What is Flixbus? Its advantages and disadvantages

Fazilya Davudova 09 March 2021 7354 views 6 min. read

What is Flixbus? Tourists are always looking for more affordable travel alternatives. Finding these alternatives during long trips may not always be easy. International tourism and transport companies offer more affordable packages and improve their services to be the first in the current competition. The Flixbus platform, now one of these companies, has won the sympathy of tourists in the rankings with both the reasonable price offered for travel and safety. FlixMobility, by FlixBus, was founded by three young entrepreneurs - Daniel Krauss, Jochen Engert, and Andre Schwammlein - who have the idea of making regular bus travel both comfortable and affordable. FlixMobility is a young mobility provider that has changed the travel destination of millions of people in Europe since 2013 with the FlixBus brand. A unique combination of a technology startup, e-commerce platform, and transportation company, FlixBus has become the largest intercity bus network in Europe, helping millions of people reach their destinations. There were hundreds of FlixBus destinations, mostly in Western Europe. 


Given that FlixBus is a German transportation company, the highest density is concentrated in Germany and neighboring countries, but day by day, it continued to expand. Thus, in 2015, FlixBus expanded its long-distance route network to France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, Croatia, and regular border crossing services to Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. In 2018, the company expanded its services to the railway industry, launching FlixTrain, and at the same time, FlixBus enriched its coverage by adding the United States to its direction. As of June 2019, FlixBus' route network in Europe and the United States has grown to more than 2,000 points in a total of 29 countries.

Sometimes you travel for an experience, and sometimes to try something new. FlixBus may be the most affordable option when you want to travel from A to B on a European domestic minimum budget.

Like all other platforms, the FlixBus project has nuances that need to be improved. Let's take a look at this platform's pros and cons, which is one of the most convenient travel routes in Europe.

Before discussing the advantages, I would like to note that the advantages of traveling with FlixBus outweigh the disadvantages. Now let's move on to the advantages:

Flixbus ticket price

flixbus ticket

The most significant advantage of FlixBus is affordability. To get the most affordable ticket, you need to buy it at least a month in advance. Because the price of all tickets is not the same, that is the ticket price increases shortly before the trip. As I mentioned earlier, FlixMobility has FlixBus and FlixTrain startups. If we have to consider which of them is more profitable, Flixbus usually knows that bus tickets are usually cheaper than train tickets. Flixbus ticket price starts from € 5.

InterFlix pass

flixbus bus

If you want to travel to more than one European country simultaneously, the InterFlix package is for you. An InterFlix ticket allows you to travel directly to five European countries for € 99, but you can not choose a ticket as a round trip; it must be in one direction. With InterFlix, you can travel to 5 countries in 3 months. So you need to plan your travel routes properly in advance.

Availability of night trips

The bus is an ideal choice for important trips with a limited budget. This way, you can both save money and not delay your trip. On the other hand, intercity night trips are rare, especially on a budget.

Availability of 24/7 tickets


Sometimes when we are late, our ticket burns out, or we change our direction at the last minute, and in this case, if time is short, the alternatives are reduced. In most cases, you can get such a ticket on FlixBus in the last hours. Because Europeans rarely travel by bus, these spaces remain empty until the last hours of the trip, giving tourists an extra advantage.

Flixbus luggage 

FlixBus allows you to carry a 7 kg handbag measuring (max. 42 x 30 x 18cm) and 20 kg of Flixbus luggage measuring (max. 80 x 50 x 30cm). If you have larger items or more than two bags, you can bring them for an additional fee if you discuss with customer service first. If your luggage is more than the limit, then you can pay extra by weight, but it is better to inform the customer service in advance from the ticket reserve.


FlixBuses are generally clean and do not smell bad on the bus. The toilets are kept clean, and litter bins are placed along the corridors, so people follow the sanitary rules. Also, the seats are new, in good condition and quite comfortable.


FlixBus, a well-known bus brand, pays special attention to customer satisfaction and builds trust in customers.

The application helps you to know where the bus will depart from. You can use the QR code on your ticket directly from your phone, saving you the hassle of printing a ticket. Its ease of use distinguishes the FlixBus application.

