18 reasons why you should travel to South Korea right now

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In the wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, we are all frustrated staying indoors, being hard-heartedly caught up in the lockdown scenario, and somehow wanting to step out of the house and visit the place where there are no Covid-19 cases and have a peaceful vacation altogether. 

When you google the places with a smaller number of new Covid-19 cases, then only one name pops up, and that is the beautiful heaven called South Korea

Korea is divided into two parts, North Korea and South Korea. Both the places are poles apart, for their respective and unfluctuating reasons. North Korea is an authoritarian or dictatorial government that has very few ties with the outside world. In comparison, South Korea is a democratic country like any other and very much welcoming for foreign tourists. 

South Korea coronavirus statistics (28 July 2020)

coronavirus statistics

Covid-19 cases: 13,879

Recovered cases: 12,698

Deaths: 297

Testing: 600000

People tested negative: 95%

What to do in South Korea?

angle photo of seoul tower

• Grab on Alluring Cosmetics at Myeongdong
• Try out the Cable Cat at Mount Namsan
• Pick up Traditional Souvenirs at Insadong
• Consume Tea at the Traditional Teahouse
• Behold the Mesmerizing Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

These were just the tips of a huge iceberg. Let us now innumerate the 18 reasons why you should travel to South Korea right now:

1. Cheonggyecheon Stream

cheonggyecheon stream

Wondering what to do in Seoul South Korea? Back in history, it was named Gaecheon which means, “open stream”. This 11-kilometer long stream situated in the heart of the capital of South Korea - Seoul City, is a makeup of clean air and pure water. It was present during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). There are 22 bridges over the stream with too many attractions along its course. Species of fishes, birds, and insects have increased due to stream excavation.

2. Stores of Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

ewha womana university fashion street

Watch Out, Ladies! You won't come out of this shopping street, disappointed. It has all the answers to your questions and all the approvals to your requests. This one of the places to visit in South Korea is situated close to Ewha Women’s University. It is also known as Edae, which means "heaven" for elite shoppers.

3. Hello Kitty Cafe

hello kitty

We hardly find places that are uniquely driven and tell a different story. Hello Kitty Cafe takes its idea and creation from Hello Kitty. You can bring your children along to have a memorable dine-out experience. It has taken the fashion arbiter to a whole new level altogether. There are well-illustrated and themed wallpapers, furniture, and accessories of Hello Kitty.

4. Jeju Island South Korea

jeju island

When you travel to Jeju Island, you practically travel to South Korea. This place is a mini-natural version of South Korea. One of the most unparalleled places in it is Loveland. It symbolizes eroticism and sexuality. About 140 sculptures in different sexual positions of men and women are scattered in the park. They have depicted the works of the students from Hongik University. An ideal island for honeymooners or newly-weds.

5. Jeonbang Waterfall

jeonbang waterfall

For all your waterfall lovers out there, here’s a 23-meter long waterfall lying on the outskirts of Seogwipo. One of the only waterfalls all over Asia to plunge directly into the ocean below it. Quite a picturesque spot for photographers. With rugged rocks and tree-topped cliffs. To get to the top of it, you must cross a string of boulders and loose stones.

6. Hallasan National Park

yeongsil trail on hallasan park

Hallasan Mountain is located in the center of Jeju Island. Also named Yeongjusan Mountain, which means "tall enough mountain to pull the galaxy" as it is about 1947m long. It was formed in 1970. There are about 360+ parasitic volcanoes known as Oreums or peaks, 4000 animal species, 1800 plant species.

7. Korean Demilitarized Zone

korean demilitarized zone

Those of you interested in the history that led to the separation of North Korea and South Korea and the formation of the Korean Demilitarized Zone can have a memorable glance at it. Each year, about 1.2 million go and visit it. It is a tourist magnet. Bill Clinton called it “the scariest place on Earth”.

