5 reasons to visit Cape Town

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5 reasons to visit Cape Town
most breathtaking nature in the world. In this article, we will explain why Cape Town is one of the best cities and why you should travel to Cape Town. Not immediately, but at least after reading this post, you will want to visit it soon!

Where is Cape Town?

Cape Town, named "Mother City" in the folk language, is one of the oldest cities in South Africa. The city is full of historical monuments, ancient buildings, and history-smelling streets. A luxurious night of live jazz, rock, trance, and a variety of music and dance is waiting for you in Cape Town. This fun and music-filled Cape Town vacation will be perfect for you. Cape Town is not only a city of entertainment and music but also one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its golden beaches and the blue ocean. When you arrive in Cape Town, one of the most photogenic cities in the world, do not forget to take your cameras with you and take a perfect view of the town! Let us now take a closer look at all these qualities. How safe is Cape Town for tourists? What does the Cape Town vacation promise us? Why you should go to Cape Town? Here are five reasons to visit Cape Town.

1. A marvellous nature

capetown sunset In or around Cape Town, you can almost see Table Mountain. The 1,100-meter-high hill is undoubtedly the ideal place to look at the most famous city symbols in Cape Town. If you are tired of looking at the horizon from the ground, you can climb the mountains to look at the landscape from a different perspective. You can enjoy floating in the air by using the funicular or climb the hill with route ranging between three and ten km. This is up to you. In front of Table Mountain, there is Mount Lion's Head, at 670 meters above sea level. It is the first mountain that comes to mind when you say "Mountain in Africa." The 5km hike to this mountain will finally give you the most beautiful views of the city. Do you want more adrenaline? Then you can arrange another a two-person parachute flight and enjoy the fun and adventure by floating the town from the coast to the centre. It would be a mistake not to mention one of the best places to visit in Cape Town - Signal Hill, located in the west of the city. The highlight of this hill, which is at 350 meters high, is that you can watch the magnificence of the sunset with great ease. When you look down from the hill, you can see not only the city but also the Olympic stadium, the coast and the ocean stretching behind the green hills. It is also possible to travel by car. Making a picnic in front of the landscape by drinking wine bought from the centre can be a great and unforgettable experience for you.

2. A rich and ancient history

robben island Robben Island, where South Africa's most famous human rights activist and former president Nelson Mandela was arrested, is a must-visit destination. Robben Island, used by the Dutch as a prison, was used for the arrest of civil and political activists in the South African state during the Apartheid (racism) era. While you are here, you can see the cell that Mandela has been imprisoned for 18 years. After returning to the city centre, you can see the troubles and difficulties that once were the spirit of the city in "District Six." Although not much in this region, it was once a thriving region, with more than 60,000 merchants and refugees' houses. Under Apartheid law, District 6 was converted into an area where only whites lived. Many families were forcibly evicted from their homes in 1968 and relocated to Cape Apartments within 25 km. Touring an area that has been vacant since 1968, with individual guides to see the real and clear picture of city life, is exciting, even though it is frightening. Remember to go to the District Six Museum to learn about living in the region in the past. This museum smells history. This is one of the important tourist attraction in Cape Town.

3. Adventure and excitement everywhere!

kite boarder Adventure is part of the spirit of this city. In one day, you can surf, climb the mountain, take an oxygen-rich walk in nature and jump out with a parachute. If you are brave enough, in the cage, you can even get inside an aquarium filled with white sharks. If this adventure-filled aquarium is not enough for you, you can visit the Tsitsikamma National Park. On the Bloukrans Bridge, you can reach the nirvana of excitement at the world's fourth-tallest bungee jumping. Then you can ride a mountain bike, dive, underwater, and get to know the magnificent fauna of the African sea. As you can see extreme tourism is one of the reasons to visit Cape Town.

4. Number one wine and tasty dishes

traditional african lamb chunks The coast of Garden Route is considered one of the most beautiful places to eat and taste the perfect wine. It is also effortless to get to the beach from the city. There are beautiful sandy scenery, breathtaking lakes, green meadows, cultivated areas, and 2-way trails along the coast. Here you will find the best vineyards in South Africa, which includes several settlements such as Stellenbosch, Constantia, and Paarl. From the vineyards' harvest, the locals produce Cape Town wine, considered one of the cleanest and most authentic wines in the world. You can find several wineries in this city. Much of the city's economy evolves thanks to these wineries. It is worth a visit to the Hout Bay Market to enjoy the most exquisite Cape Town cuisine, visit the local market of local vendors at the weekend, and eat from the biggest lobsters. Delicious barbecues, biltong (dried meat), pizzas cooked on fire, big seafood and other dishes sold at the shops will suit your budget as well as your taste. You would not be mistaken to say the vendors here are selling delicious salads made from fresh vegetables for a penny. In the market we are talking about, there are not only food but also clothes, jewellery, valuable and exciting works of craftsmen, various silver and gold. Most of the clothing reflects African culture. Pottery is well developed as well.

5. Chance to see The Big Five closely

cape town national park The Garden Route Game Lodge is the perfect place to visit the famous "Big Five": African lions, African elephants, Cape buffalos, African leopards, and rhinoceros. Get in the open Land Rover jeep and take the binoculars and cameras with you. These are the only things you need for a beautiful sunset safari. Especially if you spend the night there, you will be excited to see the early morning safari. This place is known as one of the famous and best places to visit in Cape Town. Isn't it enough? Visit the De Hoop area where wild animals live. It is a great place to continue your wildlife exploration adventures. This private wildlife area is located next to Whale Trail, where the whales are easily seen, and where you can get your backpack and go hiking. Best to stay in the desert for one or two nights (not as a hunter). However, do not forget to protect against baboons.

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