15 Essential travel tips for Hungary trip

15 Essential travel tips for Hungary trip

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15 Essential travel tips for Hungary trip
COVID-19 pandemic, but it is just a temporary problem. I am sure that most of our readers have a desire to travel to Hungary. So, take your coffee and enjoy our travel guide to Hungary.

Hungary Visa

european schengen visa Before starting to mention Hungary travel tips, let's get some information about the visa procedure. Do I need Hungary visa? It is the first question that should be answered before visiting a new country. More than 100 countries have a visa-waiver agreement with Hungary. Those citizens can freely realize their trip. On the other hand, all other nationalities must obtain a Hungary visa. The procedure may change related to the purpose of the visit, but you will follow the same steps. There are three main visa categories and several subcategories. • Transit Visa: Citizens who are not from one of the visa-free countries should get a visa even if they transit from the territory of Hungary. Tourists do not need it until they do not leave the airport area. Other people must apply for a visa several weeks earlier because the application process lasts for a maximum of 20 days. • Short-term Visa: As you know, Hungary is a Schengen area country. So, you will need to get a Schengen visa to realize your short trips. There can be various reasons for applying, such as tourism, visiting a friend or family, short-term education, etc. Depending on the purpose of the visit, the application and documentation process may vary. However, in all cases, you will have a maximum of three months. Furthermore, in other countries, you will pay the visa fee and wait for processing time. The charge is 80 EURO, and processing time changes between 3-20 days (there are some discounts in the price for particular nationalities and people). • Long-term Visa: If you want to stay more than 90 days, you should apply for a long-stay visa. Regardless of the nationality of the applicant, everyone should make the application. Being a visa-waiver nationality doesn't change anything. Such as short-term visa, long-term has some subcategories related to the purpose of the visit. It can be education, work, reunion with family, or property in Hungary. The visa charge is the same for all subcategories and changes between 60-120 EURO. The amount of the fee may vary depending on your nationality. Also, I should mention that processing for the long term can last a maximum of 40 days. Moreover, during the application, you will need to provide some documents. You can get detailed information about documentation and other steps of a visa to Hungary in the services section of our website. • Passport • Application form • Photo • Copy of the ID card • Health insurance • Previous visa copies • Document to prove financial means • Evidence of accommodation • Flight ticket booking • Some documents for children

Don't rely on bargaining

budapest great market hall It is evident that bargaining is an undividable part of shopping in plenty of countries, but Hungary is an exception. Local people do not bargain in their daily life. So, do not expect to buy something cheaper than the price. Sellers will not decrease the cost. You can get a discount only when you are purchasing several items from one seller.

Plug convertor

power outlet electricity energy It is one of the items that we should add to all top travel tips. As you know, countries use various types of sockets and plugs. So, you may face some charging issues during the vacation. The best way of avoiding such problems is to take plug convertors.

Beer glass click

beer glass It is one of the things that you should not do in Hungary. The main reason is the historical background of beer glass clicking. Austrians did it in Vienna after overthrowing the Hungary revolution. Yes, it happened many years ago, but local people never forget it. Of course, it is forbidden, and it will not be a serious problem for you. Still, most people advice not to do it.

Use cash

coins The next tip that I want to mention in the travel guide to Hungary is related to money. During your voyage, you will need to use cash in most places. Of course, paying with a card is also acceptable, but you will need to pay with cash in some cafes and restaurants. So, take some on you for all circumstances.

There are more than Budapest

szentendre morning Budapest is the most popular city in Hungary, but there is more than it. Visiting other cities, villages will be an exceptional experience for you. Travelling to small towns and villages will give you a chance to meet local traditions and culture. During your travel to Hungary, cities that you should city are Eger, Szentendre, Debrecen, Tokaj, Sopron, Tihany, etc.

Avoid high season

budapest The period between June and August is the high season in Hungary. During this time, the country is full of tourists. So, it would be better to realize your trip in spring and autumn. Do not worry, and the weather is quite friendly in both seasons. Besides the pleasant weather, the streets, tourist destinations will not be so overcrowded. It means that you will not need to wait in queue for hours.

Book an accommodation earlier

hotel corridor Cheap travel tips are one of the popular themes of people. There are plenty of ways to make travel more affordable. For example, you can book accommodation before the trip. There are several websites that can help you with this, and booking is completely free in some of them. Besides being cheaper, early booking will give you a chance to find the best hotel, hostel, and rental apartments.

Forget the EURO

euro I must talk about the currency in the top travel tips. Yes, Hungary is a EURO area, but they have a national currency. The Hungarian forint is the national monetary unit of the country. Today, one dollar is 313 forints. Of course, you can use the EURO in most places, but using the national unit will be much easier for you.

Travel with a bike (How to travel in Hungary?)

men and a woman ride bicycles One of the most asked questions is: how to travel in Hungary? There are plenty of ways. You can use public transport and taxi. Metro and train system is quite affordable. However, you can make your journey more healthy by riding a bike. You can easily rent a car in cities like Budapest. Of course, it is for short distances.

Buy a ticket beforehand

train tickets Another example of cheap travel tips is buying a flight ticket. Probably, you will start to plan your vacation several months ago, and you will choose a date. If you purchase a ticket at least three months earlier, you can save money. You can compare prices via flight ticket websites and choose the best one.

Packing tips for travel

suitcase on conveyor belt You should check our packing tips for travel before your visit. You must consider the time of the visit and plan your baggage. Keep in mind that winter is cold and summer is hot in Hungary than in some parts of Europe. Also, you can take a water bottle, comfortable shoes, backpack, neck wallet, and other items that can be useful during the journey.

Meet the coffee house culture

coffee preparation After the Ottomans conquer the land, coffee becomes very popular in Hungary, and they still keep these traditions. While wandering at streets, you will come to the cross with plenty of coffee houses. You can visit some of them, and while watching the city view, you can enjoy your hot coffee. After experiencing this, you will understand why they keep this tradition.

Be attentive (Is Hungary safe for tourists?)

hungarian police car Is Hungary safe for tourists? Crime rates are pretty low in Hungary, and we can say that a country is a safe place for tourists. However, it doesn't mean that there are no crimes. You can face some robberies, pickpockets. So, be careful while walking in a crowd and keep your items safe.

Taste local cuisine

hungarian goulash Hungarian cuisine, all guests must try it. Hungarian cuisine mixes traditional Hungarian cooking styles with other cultures. All of them create unbelievable tastes. Meat, vegetables, dairy products are the main ingredients. There are plenty of tasty meals, but the most popular is Goulash. It is beef, onion, and bell peppers with noodles in a tomato sauce.

Travel budget tips

opening wallet Finally, I would like to give some travel budget tips. You should plan your budget before the trip. I have mentioned some tips that can be useful while creating a budget-friendly trip. Also, you can check some websites for details about the market, rental, and other prices. It will help you to estimate your expenses. Also, as you will have information about local prices, no one will deceive you.

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