Most luxury hotels in the world

Most luxury hotels in the world

Arzu Chinarli30 September 20205287 views8 min. read
Most luxury hotels in the world
hotel to stay in and spend the holiday. Nowadays, we can find any place for the price we want. However, for our blog post today, we will speak to our luxury lover friends. Do not worry about the price. Luxury is not always about money. From the long word to short, we will explore the best luxury hotels in the world, alongside the cheapest luxury hotels in the world. We will provide you with the list of top luxury hotels in the world right below. If you are excited to know how to get luxury hotels for cheap, hear me out; continue reading! We decided it is better if we list the top luxury hotels in the world, following the cheapest luxury hotels in the world, so that you can have an organized list of options.

Top luxury hotels in the world

For my friends who want to spend money on their vacation and stay in one of the best luxury hotels in the world, here is our list. You may get information in detail down below.

1. Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, the USA

One of the best luxury hotels in the world is for sure in the USA. Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is located in California. If you decide to spend your next holiday in California, USA, we recommend you to stay in this excellent resort. Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa is a place for speed lovers. The hotel arranges top automobiles for you to enjoy your time. We are sure you will love your adventures in this luxury hotel.

2. Burj Al Arab Hotel, the UAE

burj al arab hotel Being one of the top luxury places in the world, Dubai is offering various types of hotels for you. Most of the hotels are for glamorous people in this city. One of the best luxury hotels and fantastic buildings in Dubai is the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The rooms and everything in this hotel is breathtaking. You will enjoy your mornings and watch the awesome sceneries even from your room. There are too many free-time activities for guests in Burj Al Arab Hotel. In every step you take, you will add a memory to your life.

3. Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

For our exotic admirers here, we have decided to add a hotel from the Bahamas. Being one of the most visited travel destinations in the world, the Bahamas has a lot to offer for its guests. To make your holiday perfect in the Bahamas, we recommend you to look for Atlantis Paradise Island. Atlantis Paradise Island is heaven in this world. This place offers excellent service and perfect time during your stay here. You can find the best entertainment centres on the island. Apart from that, for an excellent dinner, it is better to choose the formal dining room in Atlantis Paradise Island.

4. Palms Casino Resort, the USA

Hello there, my friend! Yes, you guessed it right. We are here in Vegas. Remember the rule when you enter: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This time, you may forget about this rule. Spending time in Las Vegas, staying at one of the best hotels - Palms, is something you are going to tell everyone. As you are amazed by this city, you will be amazed by Palms too. The rotating bed will stay in your memories forever. Other than that, it is the perfect place to celebrate special days with your beloved ones or to have fun without even telling them. What is wrong with having a little good time right?

5. Emirates Palace, the UAE

When we talk about Emirates, we should, of course, talk about the Emirates Palace as well. Emirates Palace is built in the centre of Abu Dhabi. For a fan of Arabic culture, this place will be your go-to destination every time you travel. Emirates Palace is not limited to Arabic culture too. This place is offering worldwide cuisines for its tourists. When you decide to visit Abu Dhabi, remember to book your place is the Emirates Palace.

6. Mardan Palace, Turkey

Turkey is the heart of tourism in the world. Starting from the east side of the country till the west side, Turkey is full of tourist places. The weather, environment, nature, people, everything is just perfect for your holidays. Turkey has a lot of hotels starting with the cheapest to the most expensive prices. However, we would like to mention the Mardan Palace for our luxury fans. Mardan Palace is located in one of the most-visited touristic sites of Turkey in Antalya. Everything in this hotel is designed for the guests to have a perfect time during their stay. Starting with service to the materials used to decorate the rooms, all are luxurious items. Besides, Mardan Palace is well-known for being the most luxurious hotel in the whole of Europe.

7. The Plaza Hotel, the USA

Following Turkey, I would say America is also a tourist destination. Every year, millions of people are visiting New York, USA. Being one of the most expensive places in the world, New York does not have limits. For example, The Plaza is a place for luxury seekers. If you want to travel to New York, we would like to recommend you choose The Plaza Hotel for your stay in the city. You will receive the best service and hospitality in The Plaza.

The cheapest luxury hotels in the world

If you want to stay in luxury hotels, but with reasonable prices, here you got it!

1. Kempinski Hotel Corvinus, Hungary

When you first start to travel, it is better to start with the countries in Europe. I guess this is already known for you, as you are already looking for luxurious hotels to stay. You may wonder how to get luxury hotels for cheap and whether it is possible to find small luxury hotels. Well, one of them is located in Budapest, and it is called Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. We may not exactly mention that Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is one of the small luxury hotels, but it is pretty affordable for everyone. During your stay in the hotel, you will have the best times of your life.

2. Como Point Yamu, Thailand

Many people visit Thailand for a holiday in Phuket. Do you wonder how to get luxury hotels for cheap in Thailand? I guess everything is already clear for you. Do you know which luxury hotel they choose? Yes, you do, right? Exactly - Como Point Yamu. Como Point Yamu is one of the small luxury hotels. Being small does not necessarily mean your excitement will also be less. We are sure your vacation in Phuket will be amazing.

3. Lembongan Beach Club & Resort, Indonesia

If you are looking for a place that is luxurious, cheap and has the best instagrammable spots? Them you should definitely choose Lembongan Beach Club and Resort. The hotel is the place to experience heaven on earth. While your travel to Bali, we recommend you consider Lembongan Beach Club and Resort for your stay. Being in the centre of tourism and in a hotel like Lembongan Beach Club and Resort must be heaven like in our opinion. Try to enjoy your time while doing many activities which hotels offer. For example, we believe scuba diving and fishing will be your top activities in Bali.

4. Icelandair Hotel Akureyri, Iceland

Let us visit Iceland. Being one of the cold countries in the world, Iceland offers the warmest hotels for its guests. Icelandair Hotel Akureyri is one of them. The hotel is located in Akureyri, which is indeed in close proximity to the capital city of Iceland. This hotel will bring the best Nordic experience and vibes for you. The design of the rooms, landscapes, and more are exactly for Nordic culture fans.

5. Pera Palace Hotel, Turkey

As we already mentioned, Turkey has a wide range of hotels to stay in. One of the affordable places to stay in is the Pera Palace Hotel. Located in Istanbul, Pera Palace Hotel will be your dream destination when you travel to Istanbul. You will enjoy yourself in this artsy and cultural hotel. Every second of your vacation will be dreamlike in Pera Palace Hotel.

6. Hotel Kompas, Croatia

Let us visit another country in Europe - Croatia. In Croatia, you will find Hotel Kompas for your luxurious taste. The hotel is located in the suburbs, which, in our opinion, makes your vacation even better. Wellness spas, beaches, and more are waiting for you in the Hotel Kompas.

7. De Sol Hotel & Spa, Greece

Come to Greece, where the vacation is at its best. For our luxury fan adventurers here, we recommend choosing De Sol Hotel and Spa on your trip to Greece. De Sol Hotel and Spa is located in the centre of tourism in Greece, in Santorini. To stay a night here is extremely affordable, which will be a surprise for you too. For a lower amount of money, you will receive the best service in Santorini De Sol Hotel and Spa.

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