5 best boutique hotels in Cape Town

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5 best boutique hotels in Cape Town
cultures and traditions make our lives more exciting and colorful. Since the beginning of time, human beings have had a desire to learn and discover. In the modern world, realizing this dream is much easier. You just need to choose a destination and the type of vehicle. There is no doubt that with the future technological developments it will be a piece of cake. When people choose a place to visit, they look for some extraordinary and unique features. The city that we will talk about today also has a lot of unique characteristics. Cape Town is a city in South Africa, but it surprises most people with its beauty. Most foreigners think that there are just deserts in Africa, but they are completely wrong. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, green areas, hiking trails, and more will welcome you in Cape Town. But, I want to talk about something other than activities in Cape Town. I want to give the best boutique hotels Cape Town.

General View

table bay Firstly, let’s get some basics about the city. It is the oldest and second-largest city in South Africa. Besides being a tourism center, it is one of the favorite cities of the local population. According to 2019 data, more than 4,3 million people live in Cape Town, and more than 20 million tourists visit the city per year. Cape has worldwide fame, and even in 2014, the New York Times and the Daily Telegraph chose Cape Town as the best place in the world to visit. The total area of the city is 2461 square kilometers and the most spoken languages are Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa.

What is boutique hotels means?

victoria alfred waterfront Firstly we should answer this question: What is boutique hotels means? It is a small hotel that has less than a hundred rooms. The main advantage of boutique hotels in comparison with other hotels is offering an individual touch to each guest. In general, boutique hotels are independent.

Labotessa Boutique Hotel

labotessa boutique hotel The first example of 5 star boutique hotels Cape Town that I want to mention is the Labotessa Boutique Hotel. High standard service and room quality, location, and kind crew are the main advantages of this hotel. All rooms of Labotessa have air conditioning, tv, and Wi-fi connection. You will feel so comfortable while sleeping on soft cotton beds and will get up fresh in the morning. Also, all rooms have a private bathroom, and some of them have a kitchen. If you like cooking or don’t feel safe eating outside, you can prepare your own meal. Finding a market for ingredients will not be a problem for you. There are a lot of them around the hotel. Generally, Labotessa Boutique Hotel has two types of rooms: superior suite and presidential. The superior suite has a single large bed, but the presidential suite has three large beds. What are the Labotessa Boutique Hotel Cape Town hotels prices? The price may vary depending on the chosen room, stay duration, extras, and so on, but generally, it starts from 270 EURO. The price is quite reasonable if you want to stay in one of the best luxury boutique hotels Cape Town and have a dream vacation.

Pineapple House Boutique Hotel

swimming pool It is one of the best hotels on the Cape Town boutique hotels list. Having high standard service, locating near to tourist attractions, providing plenty of facilities makes this hotel one of the best boutique hotels Cape Town. The hotel offers four types of rooms to its guests: • Small double room-double bed • Superior double room-large double bed • Deluxe room-large double bed • Executive suite- extra-large double bed All of the rooms have a minibar, Wi-fi connection, tv, air conditioner, and ensuite bathroom. Rooms have various views such as the city, sea, and mountain. What are the Pineapple boutique Cape Town hotels prices? Depending on the room, extra facilities, planned stay duration, and booking time, price ranges between 250-350 EURO. Of course, as you can guess, rooms that have mountain and sea views are more expensive, but tourists who want to have an excellent vacation in one of the 5 star boutique hotels Cape Town can afford this price. Besides the indoor facilities, the hotel has a swimming pool and lounge. If swimming in a pool is not attractive for you, you can go to Milton Beach or Broken Bath Beach. Both beaches are just 300-400 meters away from you. Finally, if you want an unforgettable vacation, you must choose the Pineapple House Boutique Hotel.

Harpers House

harpers house Probably, the next stop in our Cape Town boutique hotels list will be interesting for most readers. Harpers House is a renovated Victorian home and dates back to 1892. The interior design of the hotel will mesmerize you at first sight. Here, you will see a perfect balance of Victorian architectural style and African heritage. Although the owners renovated the hotel recently, it still keeps characteristic features, such as Victorian pressed ceilings, antique fireplaces, etc. Another plus of the hotel is the location. It is just two kilometers away from the city center, and there are several restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets nearby. Harper House is a favorite place of plenty of tourists, but especially couples admire it. Guests prefer to stay in a superior double room which has two single beds and a large bed. The price for two nights in a superior double room is almost 140 EURO. Breakfast, free cancellation is included, and you will pay the money after reaching the hotel. Furthermore, the room has an air conditioner, tv, Wi-fi connection, garden view, ensuite bathroom, coffee machine, minibar, terrace, etc. Shortly, it has everything to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Newly married couples who search for luxury boutique hotels Cape Town must take a glance at Harpers House.

Camissa House

While staying at Camissa House, you will feel like you are in heaven. The beautiful nature that surrounds the house and charming interior design makes it one of the best hotels in Cape Town. Camissa House offers a miniature world inside of its walls. There is a bar and lounge where you can taste delicious meals and drink with other guests and socialize. Also, it has an open sky swimming pool, where you can relax while enjoying the water and watching the astonishing beauty of the scenery. When it comes to internal facilities, the hotel has the two most demanded rooms: executive king room and luxury king room. • Luxury king room. It has a 50 square meters area, extra-large double bed, garden, and mountain view. • Executive king room. The executive king room is a little bit larger than the first one, it is 60 square meters. Also, it has an extra-large double bed, balcony, city and pool view, and terrace. Additionally, all rooms have a private bathroom, tv, wi-fi, and air conditioning. Customer satisfaction is crucial for Camissa House, you can get in touch with the help desk for 24 hours. Are there tourist attractions? Some of the attractions around the hotel are the South African Jewish Museum and De Waal Park.

Compass House Boutique Hotel

swimming pool Finally, we reached the last boutique hotel on our list of hotels in Cape Town. It is Compass House Boutique Hotel that will hypnotize you with its amazing location and panoramic views of the ocean. It is a wonderful place to have an unforgettable time. Do you want to enjoy the ocean view? You don’t need to leave your room, because all rooms have an ocean view. Do you want to swim in a pool? You have direct access to the deck and pool area. The top floor suite is on another level. It has a private plunge pool, and the suite is located on the pool level. While swimming in the pool, you can enjoy the view of the ocean and the city. Also, all rooms have wi-fi, tv, air conditioner, minibar, ensuite bathroom, and other features to make you feel comfortable. How much does it cost to stay there? Honestly, the prices are quite salty. The suite room with a sea view will cost at least 1200 EURO. If you want the breakfast included version, then you need to expect to pay 1300 EURO. Is it close to the city center and beach? You will be 10 minutes drive distance from the city center and several minutes on foot from the beach.

How much are hotels in Cape Town?

currency It is evident that the above-mentioned hotels are not reachable for everyone. But, this does not mean that there are not any affordable Cape Town hotels. People who have limited budgets can stay in these hostels and hotels. Some of the affordable Cape Town hotels are Hippo Pod, Hotel Sky Cresta Grande Cape Town, Grande Kloof Boutique Hotel, Mojo Hotel, Lodge Hotel, Signal Hill Lodge, City Club, Cloud 9 Hotel Boutique, etc. How much are hotels in Cape Town? In general, hotel/hostel prices start from 20 EURO. Are there cheap hotels in Cape Town sea point? Yes, you can find some budget-friendly hotels near the sea. For example to cheap hotels in Cape Town sea point: • The Amalfi Boutique Hotel • Premier Hotel Cape Town • Amoris Guest House-Sea Point

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