9 Instagrammable places in Nur-Sultan

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9 Instagrammable places in Nur-Sultan
capital of Kazakhstan moved from Almaty to Akmola. The new money than was a small industrial city with grey nine-storey houses and industrial buildings. Its population was only 270 thousand Kazakhstan people.   Since then, it has been renamed twice. The number of inhabitants quadrupled. The city was rebuilt in such a way that it was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Now skyscrapers and monuments are rising in the centre of Nur Sultan. In beauty, style and grandeur, they compete with Moscow, New York and London. And there are many Instagrammable places to take beautiful, most liked Instagram photos in Nur Sultan.

As Nur Sultan used to be called

nur-sultan The city has been named 6 times since its foundation. Historical events accompanied each new name. It is what Nur Sultan used to be called: - Suzuki - Akmolinsk - Celinograd - Akmola - Astana - Nur-Sultan In the VII century, not far from Ishim river, Buzuk ancient settlement appeared. At that time, Kazakhstan's steppes were deserted: there were almost no permanent settlements, only caravans roamed. People used to throw Buzuk away and then return.  In the XIX century, in a place of an ancient settlement, the city of Akmolinsk had grown. Kazakhstan people built a fortress to protect the southern borders from attacks by Jungers. The population at that time was 2 thousand people. Caravan routes passed through the settlement, trade and business development. By the beginning of the XX century, the number of inhabitants increased to 19 thousand. At the time of the USSR, Kazakhstan has proclaimed a virgin land. On its grounds, grain was planted, and all union republics provided them. In 1961, Akmolinsk was called Tselinograd. The population increased to 100 thousand people.   In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, Kazakhstan gained its independence. Tselinograd was renamed Akmola again. At that time, 300 thousand people lived in the city. In 1997 the capital of Kazakhstan moved from southern Almaty to northern Akmola. A year later, the city was given a new name - Astana, which means "Capital" in Kazakh. The town began to be actively built, and already in 2017, one million Kazakhstan people were living there. In 2019, after the elections, Kazakhstan's new president proposed to rename the city Nur-Sultan, in honour of his predecessor and the first president. However, they decided to write the name through a hyphen to emphasize two Arabic words in it: "Nur" - light, and "Sultan" - power. And now, where to take Instagram photos in Nur Sultan. A tour of the capital: Nur Sultan attractions.

1. Baiterek

tower in nur-sultan The first place to visit in Kazakhstan is Baiterek. Nur Sultan's historic sites begin with Nurjol Boulevard and its main attraction, Baiterek. It is the symbol and mascot of the country. The construction of Baiterek started in 1997 when Astana became the capital. They finished it in 2003.  The height of the tower is 105 meters, and its lower level goes underground by 4 meters. From the lower levels, where cafes and galleries are located, high-speed elevators go up.  The highest level is made in the form of a glass ball, which offers an Instagrammable view of the city. Depending on the position of the sun, the glasses change colour. The style and architecture of the tower refer to the legends of the ancient nomads. They called Baiterek the Tree of Life. The universe was held on it: roots held the earth, and branches supported the sky. According to legend, the sacred bird Samruk was hiding in the crown. Every year it laid a golden egg, which seemed to people the sun. By analogy with the legend, the building symbolizes a young and healthy state, which holds firmly to its historical roots and at the same time rushes forward and upward to prosperity.

2. Neurol Boulevard

park Neurol Boulevard is one of the best places to visit in Kazakhstan. If the search engine "Nur Sultan attractions", the first thing that will issue Yandex and Google will be Boulevard Nurjol. It is the most popular Nur Sultan Street. Here tourists are photographed, friends meet, and families walk. The name is translated from Kazakh as "Road of Light". The folk name Water Green Boulevard is justified by numerous fountains, flower beds and glass skyscrapers, shimmering with blue and green tones.  The street is divided into three levels. The lower level is a parking lot, which can accommodate 400 cars on the second level - shops, cafes and restaurants, offices, exhibition halls. The upper level is a walking area with fountains, alleys, benches, flowerbeds and sculptures. One of the stone series of the boulevard is called "Nomads". It has 12 statues based on national Nur Sultan culture. Along the boulevard, there are national importance buildings: Government, Senate and Majilis, Supreme Court, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Transport, National Library and others.

3. Khan Shatyr Shopping Centre

khan shatyr shopping centre In 2010, Kazakhstan's largest shopping centre, Khan Shatyr, rose above Nurzhol Boulevard. It is fully lined with glass and has a height of 150 meters. In translation into Russian, the name means "Khan of all pavilions". It is indeed so because this shopping centre is the largest tent building in the world. On four floors with a total area of 130 thousand square kilometres, there are 200 shops, cafes and restaurants, a cinema with 6 halls, a game centre with attractions, a fitness room. At the top is the "Sky Beach" club, stylized as a tropical beach. Even in severe January frosts, the temperature in the room is comfortable for rest. Two swimming pools, several water park attractions, Jacuzzi and saunas are at the visitors' disposal. There are sun loungers on an artificial beach, and the sand, on which walk barefoot, brought directly from the Maldives. In 2010, Forbes magazine included Khan Shatyr in the world's top ten greenest buildings. No other building in the CIS has ever been awarded such a title.

