5 best boutique hotels in Canada

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5 best boutique hotels in Canada
bucket list of travellers from all around the world. Let us start by saying that Canada is a fascinating and diverse country like no other. Canada is the world's second-largest country, with a size of 9.1 million square kilometres. The country is situated in the upper part of North America, with three oceans separating it: the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic. In fact, the country possesses the world's longest coastline compared to any other state. For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have lived in what is now Canada. Canada is officially bilingual in English and French, reflecting its past as a battleground between two European giants. As a matter of fact, British and French expeditions began exploring and settling along the Atlantic coast in the 16th century. Toronto is Canada's largest city and the city that receives the most visitors. It's a pulsing metropolis with a core of soaring buildings, all dwarfed by the CN Tower, which stands alone. The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum are two internationally renowned institutions, as are the Hockey Hall of Fame and Nathan Phillips Square. Vancouver, British Columbia's booming west coast seaport, is one of the country's densest most beautiful and most ethnically diverse cities. It is surrounded by mountains and has strong art, theatre, and music culture, making it a favourite filming location. The works of local painters are well-known at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Many of Vancouver's communities are walkable, and hidden gems may be found around almost every corner. toronto skyline Also, very interestingly enough, because it offers one of the longest seasons for these beautiful light shows in the sky, the Yukon which is located in Canada is one of the best sites in the world to watch the Northern Lights. Because the majority of the region is beyond the Arctic Circle, you can see the Northern Lights on a clear night from August to April. One thing is for sure Canada is the country where the magic happens, but before you book your ticket there are some things that we should take into consideration and one of them being the Canada visa. We understand how frustrating the visa process can get, especially if you are trying to plan your trip for the whole family. However, there is absolutely no need to worry as our team of professionals are always here to help you out with any question or struggle that you might face during the Canada visa procedures. In any case, if you want additional information about your country's visa rules, go to the "Services" area of the website, and select your country of origin and destination. le diamant theater The second thing that is worth your attention is accommodation, or in other words hotels in Canada. As you can see from the title of our article today, we are talking about the top 5 boutique hotels in Canada. This blog will not only help you identify luxury hotels in Canada but as well as look through the cheap hotels in Canada Toronto, for example, and most importantly try to answer the question of “what are boutique hotels?”. So, what are boutique hotels? If we put it one way, we can say that a boutique hotel is a tiny, intimate establishment, usually with luxury design elements and personal touch to it. It has a distinct personality that sets it apart from other hotel chains, something that guests only experience in that particular boutique hotel. It stays loyal to its roots by providing excellent and ultra-personalized service to visitors and is often located in a stylish metropolitan setting. Boutique hotels first appeared in big cities including London, New York, and San Francisco in the 1980s. To capitalize on the expansion of this sector, international hotel chains began to establish luxury boutique sub-brands, but of course, currently, they are less popular and for travellers, it is hard to find authenticity there most of the time. Now that we know what boutique hotels are, it is a perfect time to find out which hotels are just the best to stay in during your travel to Canada.

1. Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec City

interior of a hotel bedroom One of the most well-known luxury boutique hotels in Canada is the Auberge Saint-Antoine, located in Quebec City's Old Port, which compliments the quaint Petit-Champlain region with beautiful architecture that includes hundreds-of-year-old relics and modern elements. The historical decor and pleasant, competent service of the Auberge Saint-Antoine will be appreciated by guests. Auberge Saint-Antoine proudly displays antiques from the French and British colonial governments throughout the facility, which is built on a prominent archaeological site in the Old Port. Travellers seeking unique experiences can find virtually unlimited activities in this beautiful resort. Explore amazing eating options while admiring gorgeous historic parks, architecture, and churches. Auberge Saint-Antoine is more than just one of the luxury hotels in Canada. At the heart of Canada's richest historical district, the family-owned hotel is a union of classic elegance, and contemporary luxury.

2. The Hazelton Hotel Toronto

hazelton hotel If you are looking for a cheap hotel in Canada Toronto then, sadly you might want to miss this one out. The Hazelton Hotel is a haven for those seeking elegance and exclusivity. The hotel is known for excellent individual service and is situated in Yorkville, Toronto's most upmarket and charming district. The hotel's essence is local, authentic, and boutique, with thoughtfully tailored experiences for the discerning tourist. When you step inside one of the Hazelton's 65 rooms or 12 luxury suites, you will notice what previous guests have said about the hotel, comfortability within the luxury. Aside from world-class cuisine at one of the city's greatest restaurants in Toronto city, guests may unwind at the Valmont Spa, which features restorative spa treatments, an indoor saltwater pool, and a cutting-edge fitness facility. No wonder why The Hazelton Hotel is known as one of the famous hotels in Canada.

3. Wedgewood Hotel and Spa

bedroom with beautiful interior Usually coming at the top spots of all the boutique hotels in Canada this boutique hotel in Downtown Vancouver offers magnificently decorated rooms with individual balconies, allowing hotel guests to find privacy in the centre of a bustling, international city. This hotel in Vancouver has 83 individually designed guestrooms and suites. Guests particularly praise the spacious bathrooms, which have marble accents, big soaking tubs, and L'Occitane amenities. This intimate location allows for meticulous attention to detail and exceptional personal service. The environment of the restaurant is described as elegant and tranquil, and the food is delectable. So, even if you are not going to stay in the Wedgewood Hotel and Spa, it still is worth dining in one of the exquisite restaurants of the hotel during your travel to Canada.

4. Wickaninnish Inn

wickaninnish inn What can be better than luxury boutique hotels that can provide you with endless adventure and harmony with nature while still not losing even a bit of the luxury service and accommodation? The Wickaninnish Inn is located in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada, on Vancouver Island, west of Vancouver and northwest of Seattle. The Wickaninnish Inn is engaging and intriguing, celebrating its rich legacy through thoughtful hospitality and a spirit of exploration. Just feet from the beach, the Inn's two adjacent buildings house all of the hotel’s accommodations and services. Their architecture has contributed to the development of the iconic Northwest Coast style, which incorporates natural elements such as indigenous cedar, driftwood, and stone. The Pointe Restaurant serves superb, locally sourced dishes for brunch and dinner, while the Driftwood Café serves coffee and smoothies, as well as snacks and lunch alternatives.

5. Hotel Quintessence

hotel quintessence Copyright: @travelandleisure Hotel Quintessence, which was opened in 2003 on a mountainous historic waterfront estate, is located on Lake Tremblant and is a short walk from the Tremblant pedestrian resort. Hotel Quintessence is a five-star hotel in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, about 130 kilometres north of Montreal. The original definition of "quintessence" pertains to alchemy and the ancient concept that the universe was made up of four basic material components such as earth, air, fire, and water and, as well as last but not least, a perfect fifth essence, which represented purity, soul, and spirit. And that is the reason why the hotel’s main goal is to provide its guests with all the elements, and they say that whatever they do is always guided by the philosophy, which we could not agree with. And of course, visitors are always very supportive and usually charmed by the concept and values of the Hotel Quintessence which is another one of the most unique luxury boutique hotels in Canada. During the summer seasons, guests can select from five award-winning golf courses all within five minutes of Hotel Quintessence, as well as a trip to the iconic Circuit Mont Tremblant racetrack. Visitors also claim you'd be remiss if you didn't try a treatment at Spa Sans Sabots, which offers rejuvenating services like massages.

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