Best hotels for Valentine day

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Best hotels for Valentine day
when is Valentine day? February is outside the window, which means that Valentine's Day is not far away. On February 14,  all streets will be crowded with happy couples. On this day, couples want to surprise each other by making pleasant and beautiful surprises to please their half and feel that a loved one feels special. Such a touching event for couples, I want to celebrate in a special place to remember this magical evening. A great option is to spend a weekend together in some nice hotel, enjoying only each other's company. It's a great idea! Spending time in a chic hotel room evokes the atmosphere of an old Hollywood movie about love, filled with mysterious, fascinating romance. There are many beautiful places where you should go with your special one. Besides, especially for Valentine's Day, the best hotels provide special packages for lovers. Somewhere you can try the full range of services for two - SPA treatments, restaurants, cinemas. There are delightful romantic hotels that envelop you with charming beauty and comfort. It is a list for those who want to spend an unforgettable Valentine's Day in a hotel.

1. Hotel Le Meurice, France

hotel in france Let's start with hotels in one of the best hotels in the world - Paris. Besides the entire city centre is a real dream of the most notorious romantic, many restaurants have been visited by many stars. One of the nice hotels for Valentine day is located in the heart of Paris - Le Meurice. It is a historic palace that is more than 200 years old. At one time, all the upper strata of society stayed here, and for a long time, Salvador Dali lived and created. You will be treated to fine champagne and handmade chocolate, and a special dessert "Rose" will be prepared especially for you. The hotel has a SPA area where you can enjoy a relaxing massage for couples.

2. Shangri-La, France

shangri-la Another Valentine day hotel in the city of Love is the Shangri - La Hotel. A bottle of champagne, chocolate, flowers, a great menu - all this is also present here. So what makes the place truly special is the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower from the hotel's rooftop terrace. The River Seine, the main attraction and just the two of you. Perhaps, here it is - the most romantic place for a declaration of love and a kiss.

3. Boutique Inn, Italy

hotel We turn to another country of passionate love - Italy. Almost any attraction in Rome can be a great place for two. For sure, there are some hotels for couples. For example, a small luxury hotel Boutique Inn in the Roman Forum. It is located near the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, that is, it is located directly in ancient Rome, and on the territory of the hotel, there are the ruins of the old city. Breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace, which offers stunning, breathtaking views of Rome. A beautiful place with chic, modern rooms will appeal to couples who want to remember their Valentine's Day.

4. The Gritti Palace, Italy

gritti palace If we already talked about Italy, it is impossible not to mention Venice. One of the most popular and romantic ideas is to take a gondola ride around the city and contemplate the exhibition of beautiful sights in the open air. The Gritti Palace offers elegant rooms, a restaurant with fine cuisine, and a beautiful terrace. The hotel itself is located on the canal banks so that you can enjoy a wonderful view from the balcony. Excellent service, excellent food and drinks, a SPA area and a luxurious atmosphere, will make your Valentine's Day at the hotel the most comfortable and warm.

5. Astoria, Russia

astoria Nice hotels for Valentine day are also available in Russia. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city with its unique atmosphere. The five-star Astoria Hotel is a true legend and an ornament of the Rocco Forte Hotels collection. This hotel is without pretentious luxury - only refinement and refined elegance. This place was a haven for many politicians, writers, and poets. Michael Jackson, Madonna and many other famous personalities stayed here. Quite often, "Astoria" becomes the choice of couples planning to celebrate Valentine's Day at the hotel. The hotel also provides services to prepare marriage proposals and even takes the trouble of organizing weddings. At the same time, couples can enjoy each other's company and have plenty of rest. The rooms offer St. Isaac's Cathedral views, and Nevsky Prospekt is just a 10-minute walk away. Great breakfasts live soulful music in the lounge, as well as a private box in the Mariinsky Theater - the dream of a luxurious and refined holiday.

6. Almanac Barcelona, Spain

hotel conference room Almanac Barcelona should be included in the list of "Best hotels" in the world. An incredible atmosphere of comfort and tranquillity - muted and soft shades of colours, restraint in design and luxury create a sense of comfort and peace of mind. Why not spend your holiday weekend in this hotel? Enjoy the company of your loved one on the roof of the hotel in the comfortable lounge, wrapped in a knitted blanket. Beautiful view of the city will be incredibly decorated with a warm sunset-what could be more romantic? The hotel also has a special package for Valentine's Day dinner for two at the VIRENS restaurant on site.