4. Shabyt Palace of Art

buildings Where do you think you can take beautiful Instagram photos in Noor Sultan? Shabyt Palace is a conical building with a bevelled aslant top. The facades are entirely made of durable glass and metal.  Since 2009, all kinds of arts have coexisted in the Palace of Creativity, and creative people from all over the country have gathered together. The seven-storey building houses the University of Arts of Kazakhstan, has clubs and sections, a gymnasium, a library, a restaurant, and art and photo exhibitions. The spacious hall for 4500 people hosts conferences and round table lectures. The palace opens its doors to international festivals. Musical and theatrical performances are held in the auditorium. The place is open for excursions. The total area of the building is 30.5 thousand square meters. Interesting, most liked Instagram photos can be taken both inside and outside, against the background of the modern interior. In the evening, the palace is illuminated with illumination. So in the daytime, you can take Instagram photos by the fountains, leaving a stylish building in the background.

5. The Palace of Peace and Harmony

triangle building Another building that fascinates tourists is the Palace of Peace and Harmony. It is made like a pyramid with a metal and glass facade. The building is second to the Palace "Shabyt" on 2,5 thousand square meters on the area. The interior is dominated by glass and marble. Everything is made in black, brown and white, in a strict business style. Inside there are galleries and ethno-museum, where national costumes are exhibited. Opera and conference halls are open. On the upper floors, there is an observation deck. In the daytime, guides work in the palace, and after sunset, you can enjoy the appearance of the building with intricate and Instagrammable illumination.

6. Atameken

atameken The word "atameken" is translated from Kazakh as "ancestral land". In the ethnographic and memorial complex, the whole of Kazakhstan is in the palm of its hand. The miniature map includes all 14 regions of the republic. The city of Nur Sultan and Almaty is shown in detail.  All treasures of the republic are concentrated here. The mines of western Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, the Kyzylkum Desert, lakes and the Alatau River are within walking distance and one and a half meters high. There are 300 sights on the map. As the country develops, models are added to the complex. Olympiads on the history of the native land are held in Atameken for schoolchildren. The best are invited to summer internships. Young historians help guides and museum workers. On the territory of the complex, there is a craft workshop, where you can buy souvenirs. 

7. National Museum

national museum In 2015 the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in the capital. The building is located on Independence Square, and it is the largest museum in Central Asia.  Externally, it represents a building of seven blocks, each of which has different heights. In 11 halls - all history of Kazakhstan, beginning from ancient nomads and finishing the modern world. In the museum, the world-famous "Golden man", the Sakan warrior, is kept in precious ringlets. Sitting on a winged leopard, he is a symbol of Kazakhstan. Its stone copy is installed on the square in front of the museum. The cost of tickets starts from 700 tenges (125 rubles).

8. Monument "Қазақ Eli"

monument On the square near the National Museum, there is a monument "Қазақ Eli", "Country of Kazakhs". It is a 91-meter stele, on top of which sits the people's keeper - the sacred bird Samruk. The number 91 referred to 1991, when Kazakhstan gained independence after 150 years of being in Russia. There are four bas-reliefs carved on the pedestal, and the meaning is hidden in each of them. The first depicts a people's leader, which refers to the freedom of elections and the value of democracy. The second bas-relief is called "Courage". It is dedicated to soldiers and soldiers who have defended the people since time immemorial. The bas-relief "Future" reflects the young country's aspiration to accomplish and improve the quality of life. "Creation" is dedicated to all cultural figures and scientists of the state.

9. Khazret Sultan Mosque

khazret sultan mosque The largest and the main mosque in Kazakhstan, the spiritual centre of Islam. Khazret Sultan was called Khoja Ahmed Iassavi, a Turkic sage and poet of the XII century. In Islam, he was canonized as a saint. The building represents a famous Muslim mosque. It is executed in white colour; facades are decorated with traditional Kazakh ornament. The mosque can accommodate 10 thousand people. The building is crowned with the largest 50-meter dome in Kazakhstan. Besides it, the mosque is decorated with 8 more domes. The interior is dominated by blue, white and gold. Walls are decorated with ornaments, names of Islamic prophets are engraved. Under the central dome, there is a prayer hall, which is decorated with a three-tone chandelier.  In the mosque, there is a manuscript Koran of the XII century. The 40-kilogram edition is kept under glass and is the oldest sacred book of Islam. nur-sultan sunset The temple is open 24 hours a day for visitors. Visitors are asked to wear capes at the entrance if the clothes do not entirely cover the body. Women are asked to cover their hair with a scarf. It is customary at the entrance to take off your clothes. If you want to take the most liked Instagram photos, it is allowed in any hall. The city of Noor Sultan welcomes tourists all year round. The best time to visit is late spring, summer and early autumn, when fountains and flower beds are open. The climate of the Kazakhstan capital is sharply continental. In winter, the temperature reaches -40 ° C. The best time to visit is in late spring, summer and early autumn when there are fountains and flower beds. In January, because of the blizzards, planes are delayed, and the roads are blocked, but in summer, the heat and heat reach +40 °С. The atmosphere of the city permeates in one or three days. It will take the same time to get around the most Instagrammable streets and take stylish photos for social networks. Instagrammable places of Nur Sultan gather many likes and subscribers. And with the Nur Sultan attractions hashtag, they will be even better ranked in the ribbon. Anyone who goes to the city of Nur Sultan with a business purpose rents a hotel in the centre. The place breathes with success, ambition, business spirit, youth and fast rhythm. Get your Kazakhstan visa today and experience Nur-Sultan on your own! The sights will not disappoint, and the capital of Kazakhstan will be remembered for a long time.

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