5 best boutique hotels in Kazakhstan

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5 best boutique hotels in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan has treasures. It has charming landscapes, rich biodiversity, friendly people, diverse culture, and so on. All this richness makes the country the most popular and mighty country in Central Asia. More than 8 million people travel here per year, and most tourists come from post-Soviet Union countries. I guess that our website has plenty of users who want to travel to Kazakhstan. However, there are some points that they should know before visiting the county, and one of them is accommodation. In this blog, I will mention the five best Kazakhstan hotels and more.

Kazakhstan Visa

passports and lot of stamps on it Who needs a Kazakhstan visa to visit the country? Only the people who hold a passport of any visa-waiver country can visit the country without undergoing a visa application process. All other nationalities must obtain a visa. There are several types of visas, and it varies depending on the purpose of the visit. • E-visa. Most nationalities are eligible to get an E-visa, but you tourist need an invitation to realize the application. After getting an invitation, they can continue the visa process. Also, they can enter (exit) only from the international airports of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. Another step of application is the visa charge. It changes between 60-90 USD. After that, you will wait for processing. Processing time is short, and you will wait just a week. If your issue is urgent, you can pay an additional price and obtain the visa earlier. • Short-term Visa. If your country is not on a list of E-visa eligible countries, then you can apply for a Short-stay visa for purposes such as tourism, visiting family or friends, business visits, and so on. Processing time is almost the same as E-visa. Regarding visa charges, it varies depending on the type of visa: single or multiple-entry. The fee for single-entry is 20-80 USD, for multiple-entry 200 USD. • Transit Visa. Related to nationality, people may need a transit visa to connect to a foreign airport or cross over a foreign country. This visa is valid for a maximum of five days. • Long-term Visa. If you want to stay in the country for a long period, you need to apply for a long-term visa. Regardless of nationality, all foreigners must do it. There can be several reasons to apply for a long-stay visa: education, work, family reunion. After choosing the type of visa you want to obtain, you should provide some details and documents. In general, you will need the documents below: • Application form • Passport • Photo • Health insurance • Evidence of financial means • Some documents for children • National ID card and copy • Resident permit • Proof of purpose of the visit You may need to present some additional papers during the application. If you want to get more detailed information, you can check the services section of our website. After getting the website, you will choose your origin and the country that you want to travel to (Kazakhstan or other).

What are boutique hotels?

ritz carlton hotel Probably most users of our website know an answer to this question: what are boutique hotels? If you have never heard of it, it is a type of independent hotel that is not part of any hotel chain. We can characterize them with a room count of less than 100 and the personal touch that they provide to each customer.


drami hotel Copyright: @deramihotel Almaty, which means the city of apples, is one of the most popular tourist centers in the country. More than 1.1 million people travel to Kazakhstan, Almaty, per year. There are plenty of features that attract them. Besides the attractions, people need proper accommodation. One of the best hotels in Almaty Kazakhstan that people can stay at is D'Rami. Being just ten minutes away from the city center and having high service quality are the main advantages of the hotel. D'Rami offers three types of rooms: • Economy double room (shared bathroom) • Standard double/twin room (two single and a large double bed) • Apartment (a large double bed and two sofa beds) Neutral colors are dominant in the internal design of the hotel. This type of design will make you feel calm and safe. Also, you will have everything in your room, such as a hairdryer, tv, etc.

Boutique Hotel Traditional

Probably most of you know that the name of the capital changed several years ago and now it is called Nur-Sultan. Despite this change, plenty of foreigners and local people still use the previous name, Astana. Even when they search for a hotel, they ask: What are the best hotels in Astana Kazakhstan? Our list of hotels in Astana Kazakhstan can be very long because the city has many good accommodation opportunities. However, Boutique Hotel Traditional is always on the top of that list. The hotel is just five km away from Nur-Sultan Train Station. Also, you will be only several meters away from popular spots, such as Nur-Sultan's aquarium, circus, and Bayterek Monument. Besides the outdoor activities, the hotel has comfortable rooms, and all of them are equipped with all devices you may need. After discovering all the beauties of the city, you may have a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in the hotel or have a drink at a bar.

