5 best boutique hotels in Liechtenstein

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5 best boutique hotels in Liechtenstein
travel to Liechtenstein to see medieval castles and other to hike in mountainous areas. Whether you want to do these or just want to get away from it all, there are certain things you are obliged to do. What can it be? Starting, we can count on a Liechtenstein visa depending on your nationality as people from some countries are required to acquire a Liechtenstein visa. How can I learn if I need a visa to Liechtenstein? You do not need to search for it on the internet, and you can use our website to identify that. The "Services" section on the top of our website will give you information on which countries are visa-required and which are visa-free. If you need a visa to travel to Liechtenstein, again, you can use our website to get your visa. Go to the services section on the top of your screen, and there with a few clicks, you will complete the procedure. We will make sure that you get your visa as soon as possible. Liechtenstein is a small country, but in terms of what it can offer for tourism, it rivals bigger countries. In the alp region, you will find the most spectacular scenery. Like Switzerland, it boasts its crystal lakes, glorious mountains, and medieval cities. Some of the lakes are well above sea level, overlooking the rest areas. Alpine has great hiking trails. These hiking trails go through forests and mountains, leaving you breathtaking views on your way. We can talk about these all day long, but this article aims to give you information on another important issue which is accommodation. In this article, we will talk about boutique hotels in Liechtenstein and list the best Liechtenstein hotels, but what are boutique hotels? I am sure some of you are not familiar with the boutique hotel concept. To understand what are boutique hotels, we can imagine smaller hotels but with more caring services. These types of hotels aim to provide the best and authentic hotel services. They reflect characteristic features of the areas they are located in. Let's have a look at the 5 best boutique hotels in Liechtenstein.

Park Hotel Sonnenhof - Relais and Chateaux

park hotel sonnenhof Copyright: @ralph__k Experience little paradise Park Hotel Sonnenhof - Relais and Chateaux. It is located in Vaduz and is one of the best Vaduz hotels. It is in the middle of a lush green park that belongs to the hotel. Park Hotel Sonnenhof - Relais and Chateaux includes an award-winning restaurant as well. Apart from that, the facilities include one swimming pool, free parking site, Spa and wellness centre. Every room is well equipped. They are even equipped with tea and coffee makers. In the spa and wellness centre, you can have a relaxing day. It includes a sauna as well. This centre will take your all nerves away. Liechtenstein hotels booking for the Park Hotel Sonnenhof - Relais and Chateaux is easy and can be done using several ways. Vaduz is the capital city of Liechtenstein and one of the tourists' favorite spots. Nearby the hotel you will find Vaduz castle, Rheinpark Stadium, Rhein rier, Grossbünt, etc. Each of them ensures an enchanting day. The hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in Liechtenstein, and it definitely deserves to be on the list. It is in the capital and easier to get to tourist attractions from the hotel.

Hotel Gasthof Lowen

view of hotel lowen Hotel Gasthof Lowen is one of the best Vaduz Liechtenstein hotels and offers untraditional hotel experience. It is located in the centre of the city. This building is an ancient building that dates back to 1380. You do not get to see and live in too many of such historical buildings these days. The Interior of the hotel is fully renovated and equipped with all new and necessary gadgets. Each room has a minibar, wooden floors, and a bathroom. The restaurant of the hotel is famous for its wines. They offer a wide range of meals from Liechtenstein and international cuisine. The hotel has a private vineyard, and some of the wines that you can find in the restaurant come from this vineyard. Free wifi is available within the premises. The staff is friendly and hospitable. They are professional in their jobs. Rooms are clean, and room service is available. It is not one of the best luxury hotels in Liechtenstein, but it is authentic. The location of the hotel makes it even more attractive for tourists.

Residence Hotel

residence hotel Copyright: @taxidriverliechtenstein Located in the heart of Vaduz, Residence Hotel is one of the best Liechtenstein hotels. How? Well, you will find many reasons how this hotel made its way to our list. First of all, it is one of the luxury hotels in Liechtenstein. Each room has an impressive interior. They are well furnished. Second of all, it is located in the centre of the capital city Vaduz. On-site a la carte restaurant serves the most delicious foods from Liechtenstein and international cuisine. Apart from the restaurant, it has a bistro that serves snacks and drinks. A bar is also available to guests. You can take advantage of massage services at the hotel, but note that it will cost some additional amount of money. If you are looking for a long stay and want to be in shape, then the hotel's fitness centre will be a great amenity for you.

Landhaus am Giessen

hotel bedroom Do you not think that you can afford luxury hotels in Liechtenstein yet want to stay at better places? Then you can think about Landhaus am Giessen, one of the cheap hotels in Liechtenstein. Do not get me wrong, and this hotel is still regarded as luxurious but for a lower price. It is not located downtown, but Liechtenstein is a small country, and it takes only a few minutes to get to the central part of the city. It is a comfortable hotel. From its balcony, you will get a fantastic view of Vaduz castle. The staff is helpful and friendly. As a guest, you will enjoy free wifi, free breakfast, and free parking. Around the hotel, you will find a great variety of restaurants. Some of them serve foods from Italian, French, German cuisine. You will find tourist attractions such as Liechtenstein National Museum, Liechtenstein Museum, Cathedral of St. Florin, Postal museum nearby. All of them are within walking distance. As one of the cheap hotels in Liechtenstein you will find more than you expect for such prices.

JUFA Hotel Malbun

jufa hotel malbun Copyright: @jufaholidays As an alpine country, Liechtenstein offers great opportunities for skiing. Malbun is the only resort for skiing in Liechtenstein. Located high up, in a magnificent setting, JUFA Hotel Malbun is an excellent choice for accommodation. This Alpin-Resort receives many tourists every year. The hotel has facilities like a restaurant, coffee shop, fitness centre, free parking site, game room, etc. Every room features an Allergy-free room, a seating area, flatscreen TV, bathtub, hairdryer. Its restaurant serves the best foods. But if you want to eat somewhere outside, then you will have more options. There are more than 10 restaurants nearby. Skiing is much easier as it is close to ski centres. The hotel, in general, is quite nice and comfortable, but it is not one of the 5 star hotels in Liechtenstein. Having said that, it offers better prices and service for this prices are much reasonable than those for 5-star hotels. Liechtenstein hotels booking for JUFA Hotel Malbun is easy. You can use booking websites or contact the hotel's website. To wrap up today's topic, we can say that Liechtenstein is a great tourist destination. However, due to its size, it remains a little bit hidden. For some people, it is great news. Because not all people like busy tourist destinations, and it totally makes sense. More people means crowds and high prices, while fewer means vice-versa. This statement is open for debate but getting a visa to Liechtenstein is not. Pickvisa is your best companion for getting a visa to Liechtenstein. Use our services and get your visa as soon as possible.

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