5 best boutique hotels in Lebanon

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Lebanon is a small country in the middle east. It is on the shores of the Mediterranean sea and shares borders with Syria and Israel. Lebanon is a unique country in terms of religion, ethics, etc. You might think it is an Arabic country where Arabic traditions are overwhelming in any aspect of life. However, in reality, things are a lot different. Around 56 per cent of the population is Muslim, and 40 per cent of the population follows Christianity. By Christianity, I mean different branches such as protestant, Greek Orthodox and Melkite Catholics, etc. You can see the majority of the population living a western lifestyle. If we looked at the history of the country, we would see foreign influences throughout history. Due to that, post-colonial French and middle east influences are still evident even though most of the population is Arab. Its history dates back to before the millennium to the Romans. Ruins of Romans and other dynasties sprinkled all over the country. People here suffered a lot from the last civil war. However, it could not break the people, and they are still hopeful and hospitable to others. Many people travel to Lebanon for different reasons. It can be sightseeing, business, studying, etc. Regardless of your motives to visit Lebanon, there are certain things you should take care of before deciding to visit the country. Like what? For example, Lebanon visa. Do I need a visa to Lebanon? Well, it depends on your nationality. To check whether you need Lebanon visa, you can use our website. You will find useful information on visas on the "Services" section of our website. Not only that, you can take advantage of our services to get a visa. Pickvisa, with its experienced team, is always ready to handle your visa-related issues. It takes only a few clicks to get a visa and travel to Lebanon.  Assuring your visa is not enough to have a good time in other countries. What about accommodation? Certainly, you will need a place to stay during your travel. Lebanon hotels booking can solve these problems. How many hotels in Lebanon exactly? If you wonder how many hotels in Lebanon are available, then the answer is 196. They have a total capacity of 12000 rooms. These hotels offer a wide range of services for different prices. For this article, we will talk about them. In this article, you will learn about the best Lebanon boutique hotels. Let's cut to the chase and have a look at them.

Cherry Blossom Boutique Hotel

cherry blossom boutique hotelCopyright: @cherryblossomboutiquehotel

Off the top of our list comes the Cherry Blossom Boutique Hotel. It is one of the best Lebanon luxury hotels. It has 23 suites for its guests. It is near to the capital city Beirut. It only takes around 25 minutes to get there from the city centre. The hotel's rooftop is a restaurant, and there you will find a breathtaking view of Sannine mountain other than delicious foods. This restaurant serves a wide range of international and local foods. This relatively small hotel is a 4 starred hotel and got all the necessary amenities. Rooms are soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning to not feel uncomfortable during the middle eastern heat. It has a swimming pool as well. If you are seeking other tourist activities, you can try the hotel's tennis court as well. The staff is professional and hospitable. Most of them are multilingual, meaning that they know French, English, Arabic, etc. For such features, this hotel is one of the best hotels in Beirut Lebanon. 

Monte Cassino Boutique Hotel

This one is one of the best Lebanon hotels. It is located in Jounieh, which is famous for Casino du Liban. The hotel has 20 rooms, of which 18 are luxury rooms and 2 bedroom suites. It is on the shores of the sea and has a great sea view. It has free parking, a swimming pool, a babysitting centre, Business Center with Internet Access, conference halls, a restaurant, etc. The restaurant Tulip offers a wide range of meals from different cuisines. Sea products are most delicious. The restaurant is on the top of the hotel. You can enjoy your food and the view from the rooftop at the same time.  The hotel has a cutting-edge design, and the rooms are so spacious. The staff offers top-notch services, and they are very helpful. It is one of the Lebanon luxury hotels. Nevertheless, the Lebanon hotel prices for Monte Cassino Boutique Hotel are reasonable. The rooms are equipped with all the necessary gadgets such as a hairdryer, etc. 

Veer Boutique Hotel And Resort

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Some tourists want to stay in the best beach boutique hotels in Lebanon during their vacations as they have many advantages. Veer Boutique Hotel and Resort is one of the best, if not the best beach boutique hotels in Lebanon. It is located on the coast of Jounieh with a picturesque view of the mountains on one side and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea on the other. This 5-star hotel has an outdoor pool and 3 pool bars alongside a restaurant, bar, parking, meeting rooms, etc. The hotel's resort bar is an excellent place to unwind. The hotel's terrace is an excellent place for nature lovers as it contains a lush green garden. You can get a hot tub, terrace, and even a private pool depending on your choices. Rooms are well equipped with a flatscreen tv, air conditioning, fridge, a kitchenette, and a minibar, and 24-hour room service is available. It only takes around 10 minutes to get Casino du Liban. The distance between the nearest airport, which is Rafic Hariri International Airport is 25 kilometres. Veer Boutique Hotel And Resort Lebanon hotel prices can vary depending on the room type. 

Hotel Albergo

hotel albergoCopyright: @hotelalbergo

Located in the traditional centre of Beirut, Hotel Albergo is one of the best hotels in Beirut Lebanon. It is one of the most luxurious Lebanon boutique hotels. It has a striking exterior and beautiful architecture. It is a sanctuary hotel and perfect for avoiding the hustle and bustle. It has two on-site restaurants, a cocktail bar, gym, 24-hour front desk. The outdoor areas of the hotel are lush green. The hotel has 33 suites. They are spacious and furnished with unique antique-hunted pieces. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, cable/satellite TV, bidet, minibar, bathrobes. It has a 16-meter rooftop pool overlooking the city. The restaurant is most famous for Mediterranean cuisine. Aside from Mediterranean cuisine, you will find a wide range of international and local foods. The staff is professional and friendly. The majority of them are multilingual, meaning that they can speak French, English, Arabic, etc. Its location is excellent for exploring city. You can walk to many famous places in the city. For such features, it is one of the best Lebanon hotels. 

Jounieh Suites Hotel

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You might be looking for Lebanon cheap hotels. Having said that, you might not want to lower your standards too much. If that is the case, then Jounieh Suites Hotel might interest you. It is one of the Lebanon cheap hotel that is located in the city of Jounieh. This city is 15 kilometres away from the capital city Beirut, and this is the main reason for relatively low prices. It is in Lebanon's one of the busiest shopping streets called Kaslik street. Another great thing about the place is that it is just a few minutes away from Jounieh beaches. This hotel has 32 luxurious that out of 21 of them are spacious suites that are better equipped. All rooms have air conditioning, kitchenette, microwave, minibar, refrigerator, flatscreen TV. On the ground level, there is a shisha café for the guests. On the other hand, there is a nightclub for people who love to dance and have fun on the basement level. Due to its location, there are many nightclubs, shopping places around. Other than these facilities, the hotel has facilities like a spa centre, hot tub, free parking site, meeting rooms, salon, Business Center with Internet Access, and a restaurant. In this restaurant, you will enjoy meals from different cuisines. You will find both local and international foods. Overall, the hotel has a good quality and services well above the prices they have labelled.  To wrap up our topic, Lebanon is one of the best countries to visit in the middle east. It is one of the unique countries in the middle east as well. The mixture of cultures and religions makes it a much uncommon place to visit. Lebanon hotels booking should be made well ahead of your travel to avoid accommodation problems, just like a visa. To get a visa to Lebanon you can trust Pickvisa. We will ensure that you get your visa as quickest as possible. 

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