Orbita Boutique Hotel

hotel bedroom Being the third-largest city in Kazakhstan, Shymkent is also the place where you can find some of the Kazakhstan luxury hotels. Here, you can find many hotels with attractive internal and external designs, and Orbita Boutique Hotel is one of them. While designing the rooms, they preferred a rustic style. So, when you enter the room, it will make you feel as you pass through a portal. The hotel has various rooms, such as triple rooms, deluxe queen rooms, and so on. All rooms have flat-screen tv, toiletries, a fridge, and an air conditioner. Besides being a hotel, it has a charming restaurant decorated with wooden beams and a fireplace. You can enjoy your meal here or on the summer terrace. What about the tourist attractions? Don't worry, all of them are in the vicinity of the hotel.

Grushevy Hospitality Boutique

grushevy hospitality boutique hotel Copyright: @grushevy_hotel.kz Another example of hotels in Almaty Kazakhstan is Grushevy Hospitality Boutique. It is a modern-style boutique hotel which is 11 kilometers away from Almaty International Airport. It has several types of rooms, and the largest one is the classic family room. This room has a single and an extra-large double bed. Also, all rooms have flat-screen tv, a safe, an electric kettle, and an en suite bathroom. People who book a room will get a 30 % discount on a restaurant and a sauna. All these features and high service quality make this hotel attractive for tourists. Shortly, it has everything to make your vacation unforgettable.


inn ozz hotel Copyright: @ozzstandard Although Karagandy is not one of the most visited cities in the country, plenty of people are interested in this city. Maybe, some of you will be surprised, but Karagandy has many comfortable hotels for its guests. One that we can suggest is Inn OZZ. Data shows that most previous guests choose the hotel for their next trip. Why do they have loyal customers? First of all, the location of the hotel is calm and excellent for people who hate the hustle and bustle. Secondly, it has all facilities, such as a restaurant, room service, bar, and free wifi. Thirdly, it has clean and comfortable rooms: • Superior double room with bathroom (extra-large double bed) • Apartment (extra-large double bed) • Twin room and standard double (two single beds and an extra-large double bed) • Duplex room (an extra-large double bed and a sofa bed) • Superior apartment with bathroom (extra-large double bed)

Kazakhstan hotels

summer resort hotel at night Finally, I would like to mention some other examples. Are there any cheap hotels in Kazakhstan? Kazakhstan is one of the countries where you can find accommodation for all budgets. If you have a limited budget and want to spare a small part of your money for accommodation, you can prefer hostels, 2-3 star hotels. Below I will mention some cheap hotels in Kazakhstan: • Academic Apartments (14 USD) • Tahar Hotel (19 USD) • Hostel- Ns Prestige (5 USD) • Interhouse Almaty (14 USD) • Hostel Sweet Home (14 USD) • B&B Aktau (14 USD) • Greenland (19 USD) • Hostel S Size (12 USD) Although these hotels are cheap, all of them got at least four points out of five from guests. Generally, the main disadvantages of these hotels are: meal no included, location. What about Kazakhstan luxury hotels? Some people are ready to pay limitless prices for comfort. Those people can choose luxury hotels in the country. Some of these hotels are part of famous hotel chains. • The Ritz-Carlton (307 USD) • Rixos Water World Aktau (265 USD) • Hilton Nur-Sultan (93 USD) • Rixos Borovoe Hotel ( 270 USD) • Oi-Qaragai Lesnaya Skazka ( 136 USD) • Hotel Royal Tulip ( 120 USD) • Marriott Executive Apartments Atyrau (173 USD) • Rixos Khadisha Shymkent (114 USD) • InterContinental Almaty IHG Hotel (172 USD)

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