Service availability in America

As I mentioned earlier, FlixBus has announced its destination network in the United States since 2018. Greyhound or Peter Pan buses dominate the American landscape.

Availability of charging places

The low battery of our electronic items (phones, laptops, etc.) during long trips is one of our problems. Although some buses have charging points, you can be disappointed when you get on the bus. In this regard, FlixBus buses are reliable. Most buses have a USB cable and charging points. FlixBus buses also operate on the West Coast, California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Extensive European Network Service

They are almost everywhere in Western Europe. If you take a look at the map of Europe, you will most likely see a FlixBus stop there (excluding the UK and Spain).

It can sometimes be difficult to find the bus we are waiting for at bus stops or train stations. The FlixBus is easily distinguished by its light green color, making it easy for passengers to find it.

Before moving on to the disadvantages, I would like to note that it is possible to encounter undesirable situations in all means of transport; this applies to bus travel and train, plane, and ship travel. None of us are insured against such situations, and in the meantime, we can face unpleasant situations by any means. However, if such incidents occur in exceptional cases, it does not mean that the campaign's service is bad. Now let's move on to the FlixBus disadvantages:



When traveling by bus to long distances, there are many stops, and as a result, the trip can be tiring and uncomfortable. However, tourists who travel with a reasonable budget see everything and even enjoy it. If the direction you are going is too far and you think the bus trip will be too tiring for you, you can go in the same direction with FlixTrain. So you can sleep more comfortably on the road and get rid of fatigue.


Although all FlixBus buses have Wi-Fi, internet usage is limited and sometimes does not work at all. It varies depending on the bus you are traveling on. Because FlixBus buses belong to the drivers, not the company, they work on a contract basis. That's why sometimes you can see FlixBus in different designs and sizes.

Difficulty finding a stop

It will probably be the biggest hurdle you will face when using FlixBus. Bus stops are not always available at designated stations or map-marked points. Most likely, there will be a FlixBus sign. If not, look for another crowd that seems confused with the suitcase. Be sure to check the bus stop in advance on the official FlixBus website (and check the email address they provide you, and if you download the app, you will be notified in advance of any changes there). If your mobile data or Google Maps is offline, you can try to match the small map on your ticket to the appropriate GPS point on Google Maps. The application also has a map of stops. Most buses have a green 'FlixBus' sign on the side, but not all. If a bus is at the approximate stop you are waiting for, do not assume that it is not yours simply because there is no sign on it. Even if you do not know the country's language, in such cases, be sure to show your ticket to the driver.

Language problems

It is a common occurrence for tourists, as the FlixBus network is located in many European countries, and only a driver on the bus is the responsible person. Not all FlixBus drivers know English well, or some may not even know it at all. Don't be surprised. Even if you don't know the language, you can get help from someone who speaks English or present your ticket directly to the driver.

Some questions that may interest you:

How can I cancel my FlixBus ticket?


Did your new friend persuade you to stay a little longer? You can cancel your ticket 15 minutes before the trip for only € 1 on the official FlixBus application or page. You do not get your money back, but you get a new FlixBus voucher for your original ticket's price (excluding cancellation fee) that can be used on your next order. Please note that these checks also have a validity period.

Don't be discouraged when you see that the blog is written in quarantine; continue your travel plans from where you are. No virus can arrest the free spirit of travelers. Remember, nothing is permanent, not even a corona. So, keep going and try to do what you can't do while working, making the most of the time you have at home.

What are other services available?

Almost all buses have toilets. Some FlixBus buses offer snacks (chips, cookies, juice, etc.) for an additional fee.

Make sure you ignore some rules for the successful completion of your bus trip. Try to get to the bus stop earlier, don't forget your cookies, travel bag, water, and most importantly, your passport.

Is CO2 (carbon) neutral bus travel possible, and how does this system work?

bus station

If you want to contribute to the conservation of nature, when ordering a FlixBus ticket online on the website or application, check the "CO2 Compensation" box after determining your travel destination. CO2 emissions from your trip are then calculated according to the duration and distance of your trip. The calculated value is automatically added to your ticket price immediately. Your contribution to the environment is about 1-3% of the cost of your trip. Your donation will be transferred to a climate protection project certified following international ecological standards.