7. The Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

gutsch hotel The Gstaad Palace in southwest Switzerland is a family-friendly holiday destination. If you celebrate all the holidays with your loved ones and Valentine's Day is no exception, then this is the place for you. The Scherz family has owned this luxurious palace for three generations. Opening its doors was in 1913, so this a five-star hotel surrounded by green forest and picturesque mountains. There is a huge swimming pool, a climbing wall, and an archery field on its territory in addition to the extraordinary natural beauty. The hotel also offers delicious champagne and truffle fondue, in the underground restaurant La Fromagerie for Valentine's Day.

8. Four Seasons Hotel Limassol, Cyprus

pool Treat your other half to a romantic dinner and a relaxing holiday at the Cyprus Four Seasons Hotel Limassol. Just in time for Valentine's Day, there is a special gift card - relaxation, spa treatments, exclusive brands from Four Seasons boutiques or dinner at one of the fine restaurants on the premises. You will not know what to choose from all the variety of services provided. Continuing to list the full range of amenities, it is worth noting that there are indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a steam bath, many different restaurants and a very high-tech world-class gym. Judging by the reviews of visitors, the Four Seasons Hotel Limassol gives the impression of a luxurious five-star hotel that can safely stand on the same step with London's best institutions. Especially noted are the excellent service and friendly, pleasant, absolutely exceptional staff of this hotel.

9. One&Only, Mexico

massage therapy One&Only Palmilla, Mexico. The famous resort of Los Cabos has long been famous for one of the most attractive places for celebrities. The hotel has created a series of unique private dinners for Valentine's Day to make your time with your closest and most loved one unforgettable. You will be able to enjoy a dinner of four courses right on the shore of the sea of Cortes, accompanied by live music for entertainment and relaxation. You will even be provided with your photographer, who will be able to capture such a fantastic experience and all the sweetest and most touching moments of lovers. Or maybe you want to have dinner and enjoy each other in the garden, surrounded by bright flowers and fragrant herbs. Or in the courtyard, the setting of which will make you feel as if you are in your Mexican land on a warm evening.

10. Ladera, Saint Lucia

hotel in mexico Another resort is Ladera Resort, Saint Lucia. Not only is the whole island like a real paradise on earth, but also a beautiful Valentine day hotel with a special intimate atmosphere is ideal for celebrating Valentine's Day. The hotel has 37 rooms and suites, all with views of the majestic Saint Lucia Python Mountains. This luxurious resort is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site at an altitude of 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea. Throughout February, Ladera offers a special offer for guests who have stayed more than four nights in this magical place - the "romance in February" package. You can enjoy a variety of romantic pleasures, massage for a couple in the bathroom, breakfast in bed, as well as hiking and excursions with mud baths. All this is surrounded by unearthly tropical beauty.

11. Casa Kimberly, Mexico

hotel Casa Kimberly is one of the best hotels in the world. Casa Kimberly in Mexico. Best of it that here is the most charming atmosphere of the Hollywood novel, which in this place can be felt. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton - two lovers who lived in Puerto Vallarta, in the very house from which they later built the wonderful Casa Kimberly. It is a nine-room hotel with modern amenities, which still preserves the spirit of love and old romance. Upon arrival in Mexico, you will be taken to the hotel in a classic car or limousine from the 1960s, and then checked into the stunning Elizabeth Taylor Suite - a 2,500-square-foot sanctuary with its terrace, pool, Jacuzzi and Elizabeth's own pink marble heart-shaped bathtub. The hotel's romantic package also includes a private sunset under sail, yoga on the terrace, SPA treatments for two, and a private serenade on the terrace with dinner in the room.

12. Baccarat Hotel, USA

hotel in usa Spend Valentine's Day at the Baccarat Hotel in the heart of New York City. If you know about the famous French Baccarat crystal brand and have already linked the name of the hotel and this brand, you were right. Each room has these crystals; the hotel sparkles with its luxury. The rooms are decorated in a modern Parisian style, where you can stay with maximum comfort and amenities. Guests can enjoy interesting architectural and design solutions. The Valentine day hotel also features a French restaurant, a fitness room and an indoor pool. If we consider hotels for couples, couples can relax and walk through the beautiful corners of the best part of New York. The hotel is 100 metres from the Museum of Modern Art, 200 metres from St. Patrick's Cathedral and 200 metres from Radio City Music Hall. The nice hotels for Valentine day. When you get tired of the same type of gifts and standard celebrations in restaurants, you want to escape for a day or a few days with your other half from the whole world and be alone. These romantic Valentine's Day hotels are just for you. Couples who have visited and rested in these places are always satisfied. Such a joint vacation will only strengthen the relationship and awaken new aspects of your feelings and love passion. I hope that you will use this list. Of course, not all the wonderful romantic hotels were listed, but I tried to choose the most refined places with a fascinating atmosphere. Good luck on your travels, happy holidays to everyone, love and be loved!

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