8. Ancient Indian Connection

urban area surrounded by mountains

2 percent of the Korean DNA matches with that of the Indians. It goes back to 48 A.D. when the princess of Ayodhya, a religious place in Uttar Pradesh, India, named Princess Suriratna, traveled to South Korea and married King Kim Suro. The princes later named Queen Hur Hwangok. It explains the heart-melting connections between South Korea and India.

9. Futuristic Technology

seoul skyline

You will never get bored with finding out what to do in South Korea, especially if you are a techno-junkie or gadget-freak. It is the technological birthplace of big names like Hyundai, L.G., and Samsung. Not just that, there are places to visit in South Korea with free Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, and remote-controlled doors exciting your nerve cells.

10. Buddhist Temples

haedong yonggungsa temple

Buddhism is sliding away slowly. Only 20% of the population believes in the study of Buddhism. At the Buddhist temples in the capital of South Korea, you will find locals and monks living, praying, and working at the temples. They are quite open to discussions when it comes to tourists trying to understand Buddhism.

11. Korean Wave

k-pop concert

If you are a too huge fan of the pop-culture of the Hallyu Wave, then South Korea is welcome to tourists. Since the 1990s, Korean-pop, Korean-artists, and Korean-dramas have caused a storm of craze worldwide. Some of the popular include BTS, EXO, Wanna One, Twice, and Red Velvet.

12. Magical World Of Everland

tourists are in everland resort

Don't we all want to visit a forever-land? Everland is one of the most popular places to visit in South Korea. It is the largest theme park with several attractions like safari, maze, rides, exhibition, and roller coasters. It consists of a waterpark called the Caribbean Bay. Do experience the roller coaster called T Express; it is the highest, fastest, and longest of them all.

13. Damyang Bamboo Forest

damyang bamboo forest

There are 20-meter long bamboos located in the small town of Damyang, just outside of Gwangju. The 25-acre forestland is a home for hiking trails, human-made waterfalls, too many bamboos, and too many pathways. Do consume a dish made out of rice and nuts prepared inside a bamboo stalk.

14. Jungmun Beach

jungmun beach

Apart from white sand, this delightful beach in South Korea has diverse shades of black, red, and grey grains. It complements the black Hyeonmuam stones pretty well. It has a natural sea cave that has been seen in many television commercials. It is 560-meter long, and the sand is called Jinmosal.

15. Namiseom Zip Wire

One of the hugest zipline facilities all over Asia. Riders start their journey from an 80-meter high tower, and go down along the wire cable to either of the two places - Jaraseom (640-meter long) or Namiseom (940-meter long). There are mountain shelters, trekking trails, campsites, restrooms, and a visitor’s center.

16. Traditional Market of Namdaemun

namdaemun market

When you travel to South Korea, you cannot miss out on the traditional richness of culture it possesses. There would not be anything you would not find here, right from clothing, bags, accessories, cosmetics, kitchenware to textiles, and ginseng. The prices of the goods here are very considerable.

17. Port City of Busan

port city of busan

The largest port city in South Korea leaves you in a puzzle about what to do in South Korea. It is one of the best places to visit in South Korea. At the top of the buildings, you will witness wonderful sights of the city, land, and water. It also contains the largest departmental store called the Shinsegae in Centum City.

18. Gyeongbokgung Palace

water pavilion

During the reign of King Gojong, the broken-down palace during the Japanese Invasions (1592-1598) was restored. This palace has past sculptures of the Royal Audience Chamber. It is the largest palace of the five palaces in South Korea

Right now, at this moment, we are all at our homes due to this Covid-19 Pandemic situation. But our constant urge to step out of the house and go to the most beautiful places around the world like South Korea just doesn’t get subsided. It is known for the exotic cuisine, best-in-class technological advances, and traditional places. Out of all the reasons, hiking is one of the top reasons to travel to South Korea. Still, thinking about the best places to visit in South Korea? Well, South Korea will never fail to mesmerize and startle you.

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