5 best boutique hotels in Latvia

Tamerlan Mehdiyev10 December 20211166 views7 min. read
5 best boutique hotels in Latvia
visa status for Latvia. To be more clear, travellers should learn whether they need Latvia visa. You can check your visa status by clicking on the "Services" section at the top of our website. There you will see a list of countries. You can get your Latvia visa using our website as well. To learn more about that, go to the services section at the top of our website. Latvia is a historical country. Art nouveau architecture is predominant among the historic structures. Even though it is a northern European country, it still offers opportunities for swimming. If we look at the landscape, we will see mostly flatlands, and the majority of these flatlands are forested areas. Hiking, cycling are among the tourist favourite activities. Another important part of travelling to another country is the accommodation. Sure, you will find a place to stay during your travel to Latvia, but will it be as you wish? That might be a problem, but do not let this discourage you from travelling to Latvia. There are many great hotels in the country. A wide range of hotels and prices you will find. You might get frustrated by all the searches. Searching on the internet can be time-consuming. Luckily, for this article, we will mainly talk about hotels in Latvia. We will list the 5 best boutique hotels Latvia. Do you not know what are boutique hotels yet? This type of hotel is relatively small, but its services are much better in many ways. They are designed to make customers as authentic as possible. Since we acknowledged what are boutique hotels now, it is time for us to have a look at these hotels.

Boutique Hotel Light House Jurmala

light house jurmala We will start on our list with one of the luxury hotels in Latvia. This hotel is located in Riga. The location of the hotel is excellent in many ways. It is 2.4 kilometres away from Livu Aqua Park and 700 meters away from the Dzintari Concert Hall. It is on the coast and has a private beach area. It also maintains a terrace that looks at the sea. Every room is well equipped in the hotel. They have air conditioning, free toiletries, a hairdryer, wardrobe, Tv, etc. Getting to the hotel is not difficult at all. It is 12 kilometres away from the nearest airport. If you looked at the hotel from far, you would confuse the building with a sailing boat as its architecture is a reminiscence of a navigating ship. It has a striking interior. It is a little hard not to notice a huge aquarium with exotic deep-sea inhabitants within the hall. With such features, this hotel is one of the best hotels in Riga Latvia, and easily makes its way to our list.

Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga

grand hotel kempinski Grand Hotel Kempinski is one of the best hotels in Riga Latvia. This hotel mostly makes its way to our list with a wide range of facilities. Most noticeable are spa center, sauna, fitness centre, swimming pool, restaurant, and bar. It is located on the shores of the Daugava river. All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV. Aside from that, you will have all the necessary amenities in your room. You can find the most delicious local and international foods in its restaurant. Spa and Sauna are customers' favourites. These are excellent ways to relax, unwind a little bit. They include a sauna, bio sauna, steam room, relaxation area, etc. The hotel is one of luxury hotels in Latvia, and its services are world-class. The staff is helpful and hospitable. Within the 1 kilometre radius of the hotel, you will find Riga Dome Cathedral and Riga Central Market. It is only 9 kilometres from the nearest airport in Riga. It makes it easier to explore the city as you will be within walking distance of most landmarks.

HomeLike Hotel

hotel bedroom HomeLike Hotel is one of the best hotels in Daugavpils Latvia. You might not know about Daugavpils. It is a historical city in south Latvia ruled by Poles, Swedes, Russians, and Germans. Nowadays, the influence of different cultures still demonstrates itself. You can feel the influence by just looking at the architecture of the city. Tourists visit the city mostly for its unique culture and ancient castles. You will find many hotels in Daugavpils Latvia. HomeLike is one of them with outstanding services. It is a small but comfortable hotel. It is downtown located, and amenities are within walking distance. All rooms are equipped with Tv, a hairdryer, etc. Some rooms have private bathrooms with a spa bath.

Hotel Villa Roze

hotel villa roze Copyright: @tch_baldai If you are heading towards Liepaja, a city on the shores of the Baltic sea, then you will love Hotel Villa Roze, one of the best boutique hotels Latvia. It is also the closest hotel to Liepaja beach. One of the most strong sides of the hotel is its architecture. This area is one of the most aristocratic areas in the country. It was once the favourite location of Russian Emperor Nicholas II, who preferred to spend most of his vacations in Liepaja. Apart from an elegant exterior, it has an imposing interior with all the historical ornaments being exhibited. Even though it is one of the cheap hotels in Latvia, rooms still are well equipped. It seems like the quality is a priority in this hotel. The hotel has some useful facilities like a sauna. Although it does not possess a swimming pool, it is still one of the closest hotels to Liepaja beach.

Neiburgs Hotel

neiburgs hotel Neiburgs Hotel is an interesting option for staying in Riga. If we look at it from a price-quality perspective, it is indeed one of the best and cheap hotels in Latvia. However, do not take it the wrong way; it is a 4 starred hotel. Its services are world-class, and the staff is friendly. If you look at the reviews of people who stayed there, you will see mostly positive reviews. The hotel contains a restaurant, bar, library, 3 conference rooms, gym and spa. Rooms are well equipped with gadgets and amenities. You can take advantage of 24-hour open front desk staff services. One of the best things about this hotel is its location. It is in the historical part of Riga, which is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. Most of the rooms overlook Dome Square. The restaurant serves a wide range of foods. You can find meals from European and Asian cuisines. The hotel is easy to reach as well. It is a few kilometres away from the Central Railway Station. Around the hotel, you will find museums, restaurants, and other worth visiting places. Latvian National Opera is only a few hundred meters away from the hotel. To sum up our topic, we have looked at some of the hotels in Latvia and listed some of the best ones. However, it is just our conjecture, and you can find other articles claiming different. Many hotels have different pricing and services. If you want to travel to Latvia but do not know where to stay, I suggest you look at some accommodation websites as they have tools for comparing the hotels. For getting a visa to Latvia, you do not need to search other websites. Pickvisa offers the best services to get you a visa. A few clicks, and you will get your visa. Yes, simple as that.

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