ski resort

Lake Bled in Slovenia - fabulous scenery brought to life. A pleasant and comfortable Slovenian winter promises an excellent holiday - both active and relaxing. You can start with sightseeing. Ljubljana and the local cuisine, which has the most delicious from Slovenia's neighbors: Austria, Hungary, Italy and Turkey. You can go downhill skiing in Slovenia in the resorts of Krvavec, Cerkno, Golte, Vogel, Mariborsko Pohorje, and many others. In the Alps, next to Austria and Italy, there is the most beautiful and oldest ski centre in the country, Kranjska Gora. Slovenia will also appeal to fans of tobogganing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Thermal springs are another advantage of the winter holidays in Slovenia. There are a lot of them here, and all of them are upscale - it is impossible to miscalculate.

Book your tickets and lodging, and that's it - a serene holiday is just around the corner! Slovenia is one of the best outdoor vacations to take in February.

9. South Korea

holiday at deokyusan mountain

The amazingly beautiful Seoraksan Park is a must-see part of your trip to South Korea. A vacation in the original and vibrant South Korea in February is an opportunity to celebrate the New Year once again. After visiting the bustling, colourful Seoul, be sure to go to Seoraksan National Park - a South Korean heritage site.

Seoraksan has picturesque mountains, waterfalls, and beautiful temples. You can also enjoy the stunning scenery from the cable car. The Republic of Korea also offers excellent ski service. Local resorts will delight lovers of active recreation with beautiful tracks, swimming pools, saunas, and restaurants. At Muju Resort, you can soak up a hot thermal spring after skiing.

February is one of the best months to travel to South Korea in terms of savings. Do not delay booking flights and hotels.

Where to go abroad for inexpensive skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling in February?

10. Eastern Europe

panorama of ski resort

If your native places do not attract you, and you cannot afford the Alps, look closer at Eastern Europe. For example, in February, it is good in visa free Serbia. Pay attention to Zakopane in Poland and Bansko in Bulgaria - these slopes will appeal to beginners and advanced skiers.

11. Georgia

gudauri ski resort

Breathtaking views, flavoured with signature southern hospitality await skiers in Georgia. The Gudauri resort has good tracks for beginners and endless space for self-confident free-riders. A large selection of apres-ski: shashlik, lavash and khachapuri will make you forget about Austria and Switzerland. Also, Georgia is on the best cheap vacations to take in February.

Where to go for Valentine's Day on February 14 in Europe?

12. Paris

eiffel tower decorated with christmas tree

So as not to go broke spending a fortune on a package tour to Paris, arrange a romantic trip to underappreciated Europe on your own.

13. Prague

prague at christmas time

Walk by hand along the cobbled sidewalks of Prague.

14. Vienna

gloriette in schonbrunn

Plunge into the rhythms of the waltz at the Caramel Ball in Vienna.

15. Rome

tourists visiting the roman coliseum

Confess your love for each other while looking at Eternal Rome from the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral or swing into Venice: what could be more romantic than gondolas at sunset?

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