5 best boutique hotels in Lithuania

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5 best boutique hotels in Lithuania
travel to Lithuania? If your answer is no, then I would understand. However, there are many other reasons that will entice you to visit Lithuania. Starting an interesting one, Lithuania has the tallest shifting dunes in Europe. Particularly in Nida, which is an island that belongs to Lithuania, you will see the biggest sand accumulation. The island is a peaceful place and has one of the best panoramic views from the top of the sandhill. The sand here has created a unique ecosystem. There you will find some of the rare plant species as well. Although the country has one of the largest sand accumulation, it is still a heavily forested country. Forests comprise around 40 percent of the total area of the country. They are home to many Nordic animals and endemic plants. Whatever your reason is to travel to Lithuania, you should be aware of the regulations on movement to and within the country. To be more clear, you need to know about your visa status because that defines whether you need a Lithuania visa or not. How do I know that? Well, you can check it on our website. The Visa policy section on the top of your screen will give you all the necessary information on visas. Supposedly you need a Lithuania visa to go to Lithuania, and you do not know how to get it exactly. Sure, you can apply to the embassies of Lithuania and go through all the procedures all by yourself. However, it can be stressful and require much of your energy, but you can easily get your visa using our services. Go to our services section at the top of your panel to learn more about that. What is the next stage of planning a trip to Lithuania? Accommodation is an important part of travel. It will define your course of travel. Geographical location, price, quality of the place are some factors that should be considered when choosing a place to stay during travel. Lithuania hotels will help you to solve this problem. There are many of them in the country. Choosing the most appropriate one for you will be puzzling. Fortunately, in this article, we will look at some of the best boutique hotels in Lithuania. Are you unfamiliar with boutique hotels? Then probably you want to ask what are boutique hotels. The concept of the boutique hotel is relatively new. In the 1980s, this concept was introduced. To answer what are boutique hotels, we can say that these hotels are relatively small; however, they serve their guests better than most giant hotels. The idea of a hotel exclusive to fewer people is the backbone of the boutique hotel concept. Without further ado, let's have a look at the best boutique Lithuania hotels.

Moon Garden Hotel

moon garden hotel Copyright: @moon_garden_art_hotel What hotels in Vilnius Lithuania are in old town? As a tourist who travels to Vilnius, you probably want to stay in the old town or close to it. To answer to what hotels in Vilnius Lithuania are in Old town, we can say you will find few hotels. One of the best of them is Moon Garden hotel. It is a 4-star hotel a few meters away from the Gates of Dawn. Its geographical location is also handy in shopping, as it is just a few minute's walks away from the boutique shops. The hotel offers fully equipped, comfortable rooms. They all have refrigerators, private bathrooms, cable Tv, air conditioning, a hairdryer, towels, slippers, and bathrobes. Rooms are soundproofed as well. The staff is very helpful and friendly, and it has a restaurant and parking site. Self-check-in is available, which makes it easier to check in. It is one of the cheap hotels in Lithuania. What you will get for these prices is amazing.

Esperanza Resort and Spa

esperanza resort and spa Next up, we have Esperanza Resort and Spa on our list. It is one of the few 5 star hotels in Vilnius Lithuania. Located on the shore of a romantic lake, this hotel makes sure that its visitors are satisfied with the hotel. You will love the "Gourmet" cuisine offered by the two restaurants of the hotel. Special ingredients are used to make meals in these restaurants. They serve a variety of meals. They are also renowned for serving the finest wines. In fact, they have one of the largest wine collections in the region. They serve the best foods around Vilnius. Apart from these restaurants, hotel properties include a pool where you can enjoy swimming, a spa center, a fitness center, a beach, and a bicycle center where you can rent a bicycle. The hotel is downtown, and you will find many places to visit during your stay. They offer the best spa services. Some of them are used to ease fatigue. In general, the hotel is one of the Lithuania luxury hotels, and considering the prices, we can tell it deserves to be on our list.

Narutis Hotel

building of narutis hotel Narutis hotel is another 5 star hotels in Vilnius Lithuania. With its wide range of services, the hotel welcomes many tourists every year. It is centrally located in Vilnius, a few hundred meters away from the old town. Almost everything is within walking distance. As one of the Lithuania luxury hotels, Narutis offers an excellent full-service spa and fine dining. It captures a breathtaking view of Gediminas Castle. The rooms are clean and full of amenities. Room service is available, and every room has a minibar. Sauna, pool, conference rooms, free parking site are some of the most popular facilities. You will find the most elegant and popular restaurants near the hotel. You can find a variety of foods both from Lithuanian cuisine and international. Most of the historical sites are within walking distance. You will also come across shopping centers where a variety of products are on sale. As for hotel rooms, they are perfectly equipped with necessary amenities, which also include a flatscreen TV, complimentary toiletries, air conditioning, etc. The staff members are friendly and welcoming. Most of them know English so that you can explain yourself better.

Europa Royale Druskininkai

europa royale druskininkai This palace-like hotel is one of the best hotels in Lithuania. Europa Royale Druskininkai serves their guests like tsars and tsarinas. Indeed the hotel was once one of the favourite residences of tsars. The ambiance, architecture of the hotel feel like a fairy tale. Druskininkai SPA resort is one of the famous facilities in the hotel. They have the best specialists for this service. Regarding its architecture, the hotel has an exposing interior. Rooms are furnished with classic-styled wooden furniture. Nevertheless, the amenities are cutting edge. You will find LCD Tv, spacious rooms, bathrooms, bathtubs. The city of Druskininkai, where the hotel is established, is a whole spa town. It is located in the south of the country near Belarus, on the shores of the Neman river, which adds beauty to the city. The hotel has an exquisite restaurant that serves delicious dishes from local and international cuisines. Aside from the restaurant's famous facilities are a swimming pool, spa, and wellness center, bar, and free parking spots.

Urbihop Hotel

urbihop hotel Copyright: @urbihophotel Are you looking for cheap hotels in Lithuania without lowering your expectations too much? If so, then Urbihop hotel might draw your attention. Do not get me wrong, and cheap does not necessarily mean lower quality. Sometimes hotels do that to attract more people. Urbihop hotel is one of the best hotels in Lithuania in terms of services, facilities, etc. It is located in Vilnius, a few kilometers away from the shopping center Akropolis which is one of the best shopping centers in Vilnius. Besides, it is a few kilometers away from the old town, making it easier to visit historical places. Regarding facilities and room amenities, we can say that the hotel contains all important facilities like a restaurant, spa and wellness center, bar, and free parking spots. The restaurant "U" offers the best dishes, seasonal, local, and international foods. The bar is open all day long. Aside from these, they have a conference room to hold business meetings. The rooms are clean, well equipped. You can find different types of rooms, including family rooms. The staff members are helpful in all means. To sum up our topic, Lithuania is a place that is worth visiting in all seasons. Whether you want a romantic break or get away from it all, Lithuania is a viable option. To travel to the country, you might need a visa. It is where Pickvisa kicks in. Using our services, you can easily get your visa on time.

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